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Planned Rack

Planned Rack

It is always good to think about the option of a planned rack in your house! Among many advantages, they can be super compact and adapt well to any environment, in addition to making the look of your room even more beautiful and modern! In this post we separated beautiful rack models with super varied styles to help your choice! Check out:

1. Modern designed rack with lacquered wood in a cream tone

2. Mirrored planned rack combined with a pure wood part

3. Rack with planned wooden panel, his style combined with the ceramic wall made the space beautiful.

Via: Gmad

4. Rack without a panel, a simpler but still beautiful decoration

5. Corner rack, matched perfectly with the wall

Via: @acaodedecor
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6. Luxurious planned rack, the lights brought harmony to the environment.

7. Rack designed for small room, very functional

8. Rack planned for large room

9. Planned home theater rack

10. Planned rack matching the white panel

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11. The black of this rack and panel gave a luxurious and modern touch to the room

Via: Valentina’s house

12. Simple wooden and mirrored rack

13. Rack designed with stools, a great choice

14. Rack and white wood panel

15. Wooden living room rack

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16. Wooden rack with gray compartments

17. Gray panel with wooden rack

18. The sliding compartments of this white rack are incredible

19. Solid wood rack

20. That grayish tone matched this rack

You can find your rack in stores that sell custom furniture like MadeiraMadeira or hire a cabinetmaker or glazier to make a custom-made rack for you. How about seeing our other super inspiring posts for your home decor? Check it out: Minimalist Room and 3D Plaster Walls for Home!

Living Room Color Combinations

Living Room Color Combinations

The colors we choose for our home help provide the right climate for a warm and well-being atmosphere. Through a good selection, combining with furniture or floors, it is possible to create the desired effect for your environment. Cold or warm colors, or even mixing everything, they are an essential part of the decoration and determine what kind of sensation you intend to cause in the residents or visitors! Get inspired by these room color combinations:

1- Have you ever thought of a beautiful salmon wall matching blue furniture ?!

2- A turquoise wall goes very well with a gray sofa!

3- The gray wall combines with a green sofa, bringing joy to the environment!

4- This combination of orange sofa with a light blue floor ?! Innovative!

5- A blue wall blends perfectly with wooden floors!

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6- The light pink wall also matches the wooden floor!

7- A purple wall, on the other hand, combines more with a dark wooden floor.

8- This red sofa combines with a beautiful gray wall and wooden floor in a lighter shade!

9- A dark green wall matching a brown sofa and white bookcase with wooden accents!

10- If you prefer a white sofa matching the white wall, some plants, cushions and yellow lights give more life to the environment!

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11- This green sofa is a perfect match with the yellow cushions and the wooden floor!

12- A beautiful blue sofa combines with wooden floors, for a cozy and cheerful room!

13- This brown wall is a great match with a white sofa, with total prominence in the environment!

14- A beautiful salmon sofa matches the white wall, for a cozy room!

15- This red wall matches the gray sofa, giving a tone of passion in the room!


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16- A light pink sofa, on the other hand, goes well with a white wall, making the environment cute!

17- This orange sofa combines too much with a black wall, for a more youthful room!

18- If you are a lover of black and white, this white sofa gains its prominence with frames and pillows in shades of black and gray!

19- This blue-green sofa highlights yellow pillows, carpet and chair, matching the light wooden floor!

20- Already a wine sofa, it combines perfectly with a white wall and decorative paintings in close tones!

Different colors create different moods! Therefore, you must consider the climate and atmosphere that you want to create in your room. Colors also have the power to trigger a variety of reactions and feelings in humans. Much of what we know about the psychological effects of different colors derives from centuries-old traditions and remains in our subconscious. Therefore, the combination of walls, furniture and colorful floors are essential for your home!

Long Room – How to Decorate?

Long Room

Long rooms are a challenge in terms of decoration, but with our tips you will see how easy it is to make the environment more welcoming and visually balanced. Decorate your long room using tricks to create two environments in one and make the space look more compact with furniture placed in strategic locations.

Here you will also learn how to choose the right elements, such as rugs, wallpaper, sofas, dressers, armchairs, curtains and coffee tables and how to distribute them in a long room. Check out our gallery below for various decorations and learn some tricks to decorate yours in an elegant and beautiful way, without stress or headache!

Placing a prominent object or piece of furniture in the back of the room to attract the eye is a decoration trick for long rooms

Notice how the sofas and the rug that accompanies their lengths create a compact space in the long room. Some parts of the wall painted in a more prominent color also help to break the stretch of the place. The dining table set aside is decisive for integrating 2 environments into one. The coffee table fills and gives the final finish.

