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Blue Bedrooms – Get Inspired By These Modern Home Decor Designs

Blue Bedrooms - Get Inspired By These Modern Home Decor Designs

When we think about a renovation inside the house, we must bear in mind that one of the most used maneuvers is to change color the walls of the rooms. That is why since Remodeling Ideas Today we bring you some fantastic designs of blue bedrooms. In this way, your room will inspire freshness as well as other sensations that the environments of this style transmit to us. To learn more about these ideas, we recommend paying attention to the tips and images that we will see below. Without further ado … Let’s start!

What wall color can I use in my bedroom?

In the first place, we must create an environment where they have a lot of natural light, so that it remains illuminated for much of the day. It will benefit us not only in the electricity bill but also in that the walls of our room will keep that feeling alive for longer.

Second, we must combine these blue bedroom walls with the rest of the furniture. As we will see in the added images, the furniture is generally in opaque tones, we can use different colors but here what will stand out the most will be the walls. As we just mentioned, the furniture is usually in dark tones, among them we can use some carob wood. Another widely used option is Ikea furniture or fiber.

Small Room Decoration – Innovative Interior Designs

Small Room Decoration - Innovative Interior Designs

At Ideas para Remodelar we are constantly looking for a solution to each problem. So we find ourselves in the need to share ideas about small room decor. In this way we can fully enjoy the room and make space a problem in our daily lives. We recommend you settle in and join us in this post that will provide you with many useful solutions. We also tell you that it has a gallery of images so you can adapt your bedroom to these ideas. Without more to add… Let’s start!

How to decorate a small bedroom to make it look functional

First of all we must take into account a series of details for the small room decor. One of them is lighting, it would be a great idea to have a large window, to have a daytime perspective for as long as possible. Another important detail is division of sectors through furniture, if the bedroom is used by more than one person it will be very helpful to use this technique. Finally, we recommend using functional furniture for decoration, as long as they allow us to move comfortably. Also remember that it is essential to leave a wall without decorations to broaden the perspective of the environment. Now, we will continue with the gallery of images of small bedrooms. Here we go!

10 simple and beautiful Christmas tables that you can easily assemble this year

10 simple and beautiful Christmas tables that you can easily assemble this year

Without complications, without excesses, without difficulties or too many ornaments. So are these 10 simple and beautiful Christmas tables that we are going to see below and that you can set up this year at home.

We are going to see them and I will tell you the details of each one so that you can replicate them with total success. We start:

Simple and minimalist in neutral tones

Simple and beautiful Christmas table in white and gray tones.

Design and photography Nina Holst | Instagram @stylizimoblog

This precious little Christmas table is nourished by neutral tones and simplicity to achieve that beauty it has.

On a tablecloth in soft gray tones, white plates have been placed with a small crown each made with eucalyptus leaves, which are easy to find, aromatic and very appropriate for these dates.

Although each one who uses the leaves he wants.

And for the rest, the dishes made entirely of transparent glass, the silver-toned cutlery and a candelabra with white candles in the middle of the table.

He has no more, he does not need more; It is a simple Christmas table to decorate and assemble, and very beautiful, right?

Let’s see another model of a simple Christmas table:

Simple Christmas table in red and gold

Simple and pretty Christmas table in red and gold

Design and photography Beth Hunter from Home Stories A to Z | Instagram @homestoriesatoz

This other Christmas table is more traditional, but also very simple to assemble. You just have to look at her to see that what I say is true.

He doesn’t even use a tablecloth. The table is so beautiful that it is worth showing it without a tablecloth.

For the rest, a garland of green leaves has been placed in the middle of the table, along with some gold candelabra with white candles.

And then, each diner has their utensils, crockery and cutlery in a mix of red and gold.

Come on, if you buy the plates, napkins, placemats and cutlery in red and gold, you do not need anything more than to add a garland and some lanterns or candelabra in the middle of the table. Simpler impossible.

Well it is possible, like the table we see below:

In black and white

Simple and pretty christmas table in black and white

Design and Photography Amy Kim from Homey Oh My | Instagram @homeyohmy

Look closely, it looks like a Christmas table with an elaborate decoration, but nothing is further from the truth.

This beautiful Christmas table is extremely easy to replicate.

On a white tablecloth, add a green garland in the middle of the table, along with some pinecones and white candle holders.

Then a black and white crockery and cutlery. No more.

A Christmas table with a simple, powerful decoration, with personality and very decorative; as well as modern, since black and white create a very modern aesthetic.

