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Minimalist bedroom – Ideas and tips for you to achieve this style in your home
If you want to adopt and delve into the less is more style and create a minimalist bedroom modern and you don’t know how to do it, at Facades World we will help you achieve it. Here are some ideas and tips about this style, a super relaxing and... Read more
Modern youth bedroom – How to create or update this space for our children
The topic that we will address today in World Facades is how I design and equip a modern youth bedroom. Tell us, what would a perfect children’s room look like for you? Perhaps full of light, with an impressive creativity and a lot of joy … well it is... Read more
Bedroom with Bathroom: +50 Models to Use in Your Suite Project
Having a room with a bathroom – the famous suite – is a true consumer dream, don’t you think? And although it seems exclusive to big houses, today we are going to prove that it is possible to have a small room with a bathroom. We separated some incredible... Read more
13 steps to the perfect bedroom
The perfect standard bedroom does not exist. Since decoration is an art of a subjective nature and the degree of perfection depends on each person. But there are some rules, tricks and tips that I am going to teach you in this article so that you can achieve your... Read more
Bedroom Chair

Bedroom Chair

Furniture 21 July 2020 0

There are many objects that can give your home an even more special decoration, but have you ever thought about bedroom chairs? It may seem that it is an object that has no relevance, but it is able to give more elegance to your room, as well as more... Read more
+40 Bedroom Curtains with Colors That Match Well with Various Environments
Choose a bedroom curtain that elegantly enhances the decor of the room. Here you can see a selection of curtains for the bedroom with options for everyone, be it for children’s and baby’s room, for a double room, for a girl’s room and much more! Baby Delicate and with... Read more
Single Bedroom Apartments Under 90sqm With Popping Blue Accents
Blue accents seem to transcend trends in decor. These two modern homes have been accented with blue hues on the brighter side of the spectrum to pick up the pace on white and pale grey neutrals. The energised blue accents shape chic yet edgy living rooms, accented with quirky... Read more
15 ideas to paint a headboard on the wall and decorate the bedroom
Paint is the most versatile decorative resource available, and also very economical. We can make all kinds of creations with it. Any design is fit. We can even define or create a painted headboard, if we do not have a headboard, we do not fit or we do not... Read more
Electric Curtain: 30 Stunning Options for Living Room, Bedroom and Garage
1. The electric curtain is a practical and versatile option 2. It is great for the harmony of space 3. Is responsible for controlling the brightness 4. Help in protecting furniture and objects Via: Peggy Prendeville 5. Fits many projects, from living to kitchen, from bedroom to balcony ?... Read more
Marsala wine bedroom colors, modern bedroom decorated with dark red color
Bedroom colors for 2021 include Marsala color, the beautiful red color of the Sicilian wine. Modern bedrooms decorated with Marsala color feel warm, beautiful and rich. Newdecoratingtrends shares tips for the modern bedroom decorating with existing colors in this Marsala color with this amazing color and ideas for matching... Read more
15 unique ceiling designs, bedroom decoration ideas
Black and white bedroom decor, modern lights and dark ceiling designs Unique ceiling designs transform rooms and give character to the bedroom decoration. I am shares a collection of beautiful ceiling designs that can be used for your bedroom decorations and guest bedroom designs to create truly intimate, spectacular... Read more
10 rules to decorate the bedroom that will help you get the perfect decoration
A decorator bases his work on his own inspiration, on his natural or learned talent and on knowing how to understand what he needs and asks for the space in which he is working. Yes, all these relatively abstract properties are necessary to correctly execute a project, but it... Read more