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Youth and children’s bedrooms to remodel the rooms of the home
It is usually a question that arises in all homes when children are growing up and we have to understand that their tastes are changing. But in this situation we find many uncertainties to know what decoration to apply youth bedrooms. That is why we have to know that... Read more
15 bedrooms renovated without works and without furniture, spectacular
Renovating a bedroom, the decoration or the style of it, can be achieved in several ways. There are many ways to reach that goal. One of them, the one we are going to see today, is without doing any works and without buying new furniture. In other words, renovating... Read more
17 cheerful, colorful and beautiful double bedrooms
When designing the bedroom of Gloria, a recent client, she asked me for a cheerful, colorful, young, dynamic bedroom, and I loved this proposal, since in general most bedrooms, even well decorated and beautiful, tend to be sober, “boring ”, Monochrome, simple. And despite the fact that a relaxing,... Read more
Blue Bedrooms – Get Inspired By These Modern Home Decor Designs
When we think about a renovation inside the house, we must bear in mind that one of the most used maneuvers is to change color the walls of the rooms. That is why since Remodeling Ideas Today we bring you some fantastic designs of blue bedrooms. In this way,... Read more
50 unique modern bedrooms to steal lots of ideas
50 unique, exclusive and modern bedrooms, with a careful decoration full of beautiful and precise details to take good note and decorate our own bedroom in a masterful way. It does not matter what style we have, because among these bedrooms is ours. They are all different, but at... Read more
17 bedrooms in lavender color, relaxing and very current
As rumored, the lavender color It comes to replace the famous millennial rose, which has swept 2017. And, as pink has shown us, lavender color is also a versatile shade, which follows from clichés and topics, to decorate bedrooms of all kinds and genres: masculine, minimalist, nordic, vintage, children’s,... Read more
20 bedrooms in earth tones. Warm and welcoming at best
Warm, welcoming, enveloping, relaxing and very classy. So are the earth tones which are also in fashion. And what better space than the bedroom to show them off when we can create comfortable and serene rooms with them. Perfect qualities for your little oasis of rest, don’t you think?... Read more
17 large and well decorated double bedrooms
Decorate a large bedroom Sometimes it can be more difficult than decorating a small one: a lot of space to fill and large walls to dress can make the space look unfinished, half finished, as they say, and that is an effect that, as I imagine, if You’re reading... Read more
22 Inspiring design and decoration ideas for small bedrooms
Modern interior design and decor ideas for small bedrooms Small bedroom design and decoration can be simple, quick and interesting. It’s fun to create a modern little bedroom design. Modern ideas make it possible to bring stylish details and unique furnishing materials into small bedrooms and to transform small... Read more
Bedrooms with dressing room, bathroom and dressing room behind the bed: Keys and ideas
The bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom elevate the bedroom to a more intimate, more personal category; a space is created in which one can practically live, beyond the mere fact of sleeping, as usually happens in traditional bedrooms. They are not valid for all homes, as more space... Read more
50 charming modern bedrooms that embody a great design
Decorating a modern bedroom with total success requires something more than a good choice of colors and materials, since in the bedroom not only a good design is sought, but something more important: a space that favors rest. And this is something that can collide with the idea of... Read more
100 photos and ideas to paint and decorate bedrooms, rooms or modern rooms
There are many emails and comments that you leave on the blog asking me about how to paint a modern room, what colors are best combined, how to paint a room with this or that color of furniture … etc. And, although I feel flattered by your questions and... Read more