Let’s see the following model:

Round and natural

Simple and pretty round Christmas table in natural tones

Design and photography Living Liesel | Instagram @livingliesel

If your table is round, see what a beautiful example you have above these lines to decorate your own table this year, with a charming rustic touch, and in a very simple way.

A nice and great Christmas centerpiece made with holly leaves. You can do it yourself or you can buy it already made.

Once you put the centerpiece, you just have to put the crockery and cutlery on some vegetable fiber trivets such as wicker or jute and you will have a simple and very beautiful Christmas table to assemble.

Let’s see another simple table idea that you can decorate this Christmas.

A simple high contrast Christmas table

Simple and beautiful black Christmas table.

Design and Photography Therese Knutsen | Instagram @bythereseknutsenno

If your dining table is dark in color, like the one we see above in this paragraph, you can create a very simple decoration using white and light tones in the rest of the elements to generate contrast.

Take a good look at the table and you will see that it has an extremely simple decoration to replicate and is super pretty.

You don’t even need a tablecloth.

White plates, linen napkin, gold cutlery, a few sprigs of eucalyptus on top of each plate and that’s it. Easy right?

Let’s continue with another model.

In green and gold on a large white background

Simple and pretty Christmas table in gold, green and white tones

Design and Photography Caroline Burke from Burkatron | Instagram @burkatron

This is one of the most elegant tables of all that we are seeing, but it is not more elaborate or complicated for that. Rather, its elegance lies in its simplicity.

In its simplicity and in the elements that compose it, of course.

You need a white tablecloth with a pine leaf garland to put in the center of the table, along with some elegant and stylish gold chandeliers with white candles.

Simple, all-white crockery and gold cutlery to match the chandeliers.

Then you can finish off the table decoration by adding string-tied napkins and a sprig of pine needles to each plate. Precious.

Let’s move on to another table.

Pretty and with a rustic air

Rustic and simple christmas table

Design and Photography Boxwood Avenue | Instagram @boxwoodavenue

If you have a wooden table with as much presence and personality as the one we see above, you deserve to leave it without a tablecloth, even if it is only for one night.

Look at what a beautiful and simple decoration you can put together.

You need a linen table runner, or jute or burlap cloth, which are very easy to find.

On the table runner you place a garland of pine needles and some golden candlesticks with white candles.

White plates and gold cutlery with a linen napkin. And you don’t need more.

A simple and very beautiful Christmas table.

Let’s look at another table.

Classic in red and green tones

Simple and pretty Christmas table in red and green

Design and photography Shannon Fox | Instagram @foxhollowcottage

If you like to use the classic Christmas colors such as red and green to decorate your table, here we see a good example that uses these colors with simplicity and total success.

On a white crocheted tablecloth, a garland of green leaves with some red pomegranates has been placed, and in the center of the table, a centerpiece with white candles.

A nice touch is the trivet made of tree slices that decorate and warm the whole table.

To top it all, a few glasses in red tones give the right touch of color, without excess.

There are more models of tables, let’s see another:

A simple and modern Christmas table with a lot of charm

Modern simple and beautiful Christmas table in white and green tones

This other table borders on minimalism and simplicity with a charm that elevates the table decoration to the category of art.

A garland of green pine needles has been placed on a white tablecloth along with some gold candelabra with white candles.

Then some minimalist plates and gold cutlery on washed linen napkins.

It cannot be simpler and more beautiful. Well, the truth can be simpler. Look down:

Simple Christmas table with subtle color accents

Simple and pretty Christmas table

Design and photography Julie Blanner | Instagram @julieblanner

This other simple Christmas table has practically the same elements as the previous one. In fact it has less, since this table has not even used a white tablecloth as in the previous one.

Otherwise, gold cutlery, simple white plates with a sprig of holly and cinnamon, and a large table runner made with a lush garland of pine needles and white candles.

Well, as you can see, you don’t have to invest a lot to decorate a beautiful table this Christmas.

Minimalist bedroom – Ideas and tips for you to achieve this style in your home

Minimalist bedroom - Ideas and tips for you to achieve this style in your home

If you want to adopt and delve into the less is more style and create a minimalist bedroom modern and you don’t know how to do it, at Facades World we will help you achieve it. Here are some ideas and tips about this style, a super relaxing and charming decoration that works in both small and large bedrooms.

Do you want to make a minimalist bedroom? – We show you how to achieve it

It really is very easy. In this type of decoration, the ornaments, colors and patterns that make the space relaxing are few. Beyond being a style that needs few things, it is attractive.

