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Ideas to decorate the balcony: Get inspired!
Decorating the balcony can become a challenge, due to the limited space. But with a bit of creativity we can achieve very cozy balconies, ideal to enjoy this spring-summer. When it comes to setting the portal, there are many options that you can incorporate. Taking into account the size... Read more
Turn your balcony into an urban forest!
An alternative to the usual projects involving this part of the house, the green decoration brings benefits to the quality of life. (photo: gardensall) It is no secret that a healthy and better life involves, among so many cares, the presence of plants in residential living. Trend in many... Read more
How to arrange the plants on the balcony
We have already talked about plants, gardens and balconies here but now we are going to an issue that has to do with decoration and organization of space and plants in it: CHow to fix the plants so that everything looks beautiful and meets the functions that the balcony... Read more
Small balcony decoration – 20 ideas
A small well decorated balcony does not cost much, in general. And it will be much more useful and used, besides valuing your property. I’ve selected 20 good economic ideas, others that need more investment, but it sure is worth it! Get Inspired! Perfect for an industrial style house,... Read more
Gourmet Balcony, Integrated Balcony – Enjoying the Space
The use of balconies has undergone a major transformation over the years, small apartments: Before, often until little used, it was a resting area, with little tables, chairs and some plants, was also becoming the stage of family reunions, with small grills, soon called “gourmet balconies“ The gourmet balconies... Read more