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Bedrooms with a single bed that invite you to imitate them
Putting the bed at ground level is a very attractive option at first, as we will see in these spectacular bedrooms with the bed at ground level. And I say at first because, as attractive and cool as it may seem to put the bed at ground level, it... Read more
Decoration of living rooms with classic furniture
There is no doubt that high decoration is still identified with classic furniture; Opulent and ostentatious furniture, with sinuous curves and a lot of personality. This type of furniture not only serves to decorate classic-style rooms as you might think at first, we can and must also use them... Read more
15 charming little dining rooms
The other day designing a small dining room for a client (the one you can see above these lines) I realized that I did not have an article on the blog with tips and ideas for designing a charming small dining room. And the truth is something that they... Read more
Decoration of living rooms with a yellow sofa
So you are thinking of buying a yellow sofa for your living room and you have entered here to see ideas, advice and perhaps the pros and cons, right? Well first let me tell you that I don’t have a yellow sofa in my house, nor have I ever... Read more
Ideas to decorate with large pictures throughout the house
Large paintings, as well as frames, decorative prints and large format art have become a highly sought after resource and lately used to decorate the walls. Whether in the living room or bedroom, in the bathroom or in the kitchen, or even in walkways, decorating the walls with large... Read more
20 ideas to paint a bedroom with dark colors and get it right
In the collective imagination, the idea that dark colors are complicated, risky, that they must be avoided, especially when it comes to painting a bedroom, is widespread. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each color, regardless of the tone value it carries, whether high or low, that is,... Read more