You can use bookshelves to decorate the long room and place a personalized space at the bottom of the room, such as an office space.

Another tip for decorating long rooms is to use long furniture mixed with smaller furniture. Here the highlight goes to the inlaid piece well elongated below the TV, which accompanies the length of the sofa. The carpet with warm colors and stripes in the narrowest sense also diminishes the ambience.

Using frames and more than one rug to share rooms in the same room are also good bets.

The longer sofa, in a dark color, with the wallpaper in a stronger, closed color, helps to compact the long room. The furniture of choice to receive the attention of the room was the dining table, which fills the look.

Decorating a long room does not mean filling it with furniture. The secret can often be in minimalism. Bet on a darker floor, as well as the walls and curtains.

Sharing the space with a piece of furniture in the middle, like a sofa, can be a nice trick to disguise the length of the room.

Here is another example of how dividing the room into two environments can transform the room!

The long room can also be divided without any furniture or object between the two spaces.

The leaked bookcase is highlighted in this long room, which divides the place.

Another example of how to use more closed colors to visually reduce the length of the room! And why not put two coffee tables?

The choice of sofas and armchairs influences a lot when decorating the long room!

You can cover the entire wall with furniture designed, as in this model, in a stronger color, to lessen the ambience. Use some elements with strong colors to attract eyes, such as red cushions and armchairs.

Here the room is long and narrow, but totally beautiful! Opt for a shorter bookcase below the TV.

For those who like minimalism even in larger locations, this example is ideal. Bet on a shag rug and elongated closet.

Not to forget at all: the more colors closed in the decoration, the more the environment will look compact and welcoming!

Breaking the elongation of the walls with a stronger color is a good choice in the long room!

Long simple room decoration with sofa and armchairs in the same style, carpet, cube in the center and sideboard with lamps.

The long and small room also admits furniture and a more elongated sofa. Tip: bet on using the shelves to fill the place!

Nothing better to disguise the length of the room than to combine it with the dining table.

Long living room with kitchenette

The American kitchen can be a decoration option for long rooms, besides being very practical and functional. It divides the environment into two distinct spaces, reducing the feeling of length of the room, while maintaining the spaciousness and the feeling of grandeur in the room, without making the space constricted.

Long room with American kitchen with emphasis on black in important decoration elements.

The patterned rug is great for further compacting the long room with kitchen.

Here the layout of the bar is different, standing side by side with the rug, armchairs and coffee table. This decoration keeps the environment elongated and divided at the same time.

Changing floors from one room to another within the same room makes all the difference!

Long rooms with corner sofa

A corner sofa can be the additional piece of decoration that will make the length of the room be disguised and reduced, in addition to adding charm to the environment and being another option for visitors to sit in, which is also very useful!

Long room with fireplace, divan, neutral walls and floor, gray corner sofa and yellow pillows, which break the monotony of cold colors.

Long room with large corner sofa, fireplace and stone wall. The look is filled by the two armchairs next to the small table in front of the windows, creating yet another conversation environment.

Long rooms with stairs

The ladder is one of those functional objects that can be transformed into decorative objects with the right touch. A ladder can help to reduce the length of the room and complement its appearance in a unique and unusual way.

Long room with stairs with wooden handrails.

Long room with stairs with glass and wood handrails.

The visually “divided” staircase helps to break the size of the long room.

Placing the ladder in the middle of the long room can be a strategy to be adopted to visually reduce the size of the room.

A long room with stairs and open kitchen has a well-defined ambience due to the position of the sofa, placed with its back to the dining table and counter.

Decoration of living rooms with classic furniture

Decoration of living rooms with classic furniture

There is no doubt that high decoration is still identified with classic furniture; Opulent and ostentatious furniture, with sinuous curves and a lot of personality. This type of furniture not only serves to decorate classic-style rooms as you might think at first, we can and must also use them to create more contemporary, current environments, after all. Taking this premise into account and thanks to the elegant and exquisite classic living room furniture by Cuerobello, we are going to see some tips and suggestions to integrate classic furniture in modern living rooms.

classic living room furniture

Classic Living Room Ambien by Cuorebello

It may seem that integrating classic living room furniture into a contemporary décor is difficult, or wrong at worst, but nothing further. On the contrary, placing only minimalist furniture in a current decoration makes the living rooms flat, without personality; you only have to see an image of minimalist living rooms to verify what I say.

