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Living Coral dining rooms: color of the year 2019
As we recently announced to you, Pantone has selected coral as the color of the year 2019. So we will be seeing this cheerful color everywhere in fashion and of course in interior design. Today we want to present you Living Coral dining rooms, so that you can take... Read more
Flowers and color to decorate your home this spring
The spring, and with it, our desire to fill our home with many flowers and color. This is a fresh and cheerful season, which motivates us to integrate nature into our home in a different way. And with this post we want to inspire you to bring spring into... Read more
Living Room Color Combinations
The colors we choose for our home help provide the right climate for a warm and well-being atmosphere. Through a good selection, combining with furniture or floors, it is possible to create the desired effect for your environment. Cold or warm colors, or even mixing everything, they are an... Read more
17 bedrooms in lavender color, relaxing and very current
As rumored, the lavender color It comes to replace the famous millennial rose, which has swept 2017. And, as pink has shown us, lavender color is also a versatile shade, which follows from clichés and topics, to decorate bedrooms of all kinds and genres: masculine, minimalist, nordic, vintage, children’s,... Read more
Marsala wine bedroom colors, modern bedroom decorated with dark red color
Bedroom colors for 2021 include Marsala color, the beautiful red color of the Sicilian wine. Modern bedrooms decorated with Marsala color feel warm, beautiful and rich. Newdecoratingtrends shares tips for the modern bedroom decorating with existing colors in this Marsala color with this amazing color and ideas for matching... Read more
What color to paint the walls of the living room with brown furniture
There are too many shades of brown on furniture and too many colors to match with them to list them all and create a list of the colors to paint the walls that match brown furniture. It would be an unproductive task, in addition to titanic. Also, as we... Read more
Modern bathroom sink Metamorfosi adding shape and color to bathroom design
These modern sinks are a great way to make the bathroom design visually appealing. The countertop washbasins are available in five colors and five shapes and bring unique properties to modern bathrooms. Lushome presents the modern sink design Metamorfosi. The bathroom sinks can add bright color to bathroom decorations... Read more
40 color combinations to paint a room
You could say that there is an infinite number of color combinations to paint the room, and would not be lying or exaggerating, although, of course, not all of them would combine or be very appropriate to say. And although 40 color combinations to paint the room they cannot... Read more
Home trends 2020: Main rules for interior color combinations
Knowledge of the color combinations of interiors should free you from boring solutions for “safe” design. Home Trends 2020 welcome bright colors and bold, playful combinations. Such interior colors require a certain level of competence for implementation, but the result is worth it! You will forget boring “traditional” beige... Read more
Cozy and bright rooms decorated in sand color
The range of sand tones is very wide, as we will see below, and thanks to that, in addition to being able to paint our sand lounge and make it more cozy, we can also add other nuances, more appropriate for our decorative style regardless of this. So, if... Read more
What color should be used to paint in the kitchen? (19 Painted kitchens)
Taking into account that most of the kitchens are covered with tiles and that they are not usually painted, or rather, there was no habit of painting tiles, surely you have come here or because your kitchen has plaster walls and you want ideas to paint the kitchen or... Read more
15 color combinations to paint a childrens room
When we get ready to paint a children’s room Several things can happen. One of them, that we have clear and defined colors and execute it without major problem. Another, that we fall into the trap of colors, as I call it, where the huge amount of available tones... Read more