Home Decor & Inspirational Ideas and Tips
Living Room Color Combinations
The colors we choose for our home help provide the right climate for a warm and well-being atmosphere. Through a good selection, combining with furniture or floors, it is possible to create the desired effect for your environment. Cold or warm colors, or even mixing everything, they are an... Read more
Sideboard for Dining Room: Incredible Combinations
The composition of a dining room goes far beyond just the central table, you need several other items to leave the environment the way you want to better receive your guests or to spend meals with your family. The sideboard for this type of environment is very interesting, it... Read more
40 color combinations to paint a room
You could say that there is an infinite number of color combinations to paint the room, and would not be lying or exaggerating, although, of course, not all of them would combine or be very appropriate to say. And although 40 color combinations to paint the room they cannot... Read more
Home trends 2020: Main rules for interior color combinations
Knowledge of the color combinations of interiors should free you from boring solutions for “safe” design. Home Trends 2020 welcome bright colors and bold, playful combinations. Such interior colors require a certain level of competence for implementation, but the result is worth it! You will forget boring “traditional” beige... Read more
15 color combinations to paint a childrens room
When we get ready to paint a children’s room Several things can happen. One of them, that we have clear and defined colors and execute it without major problem. Another, that we fall into the trap of colors, as I call it, where the huge amount of available tones... Read more