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10 ideas to make a plasterboard cabinet at home
A client recently wanted to take advantage of a small wall in her home to put the tv cabinet there. The fact is that the standard tv furniture we saw did not take full advantage of the wall, and it had to be done, since the space was right.... Read more
Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces
THE planned kitchen cabinet is one of the most important choices to have the kitchen of your dreams! There are several models that exist: large, small, colorful, mirrored and also from the simplest to the most modern. To help you choose this piece of furniture so important for the... Read more
15 ideas to make a home bathroom cabinet
I will not go into the reasons you have for wanting to make a home bathroom cabinet. The only thing that matters is that you want to do it and I have collected some ideas for it. With wood, metal, concrete, rustic, double, contemporary … There are ideas to... Read more