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51 Inspirational Red Kitchens With Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours
Intense and not to everyone’s taste, red kitchens can be controversial. With that said, we’re here to prove the awesome power of the bold red kitchen aesthetic – I mean, if the colour is a favourite of Superman’s then its a favourite of ours too. Red can be your... Read more
Make your bathroom more practical and functional with the right bathroom accessories
Especially in small bathrooms, we have to optimize the space and resort to certain bathroom accessories, such as the ones we will see below, to make the bathroom more practical and functional, and make the most of it, yes, always with maximum comfort. So, if you want to transform... Read more
51 Pink Bathrooms With Tips
Pink is deemed an ‘intimate’ colour if you’re to follow colour theory. It is said to represent the love of oneself, and to promote inner peace. In that knowledge, it’s hard to deny that pink makes a fully fitting choice for our bathrooms where we want nothing more than... Read more
51 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas & Accessories You Can Copy From Them
The bathroom is usually a place that is given a clean decor aesthetic, with many schemes revolving around crisp showroom chic. Therefore, introducing industrial home decor to the bathroom can require a little different thinking. This collection of 51 inspirational industrial style bathrooms shows us how to create this... Read more
51 Inspirational Pink Kitchens With Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours
If you’re thinking of something different for your kitchen design, then think pink. A pink kitchen is a sure fire way to inject a boost of positivity and personality into an interior scheme. If you’re into brights then a hot pink backsplash could bring the colour blast you crave;... Read more
Accessories enhancing the decoration of your home
Decorating without well-chosen accessories is like a birthday party without the cake… (photos: coco + kelley and casatreschic) But too many accessories in the decoration are like a party with more than a birthday cake. Both are equally strange… (photos: deardesigner) And since accessories aren’t as easy to organize... Read more
36 Copper Kitchens With Images, Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours
Shine up your new kitchen design with a copper theme, like these 36 gorgeous copper kitchen designs. Polished copper kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplashes have a stunning luxe look in their warm sheen, which is enough to take just about any design up a notch or three. Copper is... Read more
Bohemian Style Home Decor: Accessories, Images And Tips To Help You Decorate
Bohemian style home decor has such a cool laid back vibe. At first glance the look seems to have an anything goes kinda feel. However, if you’ve ever tried just throwing random bits and pieces into a room, you will know that it’s not quite that simple to achieve... Read more
51 Master Bathrooms With Images, Tips, And Accessories To Help You Design Yours
We see some pretty fabulous master bathroom designs on our endeavour to bring great new home designs to the masses, and feel it’s time to put them first (rather than at the end of pretty much every tour – that living room always has top billing no matter how... Read more