To prevent this, we must introduce into the living room, furniture with personality, that means something to us and expresses something more than a beautiful design. Of course, in moderation, so as not to overload the environment, and that in the end it is not heavy or suffocating.

classic living room furniture-2

Lower Mediterranean bookcase by Cuorebello

One or two pieces with a classic cut, well chosen to complement the rest of the decoration, or to contrast, give personality and character to a room. This type of furniture does not go out of fashion, so, well chosen and combined, they will also make the decoration of the living room timeless.

classic living room furnitures-3

Sofá California Capitone de Cuorebello

In order for the classic style furniture to marry the current decoration of a modern living room, we can make use of two very important concepts in interior decoration: contrast and combination.

The contrast:

Contrasting the classic style furniture or furniture with the furniture we already have is a great trick. Imagine that you have modern, current chairs, with straight lines and chrome finishes. A classic style table made of wood, robust and with curves in its design, will contrast and create a modern environment with a lot of personality. It is an example of how to use contrast to correctly integrate a classic-style piece of furniture into a contemporary decoration.

classic living room furniture-4

Living room environment Valeria de Cuorebello

In the image that we see above these lines, we can see that, using the concept of contrast well, classic style furniture fits perfectly. Both the furniture and the coffee tables, in a classic style, contrast with the general atmosphere of the living room: a contemporary and modern atmosphere. In fact, to create a modern living room, current and with personality, it is a great idea to rely on furniture that transmits something to us, making them the star pieces, instead of choosing all the furniture the same, thus creating flat rooms, without sparkle.

The combination:

This other concept or trick of interior decoration, applied to the matter we are dealing with, consists, as you can guess, in combining the pieces of classic style and the current or modern, to achieve a balance that harmonizes the whole environment.

To combine different elements, be it furniture or other accessories, there is nothing like color. Using the same color for some pieces and for others, we will be able to unify the environment and integrate any precious piece of classic style.

classic living room furniture-5

Chaislonge 1699 of Cuorebello

As you can see, it doesn’t matter where the color is; in furniture or accessories, that if we combine it, any piece fits and adapts to the decoration.

In short: if you like classic furniture but are afraid or doubt whether they will look good on you in a more modern decoration, you can use the contrast or the combination to make them fit, and, as you have seen, the result is … charming at least .

Decoration of living rooms with pink sofas

Decoration of living rooms with pink sofas

Do you have a pink sofa? Congratulations, because the originality and the possibilities of creating a living room or any other space where you have the sofa, modern and sparkling, are on your side.

Perhaps at first it may seem somewhat risky to buy a pink sofa, and it is true that it limits us a bit when it comes to combining colors, but, as I say, only a little; Well, as we are going to see in this article in which we have prepared a beautiful collection of modern living rooms, where the main focus of attention, the star piece, is the pink sofa, we can create environments … well, extraordinary, at least.

So, if you look ideas to decorate a living room with a pink sofa or doubt whether to buy one, these photos and suggestions will help you.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography @Yessica | Crooshouse

Words are practically unnecessary, the environment that we can create by integrating a pink sofa is spectacular. Delight in this wonder of living room, take ideas, notes and inspiration, but do not stop there, there are many more images.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography @Gemma | welsh1930srenovation

Smaller but in a stronger and more striking pink so that it continues to have the same presence.

A living room in full color with a pink sofa

Photography At Home With Ashley

If your decorative style is something more… contemporary, perhaps current, don’t be afraid to integrate a pink sofa; well combined with successful colors as in the image above these lines, it is phenomenal.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography @husetvidklippan

For a Nordic-style living room, where the color palette is mostly black and white. A great choice to create a decorative effect wow! Don’t you think?

With Nordic touches, almost bordering on minimalism. Another style that we can approach if we want, integrating a pink sofa.

A living room with a pink sofa

Vintage Revivals Photography and Design

Everything in perfect sync, nothing out of tune, everything fits. Perfect.

A living room with a pink sofa

Photography and design by Cupcakes and Cashmere

For a style with boho details it seems that a pink sofa fits perfectly. A soft pink that accompanies the palette is a success.

A living room with a pink sofa

Kave Home sofa and furniture

By defining a space with neutral colors, we have a wider margin to add colors. We see it in the upstairs living room of Kave Home, where the pink sofa is the protagonist of the space, as the rest of the elements are in neutral tones.

If we cannot or want to buy a pink sofa, we can always put a pink cover on it that is very cheap and we have many designs and shades of pink, like these from Amazon.

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