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Offices in the TV Room: 36 Ways to Build and Decorate

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

An TV room can be perfectly integrated with an office. For set up an office in the living room just bet on the right furniture. Often, a bench or desk is just behind the couch! Drawers and organizers are essential to maintaining the organization. Decorative items and special lighting help give the finishing touch to your home office in the living room!

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Have you ever thought you could separate a corner of your living room to set up this office? Check below how to make one.
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Office in the room

Before you start thinking about setting up your office in the living room, you must demystify the idea that an office should be an enclosed room where there are a table, chairs and books.


Of course a separate environment is perfect, but with the diminution of the size of the houses, having this space became luxury item. But having an office is not luxury, having an office is ideal.

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Thinking about furniture

Just as your television should occupy a special space, reserve a special space for your mini office, after booking this space, look for a furniture that fits with your decor and space.

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A small table, desk-type is ideal, look for one that has drawers, so you avoid leaving loose papers on the table. On top of this table, the ideal is to have a note pad and a pen holder.

living room desks (8)

The chair can be one that matches the table, but in case you do not want to put it, it is not necessary, you can pick up a chair from the dining table, or even have a stool.

living room desks (7)

However, the stool is not recommended when you spend a lot of time sitting working in your mini office.

living room desks (6)

Lighting Tip

Another tip for those who will set up their office in the room is always important to think about how to light up the workplace. If you do a lighting project, try to put a light in the office space in case you can not touch the lighting, no problem.

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You can buy a table lamp and put it in a way that it does not bother people in the room when it is turned on.

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Check out more photos to get inspired to set up your office!

Now that you already know where to start putting your office in the room, it’s time to separate the space and assemble your space in the living room!

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Office-in-room 4

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Office-in-room 18

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Creative Office – 24 Surprising Projects!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Having a creative office can greatly influence productivity in the work environment, especially when your role requires freedom of creation and thought! Thinking about it, it is important to invest in creative decorating ideas for your office if you want to let go of the loose mind to create, have fun and produce.

Inspire yourself in the images below and let the creativity roll loose while decorating your office!

The creative office is rustic in style and full of life, with many plants, woody tones and rugs that convey a sense of comfort and warmth. The items that stand out are the personalized shelf, the antique lamp and the wicker basket.
A solid wood table with trestles is enough to leave the office with unique style. You can complete the decor with the items of your preference, such as flowers, books, lamps, paintings and murals.
Pallets can be used on wall composing spaces for magazines, books, photographs, flowers and scraps. The vibrant color used in the background gives even more prominence to the wood. The brick wall next to it and the light fixtures bring warmth to the place and the floral stained benches give a delicate touch to the environment.
Here the creativity is due to the hipster style frame that makes the office more relaxed and fun.
The offices that are designed to integrate the teams may have their partitions composed of plants that give lightness and freshness to the place, breaking some of the coolness of the industrial decor. SAYL chairs are also highlighted in the project!
The shades of gray and black and the compact design of the office create a contemporary style, enhanced by the style of decor items, such as tables and lamps. The wood helps to create a climate of warmth and blends perfectly with the environment!
The white color that predominates in the office is broken by the black that makes up some furniture and decoration items.
The clean environment of the office gains charm with the yellow stripe on the wall and the ceiling that makes it together with the chair and the desk. The company’s objective on the wall, the industrial luminaires and the modern design of all the other details make the difference in the first impression!
A vertical garden can make a difference in the work environment.
This is another contemporary office with a combination of prints between walls and floors. The pictures leave the environment stripped and with its own identity.
The rustic wall and the items of the industrial and modern decoration gain lightness with the living walls, even made with artificial plants.
The same project seen from another angle, with emphasis on geometric painting and wood that always brings more charm to the place.
The blackboard wall is always a good idea in integrated environments so that the team registers their ideas immediately, making them visible to all.
You can bet on a luminaire with an amazing, modern style that goes beyond functionality!
Frames, geometric cutouts and a grid mural with light fixtures for photos and scraps may be enough to transform your office into a creative and inspiring environment.
How about adding slate wall stickers to make your office creative and even more functional? You and staff can write scraps, reminders, tickets, and chores. The perforated back chair is another modern and innovative item!
The coolness of the burnt cement wall is broken by the warm tone of the pink frame, which rests on the built-in counter that accompanies the tone of the painting.
The office gains charm and life with geometric shelves filled with colorful books and acrylic chairs.
The industrial decoration is super modern and bold. The office gets even more personality with graffiti and colorful designs on the walls.
In this shared office there is also a touch of industrial decoration and the environment comes alive with plants. The chairs with different and modern design leave the local style even more bold!
Here the creativity is due to attention-grabbing details: pictures with stones and rustic designs, giant scissors hanging from the wall and other accessories that give an air of antiquity to the place. The design of the desk and chair give the touch of modernity to balance the decor.
For those who like bright colors this is the ideal creative office decor, which mixes various shades of pink, green, white and purple black between the chairs, sofa, cushions and rugs.
The community workspace has gained charm with the addition of vivid colors in its modern partitions, which integrate shelves and desks.
Motivational messages in the form of wall stickers may be the missing detail to leave your office creative. Here the word refers to the work team.

Small Office – 22 Functional Environments

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Decorating a small office at home or at work can be a daunting task due to limited space, but just a little creativity to turn your office into a functional, stylish and cozy place!

Modern small office

The office, regardless of size, should reflect the ideas of the company and who works within it. Nothing like adding modernity to the environment to keep workers motivated and to leave the work environment personalized.

