Bathroom Shelves: +50 Charming Decorated Models!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Use shelves in bathroom creates more space for personal and decorative purposes. The bathroom shelf adds a touch of modernity and elegance in the decoration and here you check more than 50 models with designs and diverse materials that fit all tastes!

Following the tone of the rest of the decor is always a good call to hit the shelf design.

White shelves add a clean touch to the décor and help you get the impression of a flawless bathroom.

The retro shelves are a charm only and go very well with a more romantic and delicate decoration.

Shelves with ropes can be both rustic and sophisticated, depending on the material used. If you like this style, you can bet on this model that it goes well with any bathroom!

The glass shelves are modern and help to increase the space.

Placing lamps on the shelves is a modern and creative idea that transforms and enlarges the bathroom space!

More a retro shelf model that combines with more delicate decorations and go super well with floral themes.

The metal has been used more and more inside the house in details that make the decoration bold, as is the case of these shelves.

If you want a cleaner and cleaner décor, the fewer items put on your bathroom shelf, the better!

There is no place to put the shelves, even inside the box, which adds a special charm to the environment.

The shelf + mirror set is still the darling of the decorators and really has a very special place in the decor.

Large mirrors enhance the ambience and the combination of your frame with the bathroom shelves add sophistication and style.

Wood is one of the most versatile items of decoration and can be used inside the bathroom in a more rustic decor style like the one on the shelves below.

A more industrial decoration is the choice of many people who like the modernity without losing the style. Betting on metal details is the way!

The niches are a charm and lend a cozy air to the bathroom without much effort.

Another clean combination of mirror and shelf, using wood and glass, which brings an elegant contrast.

The use of iron and wood creates a modern and out of the obvious combination.

As we have said, wood is a versatile item that fits very well in all environments and can be used in different colors and textures on the bathroom shelves.

The shelves are a great way to give the room the desired tone and add colors and textures to the walls without having to deal with paint or coating.

Combining the tone of the shelf with the decor can, but create a contrast of colors … also can! And it gets super stylish!

The glass is clean, modern and has the advantage of being super easy to clean. The haven of housewives!

The new wood showing that it can be elegant and sophisticated when well used!

The combination of metal and glass creating a modern and bold industrial decor.

Sando from the obvious and innovating with a lot of charm: the shelves leave the wall and go to the floor!

The best way to get out of the obvious with elegance is to bet on geometric shapes that totally change the tone of the environment.

The wood can be worked in various ways and the customization can be complemented, even, with the elements placed on the shelf.

Simplicity never loses its value, strengthening the famous phrase “less is more.”

Colorful shelves are cheerful, fun and modern, a great way to bring life to your bathroom.

The ropes give a rustic air to any decor and its use on bathroom shelves is a charm apart.

Strings and wood, we have to reinforce, is there anything more charming and cozy?

This frame + chair + shelf set = pure coziness! A clean, elegant and out of the obvious environment.

The mixture of elements, such as the use of wood, mirrors, panels and niches, creates an unpretentious and uncluttered decoration, resulting in sophistication.

How about replacing the traditional cabinet under the sink by an elegant shelf?

The shelf can be used as a color and texture element to turn the bathroom into a different environment.

Even in small bathrooms it is possible to use the elements of the room in your favor and turn the shelf into a frame for light from the window!

The elegance of the shelves replacing the sameness of the cabinet under the sink.

For a delicate decor, textured white shelves are what you get!

For the most deprived, how about leaving the color just for the bathroom walls?

Or the opposite, bet on colors in the decor and on the shelves?

In this decoration, the wood detail complements the use of the shelf and gives an outline to the room.

Complementing the decoration with shelves and the flushing lid is an unusual idea, but it works perfectly!

A single shelf is capable of changing the face of your bathroom.

Is it sink or shelf? Both! And it’s charm, for sure!

Black screams modernity and sophistication and can be used, too, on the bathroom shelves.

Varying styles and models of shelves in the same décor is a great idea to create visual contrasts!

For a touch of lightness and simplicity, you can bet on the little plants, see?

And the toilet in the house can also gain style with simple and elegant shelves!

The crate of the fair can also become a shelf, and it looks beautiful!

