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Playful Apartments With Orange And Blue Decor
Daring orange and blue decor elements pull together to style playful rooms in these three modern apartments. The colour clash makes energised, characterful and joyous spaces for family time or for entertaining guests. These fresh blasts of fun don’t just stop at the living room either. The colour explosion... Read more
Single Bedroom Apartments Under 90sqm With Popping Blue Accents
Blue accents seem to transcend trends in decor. These two modern homes have been accented with blue hues on the brighter side of the spectrum to pick up the pace on white and pale grey neutrals. The energised blue accents shape chic yet edgy living rooms, accented with quirky... Read more
The 15 best tips for decorating small and integrated apartments
Bought or rented a small apartment with few walls and now are thinking of how to decorate it? Yes, it is not easy, but I will give you the 15 most important tips on good decoration of small and integrated apartments. Anyone who is already a reader of Simple... Read more
Living room, bedroom, kitchen – All together in 25 small apartments
The wave of “micro-apartments” seems to be irreversible. People change square meters by location, facilities and shared areas in the building or in the immediate vicinity. Thus, they believe they are gaining quality of life. Can be… (Photos: Inhabitat and jurnaldedesignterior) I selected 25 very small apartments – so... Read more