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20 photos and ideas to integrate a small kitchen open to the living room
Open kitchens integrated into the living room are the order of the day. In fact, this 2017 will be a trend in interior design. The kitchen is no longer a workplace isolated from the rest of the house; the new trends are directed towards open kitchens integrated into the... Read more
10 different materials for kitchen countertops
As much as marble is fashionable and is an excellent material to use on the kitchen counter, obviously there are many other materials, just as suitable, with very good qualities to use on the kitchen counter as we are going right now. If you have doubts about what type... Read more
Painting kitchen furniture. Before and after, photos and tips
Painting kitchen furniture is a quick and inexpensive solution to completely renovating your kitchen. It is a simple task that anyone can do and the change will be so radical that it will look like a new kitchen. To do this, you have to choose the colors well, see... Read more
Kitchen shelves. 15 good solutions
Kitchen shelves … There is no doubt how essential they are to get around the kitchen comfortably. In addition, they are not merely practical and functional, but with them, depending on their style, we can redecorate the kitchen for very little money. In addition, if we change the cabinets... Read more
Decorate a rental kitchen. Photos, ideas and tips
Do you live for rent and have a bland, boring, ugly or styleless kitchen? Very probably it is not as you would really like to have your kitchen decorated and among the some drawbacks that living for rent has, is, many times, that of not being able to personalize... Read more