The shelves are functional items that can store everything in your bathroom without losing the elegance.

And with the right lighting, any simple item becomes the star of the environment!

Rustic Office – 32 Special Decorations!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

A rustic office has a more cozy air and leaves the working environment with the face of second home. The rustic decor can be simple, elegant and even modern, always surprising. The rustic wooden office with brick wall, burnt cement, iron details or natural elements such as tree trunks certainly makes any worker more comfortable and pleases everyone who passes by.

Check out our tips and inspirations and start planning your rustic office decor now!

Rustic wooden office

Few things are more rustic than wood, which is a durable, durable, versatile and elegant material, ideal for decorating an office in the most varied objects such as shelves, shelves, table, chair and floors.

Betting on a floor and rustic wooden objects, such as the desk and shelves, is enough to make a rustic office. Here the highlight is also the sidewalks.
The pallets can be used to natural in the composition of rustic office furniture.
The rustic can also be stylish! The walls in a warmer tone contrast with the darker tone of the wood used in some elements of the decor, such as the table and the large antique clock on the wall.
Aged elements complement the look. Here the highlight also goes to the wall of boards.
Bet on a painting that reminds burnt cement and on raw wood furniture.
Impossible not to be enchanted by this rustic office! The green painted walls add color to the ambience, with wooden floors and older furniture.
Adding leather to the rustic office décor is an interesting balcony!
How about a living table? Here it looks like it was spit directly from the trunk of a tree!
The old style iron table mixed with the aged wood of the built-in cabinets leaves the office completely rustic.
This is a special desk model for you to get inspired and install in your rustic office. As if the wood were not enough to give this style to the environment, the hanging strings give the final highlight!
The office can have the rustic decor mixed with the industrial style.
This is another angle of the above project.
Some crates and a wooden board are enough to create the perfect desk for the rustic office!
Once again the raw brick wall is highlighted in the rustic office.
Rustic shared office.
Another mix of elements: wood and iron. The rustic office has a built-in bookcase, antique lamps and chairs with different designs.
Synthetic animal fur rug, elk head on the wall and the ventilated ceiling make the environment as rustic as possible!
A typewriter in a rustic office that totally matches the decorative element.
Colonial furniture adds elegance and sophistication to the rustic office.

Rustic and modern office

It is important to remember that rustic is not synonymous with old and that a decoration in this style may be, yes, very modern, if finished with the right touches!

Rustic and modern office with black wall and crates on the wall.
Rustic and modern office with table and light wood panel.
Using tree trunks as desk support is synonymous with trend when it comes to rustic decor!
The synthetic grass flooring can also be added to the rustic office decor design.
Bet on a brick wallpaper and with just one element give the rustic touch that is lacking in your office!
Corner table with iron feet and wooden top, ideal for rustic and modern office.
Mixing solid wood with glass is also a good request in the composition of the rustic office desk. Remember that only one element can impart the style you both want to give to the environment.
This is another rustic office where the wooden table is the main point of the decoration.
The wood trunk makes the rustic office décor sustainable and amazing!
Rustic and modern office with brick wallpaper and wood and iron table.
Rustic personal office with handmade shelf.
This gorgeous rustic office design combines the use of pallets in a less conventional way with the brick wall. Add some hot spots to the lighting and that’s it!

To build a less hot summer house


Summer came and with it a almost unbearable heat (here in Rio de Janeiro is crazy!). So, thinking of all the houses I’ve ever seen built in such a way that accumulate heat and make everything worse.I decided to look for you. tips which help to avoid this common mistake. I’m not an engineer or an architect, so I’m going to talk about the basics.


I wish I could, right? But it is not, for most mortals, what we have ... (I.e. (photo: CasaAbril)

And I strongly suggest that for build, ALWAYS look for an architect or civil engineer. As much as you think they are expensive professionals, they will never be as expensive as what you and your family may have from problems with SAFETY and COMFORT. A well-built house lasts longer, is easier and cheaper to maintain, makes you happier, is more comfortable in all ways, saves energy and the main: It will not fall on your head !!

A) The Basics of the house position on the ground:

. Save this: The wind only comes in if he can leave! So do not build a house that “lean against the wall of the neighbor” even though you do not have neighbors today but you can have it in the future.


