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Small Room Desk: 53 Ideal Models!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

THE writing desk is the ideal mobile if you value comfort and organization when it comes to studying. Be a writing desk for small room or bigger, nothing better than having a special place to study, read or work. Follow the following some desk to room models and put creativity into action when it comes to decorating this room!

For environments without much space, an extended bedside table, like this one, can be thought of.

How about this desk that brings color to the dormitory?

You can bet on a table in format and more rustic material.

In this case, solid wood was used as a base for the desk.

The easel table was also used on this children’s bedroom desk, which also serves as a dressing table!

The lighter colors convey all the purity expected from children’s bedrooms to furniture.

If you are looking for a more compact desk option, this may work for you.

How about this desk that appropriates the niche structure?

The mixture of materials stands out in this room, with a metal and glass desk and a chair in plastic and wood.

The table with white base and aluminum frame also orna perfectly in neutral environments.

Here, the lacquered wooden desk brings enough functionality and space utilization.

This desk is another example of a multipurpose furniture, which could be used as a dresser.

In more industrial decorations, it is worth adding a dot of color with desk in vibrant tone.

How about this desk that resembles the tables of squares?

Versatile, this lacquered white table was used as a desk, but it would also look great as a dresser.

In neutral material, this desk makes the study environment perfectly harmonious.

Here, the color chosen for the corner desk was gray.

This is a great planned desk option for the bedroom, which combines television and computer.

This bicolor alternative goes well with any decor.

In rooms with mezzanine, it is worth investing in functional furniture.

The colors of this desk make all the difference in this decorated teen room.

Solid wood is the focus too on this bedroom desk.

The wooden furniture predominates in this room, which has gained a desk that takes advantage of every inch.

The suspended desk is another good strategy to make room.

This furniture planned here has tried to distribute the shelves well for organization.

This desk gets a special air with the textured material of the top and metal in the feet.

Investing in colorful furniture gives the room another face.

And look how delicate this bicolour desk option is in white and baby blue.

Here, the desk is confused with even part of the wall.

In this project, the objective was to take the color of the furniture to invest in the accessories.

Another beautiful application of the wood-toned easel table.

To save space, try mounting a panel that can also be used as a desk.

For those who enjoy design, the easel table is a handy hit.

The glass-based desk is an irreverent bet for the room.

This solid wood desk looked great on more traditional decorations.

Here, the table with easel feet won rectangular glass top.

How about this lacquered wooden desk with futon seat space?

For this more bare decoration, the table with wooden top and iron base served as a glove.

Featuring futuristic styling and color dots, this is a very fun furniture bet.

In neutral colors, this desk looks beautiful in children’s bedrooms.

In the Montessori style, this desk leaves all objects within reach of the child.

And look how delicate this desk is in rosé and white.

Here, the proposal is an integrated furniture for children’s rooms.

With a glass top, this wood-to-room desk gains more sophisticated air.

Here, the desk followed the clean climate of the room.

In this room, the panel was also integrated to the desk in a more functional way.

Choosing wooden furniture always brings great taste to the decor.

Here, a very creative option: a desk made with crates.

This is a more traditional option, reminiscent of old split files.

Wood is the high point of this desk to room.

Another beautiful desk application in neutral colors, this time in a ladies’ room.

How about this desk in the intense blue-Tiffany, to the room of the children?

Here, the desk brings the creative concept of Lego in its composition.

Trends 2019 – Rooms and Rooms

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

We already talked about the colors, the wallpapers, the bathrooms and the kitchens and now, to complete, let’s talk about the 2019 trends for rooms and bedrooms. For this series of posts besides my pitacos, I did a good research on the bets that big blogs, national and foreign are doing. I hope you take the opportunity to be inspired by your reforms or constructions, but do not fail to follow your taste and your desire. After all, it’s your house, right?

Australian Homesbinary-house-tdf-5-1000x1290

Chic industrial style, Japanese touches, plants, concrete, black frames, light wood (photo: Australian Homes)

As I said before, a nicely decorated house (or apartment) has harmony, a sense of unity, that makes you feel like you’re “in the same house”

CASA TRÈS CHICbfc032ee75

Transparencies, crystals, boiserie (photo: Casatreschic)

And the best is when this “something in common” is subtle and not just something that repeats itself. As for example, use a small palette of colors but used in a different way by varying the amount or tone of each color in each environment.

Daily Dream Decorneutral-and-cozy-space-cover

Rusticity, ethnic prints, basketwork, “straw”, earthy colors, plants (photo: Daily Dream Decor)

Due to the necessity of this harmony, several tendencies about which I have already spoken will also be in the rooms and rooms, such as:


Curves (photo: tdc)

O Chic industrial style, at earthy colors (very present in the palettes of the year), O concrete / burnt cement, style ringtones Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese and Scandinavian, O granilite, a light wood Thethe 3D and geometric coatings more delicate curves / organic shapes, at plants, at transparencies and the and squadrias in black in partitions.

VM designblogg 50Torino

Geometric multicolored paints (photo: Cosedicasa)

But specifically for the rooms and the rooms we can still find the following trends:

A) Geometric and creative multicolored paintings on the walls – A subject I’ve talked about in this post, it seems that having a wall in one color as a highlight is really changing. Another wave that we have here on the walls are the boiseries (those frames of wood, plaster, polyurethane or even cement that form designs on the walls)


Ripted, macrame, light wood (photos: tdc and thestylefiles)

B) Macramê and tapestries on the walls – Macramê began to appear to support plants and we are already seeing some environments with panels in this technique, besides some tapestry gracing the walls.


Basketry, rustic materials, earthy colors, dry plants (photo: tdc)

C) Rustic materials in carpets, furniture, lamps and basketwork – Simple natural or with tribal prints.


Straw on headboard and dry arrangement (photo: tdc)

D) The straw on furniture, fixtures and partitions – She’s coming back hard. And she is beautiful! There is also the ripped used as a partition and in detail on the walls, etc.


Straw on the armchair and earthy colors (photo: tdc)

E) Handmade, rustic and “imperfect” accessories – Perhaps due to the Japanese style that is appearing in detail, you may notice the amount of decorating accessories with this footprint.

xavel ed099e68be38_EFCrcvp

Plants, earthy, ethnic, rustic (photo: xavel)

F) Arrangements with dehydrated plants (dry arrangements) “I’m not sure why, but the point is, I see a lot of these arrangements out there and even mixed up with beautiful green and living plants. Depending on the arrangement can range from giving romantic touch to a minimalist environment to a maximalist touch when “exaggerated.”

VM designbloggCDL_17th_CF015678st

Wall Tapestry (photo: VM designblogg)

Well, it has a tendency that does not end and of course you can choose which one to use and not even use any … Because who owns your house is you, after all! But of course when looking for coatings, furniture, accessories or see magazines and websites will, of course, come up against them countless times. 

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