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Accessories enhancing the decoration of your home

Decorating without well-chosen accessories is like a birthday party without the cake… (photos: coco + kelley and casatreschic) But too many accessories in the decoration are like a party with more than a birthday cake. Both are equally strange… (photos: deardesigner) And since accessories aren’t as easy to organize as the party cake, we’ve talked […]

Cool and practical DIY shelf- Hide washing machine

In small rooms, it takes a bit of creativity to integrate the washing machine – in a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Hereby we have collected these clever washing machine ideas as inspiration for you. Let yourself be inspired.

The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 3)

Sharing a multifunctional environment is super important for organizing circulation, decorating and making things work well indoors. So I made this series of posts about ways to share environments (click to see the first post). This is the last one. I am sure you will find the best way to solve your problem! In addition […]

The thousand ways to share environments without walls (part 2)

Continuing the list of the various ways to divide walls without walls (click to see the 1st part), let’s go to more examples of very nice partitions for your integrated apartment: 6) Bookshelves: The shelf is a functional partition, which may or may not be leaked (increasing or not privacy and brightness) and or not […]

Large Trend Report: Black & White Kitchens #black #decoration

Large Trend Report: Black & White Kitchens #black #deko #decoration #dekoration_diy #black_kitchen #white_kitchen Quelle by a3dekowohnungxyz

Living room, bedroom, kitchen – All together in 25 small apartments

The wave of “micro-apartments” seems to be irreversible. People change square meters by location, facilities and shared areas in the building or in the immediate vicinity. Thus, they believe they are gaining quality of life. Can be… (Photos: Inhabitat and jurnaldedesignterior) I selected 25 very small apartments – so much so that you almost get […]

More than 40 uses for wire in Decoration and Organization

The huge amount of wireframe models (that you find in large stores or stores with materials for shopkeepers) and your creativity can create very interesting solutions for decoration and organization in every corner of the house. You can buy ready, buy the pieces and do, anyway! And wires hardly occupy space, do not visually weigh […]

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