(photo of a real estate website, just to give an example)

You can have 500 windows. The wind just will not come in! Ideally, the house should be as close to the center of the ground as possible so that you can place windows on all sides, thus creating many possibilities for air circulation.

. Notice where the wind comes from. Most of the time, there is usually a wind that “sells” on your terrain, in a certain direction (dominant wind). It is important to know what direction this is to position windows in this same direction, whenever possible, creating cross-ventilation.


(Drawing taken from the Construction Forum site – Learn more about cross ventilation)

. Observe the position of the Sun relative to your home. Synthesizing, the ideal is this: In hot places, In the places where people are most (living room / bedrooms) and that have some Morning Sun entering the house in the winter as well. See more on this here too.

Column JA 017 - IMAGE 01

In hot places the best seats for the room and the rooms are the East and North sides (Drawing: kubo-architecture)

Please note that here I am not considering what is around the house. Of course if you have a tall building on the East side your house will not receive sunlight in the morning … So take a good look at your land situation.

B) The basics in building the house itself:

. Hot air rises because it is “lighter” than cold air. Therefore, the tendency is that, the higher the right foot (the distance between the floor and the ceiling), the hot air can rise and the cooler air is underneath, making the environment more pleasant on hot days. Of course, there must be ventilation for the hot air to come out …


A high right foot “increases” any space … And it fills you with light! And you can put vents on the top for the hot air to leave (photo: CasaVogue)

So if you live in hot places, build your house with a high right foot (over 2.70 already makes a lot of difference). And do not lower the ceiling just for aesthetic reasons. You will suffer more from the heat … (Attention that in cold places the low ceiling is recommended because it keeps the environment warmer).

Keltainen talo rannallaimage002

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

Due to this too, one way to expel hot air from your home is make vents (if possible) on the top of the walls – preferably on the wall opposite a window through which the wind enters. So you create a cross ventilation quite efficient.


. Think about the models of the windows you are going to use. Many people make a huge “hole” in the wall and put a window that only really stays open in the middle of the space, you see? So, choose windows that open the maximum, even if you “lose” wall space internally. And there are also the so-called “maximum air” that make a damn difference!

Keltainen Talon rannallaBergen-Street-Townhouse-10

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

. Do not skimp on materials that protect against heat. Thermal paints, thermal blankets, thermal tiles (in homes it is important that the ceiling does not heat or that the heat does not), wood or stones to protect the walls of the afternoon sun, double glazed windows, heat treated glass, insulfilme (to “hold” the heat outside, letting the sun in, but not the heat), Finally … there are numerous features to improve thermal comfort. And using them at the time of construction is a lot cheaper than doing it later.


A simple house with good qualities to withstand the heat

. Hot walls heat the internal environment. If the wall takes a terrible sun all day, you’ll sleep in an oven. So protect the walls of the sun’s incidence: Plants, trees – outside that do not allow the sun to hit the wall directly – balconies, large eaves on the roofs, awnings, brises or cobogos on the side where the sun sets and light colors. But beware of balconies with low ceilings because they can impair ventilation and greatly reduce the brightness of the house.


Plants and external coating on the wall (photo: 1-Kindesign)

. Cold floors give a feeling of refreshment – Stones, cceramics, burnt cement and porcelain tiles are welcome when summer is hot even and winter does not have very low temperatures.


The less objects and more free space, the less heat you feel! (photo: Casaabril)

. The less internal walls, the more easily the internal ventilation. Enjoy the idea of ​​the integrated environments: living room, dining room and even kitchen can be, and often are, only one environment. Just beware of the heat coming from the kitchen – a great cooker helps a lot.

centsationalgirl modern-farmhouse-kitchen1

(photo: centsationalgirl)

C) Consider the Weather: Brazil has many different climates – see below), but we can say that basically we have: Tropical moist, Tropical dry, Arid and Temperate.


I found this text, which talks about the best house-building characteristics for Tropical and Temperate climates (the figure above was taken from it). If you are interested in going deeper in this subject, read and search more about the specific climate of your region (this text is interesting but not complete). And it will not be wasted time, you can be sure.

I hope these tips help make the summer more enjoyable and with a lower light bill! (I.e.

