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How to keep the bathroom organized while spending little
Nothing better than entering an organized, clean and smelling bathroom. This is one of the rooms in the house that needs a lot of attention: Because of the humidity, it gets dirty more easily and because it is a smaller room it also requires more organization. Here’s how to... Read more
How to optimize your wardrobe organization?
Learning how to organize your wardrobes is essential, especially if the furniture is compact or if you live in a small apartment. This task is very relevant, so much so that you can hire a professional specialized in organizing the closet and wardrobes, the personal organizer, a profession that... Read more
10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home
What would be a corner of peace? A space that is, for you, quiet, cozy and comfortable, no matter how big it is. The important thing is that you are surrounded by things that make it good to see, feel, smell, touch, drink, eat – triggering in a positive... Read more
5 more mistakes when hanging pictures on the wall that you will no longer make
If you don’t know if you’re making the first 5 mistakes I talked about earlier, go check it out, okay? Because today I’m going to talk about 5 more mistakes when hanging pictures on the wall that I don’t want to see you making again, okay? So, let’s go... Read more
How to organize the dressing table
The dressing table is a favorite corner of many women. This is where all the beauty products used in daily life are concentrated, such as makeup, creams, perfumes, brushes and much more. See here how to organize the dressing table, gaining space and speed in use. If this furniture... Read more