The minimalist style It is a simple and almost no-frills style that incorporates only the necessary elements, and clutter is avoided at all costs. So those things that you accumulate and do not work, you can get rid of them. This style is one of the most popular decorative styles today, people frequently search for how to make a minimalist bedroom modern. And this is due to the perfect combination of harmony and design.

A minimalist bedroom It will give you the feeling of tranquility and order that you need, since you do not need many things in it, nor do you need key elements to have a stylish and cozy bedroom. Here are some examples that will help you achieve the bedroom of your dreams, we hope and hope they will be of great help to you.

Believe it or not, reducing things to the bare essentials can do wonders in a space, not to mention how sophisticated and beautiful it can look. So let’s see some tips so you can achieve a minimalist bedroom suitable for you:

  • Choose neutral colors: it is advisable to maintain a color palette with slightly muted tones and touches of white, thus creating a more relaxing space.
  • Tones and mixes: you must keep your room with monochrome tones in gray so that you continue to bring relaxation to the environment. Warm gray can soften the bedroom.
  • Minimalist bedroom in white: If you are not sure how to paint, or are not convinced by the monochrome style, simply paint the bedroom completely white.
  • Stronger paints: a minimalist bedroom can also work with stronger tones depending on the preferences and personality of each.
  • Add black but simple accents: black accents can be striking without losing the qualities of minimalist design.
  • Keep the bedding simple.
  • Adopt a different look for your bed.
  • Keep your furniture as close to the floor as possible.
  • Always have order on your nightstands.
  • Add a mid-century modern chair.
  • A large rug can be a great option.
  • Ilayer luminance: Combine ceiling and wall fixtures, a pendant lighting with fabric will emit a very striking and subtle glow.
  • Add texture instead of art.
  • Bring the outside in: feel free to use indoor plants in your minimalist bedroom.
  • Choose quality over quantity.

Since Remodeling Ideas we are very happy to be able to share endless ideas every day. So we hope and hope that this new entry has been very useful.

Modern youth bedroom – How to create or update this space for our children

Modern youth bedroom - How to create or update this space for our children

The topic that we will address today in World Facades is how I design and equip a modern youth bedroom. Tell us, what would a perfect children’s room look like for you? Perhaps full of light, with an impressive creativity and a lot of joy … well it is time to do it like this. Today we will talk about how to make your wishes come true, and those of your children, so do not move from the screen because what comes next is going to enchant you.

How to achieve a modern youth bedroom at home

Ideas for a modern youth bedroom They should be based on the creation of a space which encourages curiosity and creativity as your children grow. In the photos that you will see below, you will be able to appreciate how everything that you have been looking for for so long and what your children were missing has been incorporated … let’s see.

The main components for a modern youth bedroom They are usually practicality, safety, versatility and comfort. And it is not surprising, since this place is where your child or children should feel comfortable, free and at ease. So below we will give you some tips to follow to achieve good results:

  • Bed: you can turn a bed into a sofa simply by removing one of the sides. In addition to this, you can also buy a larger low bed with or without a small protector.
  • Brilliant books: The use of glossy books on shelves does not go out of style, and they are usually excellent for the interior decoration of a modern youth bedroom. So you can teach him the meaning and importance of reading from a young age.
  • Magic canopy: a big baby bed It will be something magical and dreamed of for your boy or girl, and you can make that dream come true by hanging a canopy. Among all the existing options, you can choose special awnings for the children’s room with a starry sky, blue, or perhaps a Disney princess.
  • Color scheme: The design of a children’s room sometimes looks bright and rich, which is why the color scheme you can choose is very important. The tones that you are using in this room do not have to overload the color, that is a guideline that you must comply with and take into account.
  • Create zones in the room: Did you know that proper zoning can help your children’s growth? Showing them and making them understand where they sleep, or where they can play or do the activities they want, will be of the utmost importance to separate the spaces within the bedroom.
  • Organize storage: A good idea for this is to create categories so that they can understand better, so you will give them the option to make decisions regarding the organization.
  • Get rid of excesses: clutter within a youth room will obviously reign. But if you take the precaution of digging a bit, you will surely find toys that are no longer used or are broken, dry markers, games without parts, and an endless number of material things that are no longer needed in the room. This way you will not only gain space, but order.

Since Remodeling Ideas We are very happy to be able to share endless ideas on a daily basis, so we hope and hope that this new entry has been very useful.

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