Trends 2019 – Bathrooms and Kitchens


Continuing my research on decoration trends in 2019 (I already talked about colors and wallpapers) now we go to the lavatories, toilets and kitchens? It is clear that much of what appears in these areas also appears in other environments of the house. As the colors and also the wallpapers in the lavatories (here we see lots of big flowers!)… Well decorated house has unity and harmony, do not forget!

A) Again, the Industrial Style “chic” – As I always say, things do not change completely from year to year … Much of what we saw in previous years will continue to be seen (see post about 2018).

thedecojournaldesenho piece-guest-16

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

Therefore, the industrial style It’s still hot, but the so-called industrial chic that’s what I see firmer.


(Pay attention to these shades of green and greyish blue in kitchen cabinets) – Photo: desvinter

That industrious and super “do it yourself” (even more poorly finished) I think will have less and less space. ANDStruturas, electrical and hydraulic apparent we still have, but well organized and light. Quality, some lightness and good workmanship set the tone.


(photo: Casatreschic)

In bathrooms, metals in black and with straight and simple lines seem to be more used than the “Gold” and people are betting on the brass and bronze and saying that Red Gold is not having such success … Let’s see.


(photo: thedesignfiles)

O concrete remains strong and well finished, worked and clear. Or being increasingly imitated in porcelain tiles.

Très Architecture designs Casa Menir PHOTOS Evelyn Muller_MG_1812instaa

(Photo: Evelyn Muller / Three Architecture Project)

B) Art Deco, Vintage, Minimalist, Japanese, Scandinavian – These are 4 styles that, here and there, give a few touches (or a climate, like some of the photos above also) in the kitchens and bathrooms, in addition to the whole house.


(photo: Homedit)

Keltainen talo rannallad3ec01f

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

C) Terrazzo, Marmorite, Granilite “They have reappeared here now in the finals of 2018, and they have the whole rope, in the bathrooms, kitchens, on the walls by the house, and even on furniture, wallpapers and prints.


(photo: soodeco)

Made with the mixture of marble, granite, stone, quartz or glass fragments on a cement or concrete basis or epoxy resin, they can be very discrete (with small fragments) or even exaggerated. It is to wait to see what materials and uses will stand (or not).


(photo: behance)

In fact, this type of material has an ancient history, coming from Venice (in the fifteenth century) the idea of ​​using residual materials to make mosaic floors. In the 40’s the granilite was very successful here and now appears again, renewed in materials and aspects.

bovary d2867b113e

(photo: bovary)

There are different types and finishes, from polished to washed, which have different uses. Washes are used in wet areas.

D) Use of Black and Clear Wood- Perhaps a consequence of Industrial Style, the question is what black color (mainly frosted) is very present in details or large areas of kitchens, lavatories and bathrooms.

thedecojournaldesenho 4-1-600x520

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

As in the new apartments, mainly middle class, bathrooms and kitchens have little natural light, I only see the possibility of black emplacing in details or accompanied (as we have also seen) of lots of wood (or imitation) clear and natural lookingl.

Keltainen talo rannallaispanskoe-shale-posredi-lesa-pufikhomes-11

(photo: Keltainen talo rannalla)

Australian Homes binary-house-tdf-2-1000x562

(photo: Australian Homes)

E) And 3D and geometric coatings continue – The patterns light and delicate likely to be the most viewed, besides the creative creations and with great possibility of variations. O fishbone pattern for example, has appeared in ceramic tiles, have you noticed?


(photo: Oldbrandnew)


(photo: Home-designing)

F) Curves – The trend of the organic forms that has been in place since the beginning of 2018 is presented in bathrooms in the formats of mirrors, tubs and tubs.

Daily Dream Decorfarmhouse-vibe-533x800

(photo: Daily Dream Decor)

G) A deal in lighting – Increasingly, both for functional and decorative issues, we will see projects treating more seriously and / or ostensively the lighting of bathrooms and kitchens, which is a blessing, because we really need it (I only hope for a little exaggeration and a lot of technique)!


