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Kitchen Storage – How to Make Kitchen Spaces Functional

Welcome Remodeling Ideas, the space on the web that asks its users to find instant solutions to problems that arise within the home. In this way, we can decorate the house and make it a more functional space. Today we will talk about kitchen storage, due to the difficulties that…

Modern kitchen diner – Innovate in your home with these interior decorations

For several years in Remodeling Ideas We look at every detail of the house and get involved in sharing solutions to our readers. That is why every day we try to share quality content with which each one can innovate in the interior decoration of home. In this way, we…

Coatings for kitchen backsplash

If you are in the process of designing your new kitchen or remodeling it, you should take into consideration the coatings for the backsplash. And it is that as part of the design of our kitchen, we must select the appropriate materials so that it not only looks good aesthetically,…

Colors in autumn winter 2019-2020 decoration
Sometimes we feel the irremediable urge to change, to redecorate, to move the energies of our house. And many times that change can be achieved with small and varied details of color. And since everything is fashion, the trend in colors for decoration during the autumn winter season 2019-2020,... Read more
Decoration and trends: fall winter 2019-20 colors
With the arrival of autumn we feel the desire to give our house a change and even more because after this season the long-awaited Christmas arrives and we want to have our house set to receive it. You can achieve big changes in your home only with small and... Read more
Colors in autumn winter decoration 2020-21
Surely you are wondering what are the trends and colors that will be in fashion in autumn winter 2020-2021 decoration. Well, here we tell you everything about the colors that will be super trendy to decorate the house this fall-winter. Keep reading and find out what colors you can... Read more
Current colors for kitchen cabinets
In 2020 I showed 30 current colors for small kitchen cabinets, so it is time to update the colors of the cabinets with the new launches and trends that appeared in the period, right? But there’s nothing much you like and want the colors of the previous post, ok?... Read more
+40 Bedroom Curtains with Colors That Match Well with Various Environments
Choose a bedroom curtain that elegantly enhances the decor of the room. Here you can see a selection of curtains for the bedroom with options for everyone, be it for children’s and baby’s room, for a double room, for a girl’s room and much more! Baby Delicate and with... Read more
Marsala wine bedroom colors, modern bedroom decorated with dark red color
Bedroom colors for 2015 include Marsala color, the beautiful red color of the Sicilian wine. Modern bedrooms decorated with Marsala color feel warm, beautiful and rich. Lushome shares tips for the modern bedroom decorating with existing colors in this Marsala color with this amazing color and ideas for matching... Read more
Colors to paint and decorate childrens rooms
It is in a children’s room where we can expand and express ourselves more when applying color. It can be applied in large doses anywhere, but it seems to be in children’s bedrooms where the best result is, and where it seems more appropriate, right? Having said that, I... Read more
22 decoration ideas and bedroom colors
Modern bedroom design create beautiful and comfortable rooms, ideal for relaxation. Well-designed bedroom interiors improve mood and let people feel energy. Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas for bedroom interiors reflect the latest trends in colors and structures and help to create stylish living spaces for healthy and... Read more
How to use bold colors in decoration – 15 tips
We call “strong colors” those that are very saturated (unlike pastels, which have a lot of white in their composition). They can be vibrant or more subdued – when mixed with gray – or very dark. Examples of some strong and very vibrant colors, passing through attenuated to very... Read more
Trends: The colors of 2020 are almost all you think about!
A lot of people talked about the “Color of the Year” Pantone, a classic blue (it’s her name: Classic blue), timeless, quiet, very well accepted – blue is the most used and beloved color – and easy to combine. Quite different from the color chosen last year by the... Read more
10 perfect colors to paint the bedroom according to Feng Shui
The color in a bedroom where you want to practice Feng Shui is essential. Why? Well, because it is the base on which the rest of the Feng Shui decoration will be designed, and if the base is incorrect or not appropriate, it doesn’t matter what you do next.... Read more
17 ideas to decorate a room in pastel colors
The pastel shades They have the goodness of creating very particular spaces thanks to the inherent serenity of these colors. A room decorated with pastel tones is a place, as I say, serene, but also sophisticated, and also, with a good dose of color that you always saw and... Read more