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10 minimalist bathrooms that will delight lovers of this style
Despite the fact that bathrooms tend to have a minimalist nature due to their materials and their purpose, it can be defined and enhanced to become the maximum expression of space, of course, while preserving full functionality and practicality. In these cases, the result is a bathroom with a... Read more
17 modern and inspiring black bathrooms Betting on black?
It is not easy to see a black bathroom, people are often afraid or rejected of this color, and in part it is totally normal. Unless the bathroom is a large and very bright space, opting for black can be reckless. But if it is designed properly and combined... Read more
10 pink bathrooms that give us a design master class
Since approximately in the middle of the century the pink baths reached their greatest popularity, with the houses being built with pastels that were pastelosos a gogó, it has not been seen so much pink expression in a bath, except in recent years, where it has returned to acquire... Read more
White and wooden bathrooms. The bathroom you are looking for is here
White and wood is the perfect combination to achieve a charming and modern bathroom. For several reasons. Among them, is that white makes the spaces bigger and brighter and combines with everything else, and wood, brings warmth, elegance and good taste to the spaces. There are many more reasons... Read more
20 modern industrial style bathrooms that will delight lovers of this style
Injecting an aggressive, rough and rough style like industrial in a bathroom, generally rather small space, is a company that must be handled with care. With good planning and adding the right elements, with the appropriate materials, so that everything has coherence and balance and shows what we really... Read more