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The 7 essentials for a small bathroom
Especially to small bathrooms you have to optimize them like no other room, squeeze their few square meters, and for this, we must make use of furniture and other elements that we are going to see below, special to optimize small bathrooms. Join me and discover how to get... Read more
White and wooden bathrooms. The bathroom you are looking for is here
White and wood is the perfect combination to achieve a charming and modern bathroom. For several reasons. Among them, is that white makes the spaces bigger and brighter and combines with everything else, and wood, brings warmth, elegance and good taste to the spaces. There are many more reasons... Read more
New design trends for the bathroom
We are witnessing a change in the way of conceiving current bathrooms. The total set is still valued, but each time the individual elements take on more prominence; more attention is paid to detail, highlighting each element of the bathroom, declaring that each piece has the same importance as... Read more