In this small office model, everything stands out: the black table with a modern design, the stone wall, the built-in wooden shelf and the style of the chairs. Even with little space, the chosen elements were fundamental to create a totally bold and striking environment.
Here the atmosphere is more informal, with rectangular cabinets, built-in countertops and the combination of white and wood.
A small office always gains charm with a beautiful built-in wooden shelf. The modern light fixture and the black highlight on the chairs and the wall decoration leave the atmosphere even more striking.
Mirrored furniture prints sophistication and elegance. In this small office the highlight goes to the retractable luminaire and the sliding wooden door, which helps save space and gives even more charm to the place.
The side strip made with stripes lengthens the ambience of the small office and the shelf with plants gives more freshness to the place.
A smaller environment also combines with a leaner, more neutral decor. The small office has caramel white and white chairs, a white wardrobe and a hanging cabinet with red colored accents that stand out.
A simple ornamental plant can make in small office decoration composition. It walks in the modern style and retro at the same time, combining the colors white, black and brown.
The white bench in the small office contrasts with the black wall facing the customers.

Planned small office

Planning a small office is an excellent option to save space without giving up the beauty and can be a way to optimize space, making it more useful.

Here the decoration is more delicate, with shelves and drawers built-in. The wood tone chosen is very soft and matches well with the gray used on the walls.
The highlight of this design goes to the combination of black with mustard yellow. The plants bring lightness to the serious and formal environment.
How about a little color and warmer lighting? The strength of this project is the yellow color that makes up countertop, shelf and decorative elements. The rustic brick wall contrasts with the modern style of the small office.
If the small office environment is more elongated you can be inspired by this project. The countertop, cabinet, and built-in shelves were made in a very delicate tone, in the background. The black chairs add more grandeur to the place, decorated with pictures in the same color palette.
The highlight of a small office project can be on the floor. The retractable luminaire attracts attention and adds a touch of modernity to the place.
The highlight of the small office can be the painting and the paintings.
Even the home offices can be well decorated. Here a hallway is enough to be turned into an office with a professional face.
The most important thing in a small office is that the space is functional and has everything you need.

Small office desk

A small office desk should be functional without taking up too much space, while adding practicality and style to the environment.

This is a more sophisticated table top model with office easel. The black color gives seriousness to the place and is balanced by the white chairs and minimalist decoration.
Wood always matches everything, just like black, which always leaves any place elegant. The desk-style desk for small office is the ideal style to add functionality and space utilization.
The small office desk can also have a more relaxed style as in this model with white MDF easels.
The office desk model that already comes with attached cabinet is ideal for composing a smaller environment where functionality should come first.
You can combine black and white in the composition of the table with easels!
This is another table model with raw wood easels and geometric pattern, ideal to leave the small office relaxed.

Rustic Office – 32 Special Decorations!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

A rustic office has a more cozy air and leaves the working environment with the face of second home. The rustic decor can be simple, elegant and even modern, always surprising. The rustic wooden office with brick wall, burnt cement, iron details or natural elements such as tree trunks certainly makes any worker more comfortable and pleases everyone who passes by.

Check out our tips and inspirations and start planning your rustic office decor now!

Rustic wooden office

Few things are more rustic than wood, which is a durable, durable, versatile and elegant material, ideal for decorating an office in the most varied objects such as shelves, shelves, table, chair and floors.

Betting on a floor and rustic wooden objects, such as the desk and shelves, is enough to make a rustic office. Here the highlight is also the sidewalks.
The pallets can be used to natural in the composition of rustic office furniture.
The rustic can also be stylish! The walls in a warmer tone contrast with the darker tone of the wood used in some elements of the decor, such as the table and the large antique clock on the wall.
Aged elements complement the look. Here the highlight also goes to the wall of boards.
Bet on a painting that reminds burnt cement and on raw wood furniture.
Impossible not to be enchanted by this rustic office! The green painted walls add color to the ambience, with wooden floors and older furniture.
Adding leather to the rustic office décor is an interesting balcony!
How about a living table? Here it looks like it was spit directly from the trunk of a tree!
The old style iron table mixed with the aged wood of the built-in cabinets leaves the office completely rustic.
This is a special desk model for you to get inspired and install in your rustic office. As if the wood were not enough to give this style to the environment, the hanging strings give the final highlight!
The office can have the rustic decor mixed with the industrial style.
This is another angle of the above project.
Some crates and a wooden board are enough to create the perfect desk for the rustic office!
Once again the raw brick wall is highlighted in the rustic office.
Rustic shared office.
Another mix of elements: wood and iron. The rustic office has a built-in bookcase, antique lamps and chairs with different designs.
Synthetic animal fur rug, elk head on the wall and the ventilated ceiling make the environment as rustic as possible!
A typewriter in a rustic office that totally matches the decorative element.
Colonial furniture adds elegance and sophistication to the rustic office.

Rustic and modern office

It is important to remember that rustic is not synonymous with old and that a decoration in this style may be, yes, very modern, if finished with the right touches!

Rustic and modern office with black wall and crates on the wall.
Rustic and modern office with table and light wood panel.
Using tree trunks as desk support is synonymous with trend when it comes to rustic decor!
The synthetic grass flooring can also be added to the rustic office decor design.
Bet on a brick wallpaper and with just one element give the rustic touch that is lacking in your office!
Corner table with iron feet and wooden top, ideal for rustic and modern office.
Mixing solid wood with glass is also a good request in the composition of the rustic office desk. Remember that only one element can impart the style you both want to give to the environment.
This is another rustic office where the wooden table is the main point of the decoration.
The wood trunk makes the rustic office décor sustainable and amazing!
Rustic and modern office with brick wallpaper and wood and iron table.
Rustic personal office with handmade shelf.
This gorgeous rustic office design combines the use of pallets in a less conventional way with the brick wall. Add some hot spots to the lighting and that’s it!
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