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10 modern design and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom
“It’s the little details that make the difference.” This phrase that you have heard more than once, I can assure you, as an interior designer, that there is nothing more true in this field. I have seen projects spoiled by not taking care of these little details. As well... Read more
6 DIY ideas to decorate and furnish your rental bathroom
It is not your home, but it is your home. And as such, you should feel comfortable in it, decorating any room that requires it; even the most difficult spaces to personalize when renting, such as the bathroom or kitchen. And, although we have limitations to decorate the bathroom... Read more
Bathroom sinks and mirrors – Home interior decoration with beautiful images
Welcome to Ideas for Remodeling, the space on the web that will help users in the interior decorations that they carry out inside the home. Here they will solve all your doubts about the best interior designs and furniture that will best equip your homes. In this way, we... Read more
Bathrooms with natural stones – How to completely change the look of our bathroom
The baths with natural stones they are a nice option to use inside our house. Often, some homes can have more than one bathroom, so from Remodeling Ideas we think how you can decorate it. So, if you are interested, we recommend that you continue reading what we share... Read more
Bedroom with Bathroom: +50 Models to Use in Your Suite Project
Having a room with a bathroom – the famous suite – is a true consumer dream, don’t you think? And although it seems exclusive to big houses, today we are going to prove that it is possible to have a small room with a bathroom. We separated some incredible... Read more
Essence bathroom fixtures that add beautiful simple lines to modern interiors
Modern bathroom design trends Modern fittings from GROHE bring simple lines and elegance into interior design and reflect the latest trends in modern bathroom design and decor. Lushome presents Essence bathroom fittings, the new designs from GROHE that offer great inspiration for bathroom remodeling and decoration. These modern fittings... Read more
Bathroom Decoration
Something important and that often generates doubt in people is how to make a bathroom decor perfect, that can take advantage of each space of the same. Thinking about it, we separated some incredible inspirations on how to decorate your bathroom with charm and elegance, check below: 1. Small,... Read more
Bathroom wall cladding with wood – why not?
Do you want to refresh or redesign the bathroom and you want to remove the old tiles, but you actually have no idea how you want to do it? Have you ever thought about using something extraordinary in the bathroom? The most common and preferred materials for wall cladding... Read more
Modern bathroom sinks: Rustic bronze cast sinks
Bronze sink Modern bathroom sinks bring beautiful and functional properties in bathroom design and can transform small rooms into stylish and unique interiors. Adding rustic metal – chic to bronze cast designs creates truly amazing, unusual, and modern sinks made by domain industries. These beautiful sinks make you a... Read more
Bathroom Floor: 20 Models to Choose the Ideal
When choosing the bathroom floor, it is necessary to take into account that this space should offer tranquility, comfort, practicality and beauty. In addition to preventing inconvenience, such as a leak in a neighbor’s bathroom. For all this, when building or renovating your home, take the time to find... Read more
Small bathroom design ideas and home staging tips for small spaces
Space-saving bathtub with shower, mirrored wall design Small bathroom design can be very bright, comfortable and stylish. Space-saving design and furniture placement in the bathroom, combined with bright bathroom colors and simple, tidy bathroom decorations make small rooms functional and beautiful.Newdecoratingtrends collection of small bathroom design ideas can be... Read more
22 small bathroom design ideas that mix functionality and style
Small bathroom design requires space-saving and functional solutions, elegant and compact design and bright room colors. Small apartments and houses that do not have a laundry room can benefit from bringing a compact set of washing machine and dryer into the bathroom. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful little... Read more