(photo: Home-designing)

H) Plants “The bathrooms and kitchens can not get away from the idea of ​​bringing the green home. Mints in kitchens, as well as cacti and succulents (the last 2 do not do very well in bathrooms) will continue.

decordemon charming-attic-apartment-in-sweden-pufikhomes-4

(photo: decordemon)

I) Glass and transparencies in general – A trend that is all good for the tiny environments with which we live, the transparent materials give light to the furniture and environments. They are appearing slowly, but they may “catch on.”

color_block_na_cozinha_designinnova_ (11)

(photo: designinnova)

J) Frames in black and glass in partitions and boxes – This is another trend also linked to the Industrial Style that I have seen in bathrooms and also in other environments. It’s beautiful and different. Let’s see what happens in the next few months with her.

Gazeta do Povo home-bunch-reproduction-box-squared-black-elegant-ideas-bathroom-change-decoration

(photo: Gazeta do Povo)

As you can see, you can follow the trends without giving up your style, because there is always something that can fit.

Small Room Desk: 53 Ideal Models!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

THE writing desk is the ideal mobile if you value comfort and organization when it comes to studying. Be a writing desk for small room or bigger, nothing better than having a special place to study, read or work. Follow the following some desk to room models and put creativity into action when it comes to decorating this room!

For environments without much space, an extended bedside table, like this one, can be thought of.

How about this desk that brings color to the dormitory?

You can bet on a table in format and more rustic material.

In this case, solid wood was used as a base for the desk.

The easel table was also used on this children’s bedroom desk, which also serves as a dressing table!

The lighter colors convey all the purity expected from children’s bedrooms to furniture.

If you are looking for a more compact desk option, this may work for you.

How about this desk that appropriates the niche structure?

The mixture of materials stands out in this room, with a metal and glass desk and a chair in plastic and wood.

The table with white base and aluminum frame also orna perfectly in neutral environments.

Here, the lacquered wooden desk brings enough functionality and space utilization.

This desk is another example of a multipurpose furniture, which could be used as a dresser.

In more industrial decorations, it is worth adding a dot of color with desk in vibrant tone.

How about this desk that resembles the tables of squares?

Versatile, this lacquered white table was used as a desk, but it would also look great as a dresser.

In neutral material, this desk makes the study environment perfectly harmonious.

Here, the color chosen for the corner desk was gray.

This is a great planned desk option for the bedroom, which combines television and computer.

This bicolor alternative goes well with any decor.

In rooms with mezzanine, it is worth investing in functional furniture.

The colors of this desk make all the difference in this decorated teen room.

Solid wood is the focus too on this bedroom desk.

The wooden furniture predominates in this room, which has gained a desk that takes advantage of every inch.

The suspended desk is another good strategy to make room.

This furniture planned here has tried to distribute the shelves well for organization.

This desk gets a special air with the textured material of the top and metal in the feet.

Investing in colorful furniture gives the room another face.

And look how delicate this bicolour desk option is in white and baby blue.

Here, the desk is confused with even part of the wall.

In this project, the objective was to take the color of the furniture to invest in the accessories.

Another beautiful application of the wood-toned easel table.

To save space, try mounting a panel that can also be used as a desk.

For those who enjoy design, the easel table is a handy hit.

The glass-based desk is an irreverent bet for the room.

This solid wood desk looked great on more traditional decorations.

Here, the table with easel feet won rectangular glass top.

How about this lacquered wooden desk with futon seat space?

For this more bare decoration, the table with wooden top and iron base served as a glove.

Featuring futuristic styling and color dots, this is a very fun furniture bet.

In neutral colors, this desk looks beautiful in children’s bedrooms.

In the Montessori style, this desk leaves all objects within reach of the child.

And look how delicate this desk is in rosé and white.

Here, the proposal is an integrated furniture for children’s rooms.

With a glass top, this wood-to-room desk gains more sophisticated air.

Here, the desk followed the clean climate of the room.

In this room, the panel was also integrated to the desk in a more functional way.

Choosing wooden furniture always brings great taste to the decor.

Here, a very creative option: a desk made with crates.

This is a more traditional option, reminiscent of old split files.

Wood is the high point of this desk to room.

Another beautiful desk application in neutral colors, this time in a ladies’ room.

How about this desk in the intense blue-Tiffany, to the room of the children?

Here, the desk brings the creative concept of Lego in its composition.

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