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Small modern libraries for living room – Interior decoration

Small modern libraries for living room - Interior decoration

From Ideas para Remodelar we are eager for day by day to bring you the best interior decoration news. That is why today we have prepared an exclusive entry with ideas to decorate the house. Next you will come across some tips and many images of small modern libraries so that you can create a reading environment in your home. In this way you will have your books well organized and you can accompany the decoration with other decorative elements. Without further ado, we invite you to settle in and pay attention to the details that we provide.

How to make a small library at home

Although we may be in the digital age, no technology can compare to the feeling of a good book in your hands. And we want to display our favorite volumes in a comfortable, personal and unique space.

A library It’s one of the furniture most characteristic of a home, even if it is not a very reading family, this piece of furniture will play an important role in the decoration of your living room. Modern home design is all about making storage seem minimal. The modern shelves they offer a lot of space and few design details.

However, it doesn’t have to be boring. The arrangement by color seems to give a library a more organized but dynamic look.

Small Modern Wooden Bookcases

If it is about having many books, you must choose furniture from many shelves in resistant wood, such as cedar, oak or wenge, which usually combine perfectly with the rest of the living room furniture.

Small modern libraries in modules

Libraries in modules with shelves and in different dimensions and styles. They can be single or multiple modules specially designed to be coupled together, even with the addition of drawers or doors.

Low libraries

Low libraries are very good for separating two spaces; in small spaces it can be placed behind an armchair and use the library as additional storage space.

In-wall libraries

With embedded libraries we can fill an empty space or a gap between columns. You can arrange the space under the stairs to build a library.

Small Modern Floating Libraries

If you want a modern and very minimalist style, you can choose floating shelves, they are ideal for small spaces. The small floating modern libraries They are a guarantee in small spaces, they are moldable and allow easy cleaning underneath. They also allow us to work or use the space that is free under the shelves.

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