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Farmhouse style kitchens: ideas and decoration

cocinas estilo farmhouse

If you are a lover of rustic kitchens and you are also passionate about shabby chic, your decorative style is farmhouse. The style kitchens farmhouse They have become a trend, they are warm, rural and with delicate vintage touches that make you fall in love. These kitchens farmhouse They have gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest where we have seen these ideas and designs that we share with you today.

The kitchens farmhouse They are very cozy, but be careful, you must know the keys and characteristics well so that the style is as it should.


Small Kitchens: Ideas, Photos and Designs

cómo diseñar Cocinas pequeñas

The small kitchens they can also be comfortable and functional. The key is to distribute the space well and achieve a good design to cover all the needs and please our taste. And yes, a small kitchen can also be pretty and comfortable. If you don’t have much space, keep reading and don’t miss these tips to design mini kitchens.

Ideas for designing small kitchensPhoto: Modern Style

51 Farmhouse Sinks That Can Bring Classic Elegance To Your Kitchen Renovation

51 Farmhouse Sinks That Can Bring Classic Elegance To Your Kitchen Renovation

Farmhouse sinks rose to popularity as a practical catch-all solution suited to the needs and demands of a different age, but their appeal remains largely the same. These beautiful vessels bring the sink closer to the edge of the countertop to reduce strain while washing up – and create a bold visual statement while doing so. In this post, we’ve collected 51 farmhouse sinks that cater to a variety of styles. Here you’ll find classic farmhouse sinks for breezy countryside kitchens, sleek contemporary designs for modern homes, and a wide range of uncommon finishes for more unique applications.


33-Inch Fireclay Farmhouse Sink: When it comes to sizing, 33-inch designs are among the most widely available making them a good choice for those who want more flexibility for future renovations. This classic design is made from fireclay, a durable non-corrosive material that can stand up to heat. The surface is finished in glossy enamel for resistance to chips, scratching, and staining.


Reversible 33-Inch White Farmhouse Sink: This 33-inch sink design offers another clean and classic look, this time with a front-to-back measurement at a slightly narrower 18 inches. Despite its slightly smaller dimensions, the single basin design still allows plenty of space for washing your largest dishes and cookware.


32-Inch Double Farmhouse Sink: Double basin sinks are an especially practical solution for quick cleanup – wash on one side and rinse on the other, clean vegetables on one side and fill pans on the other, etc. This design is made from super sleek scratch-resistant ceramic and includes a protective bottom rack for both sides.


Reversible 30-Inch Farmhouse Sink: Working with a smaller space? This 30-inch farmhouse sink shaves off a few inches while still providing all the advantages of a spacious single-basin interior. If you want a more decorative look, this design is cleverly reversible with the opposite side displaying a smart fluted pattern.


30 Inch Farmhouse Sink in Multiple Finishes: This low-apron sink features a shallower depth than traditional farmhouse styles – not only does this present a more streamlined aesthetic, but it is typically more compatible with premade cabinet configurations. This model is available in a range of finishes from jet black to a range of whites and neutrals.

Trends in home appliances in 2021

Trends in home appliances in 2021

Not only furniture and decoration are subject to the cycle of trends, so are household appliances, as they are undergoing greater and greater changes, new ones appear that make our lives easier, and manufacturers innovate to create more efficient and effective appliances.

And that is what we are going to see today, 5 trends in appliances 2021, in case you want to have your kitchen up-to-date, know what is currently the most demanded. We started.

Oil-free fryers

Mellewere oil-free fryer

Melleware Oil Free Fryer

This relatively new appliance is one of the most demanded lately, as it allows us to enjoy the advantages of fried foods, but without frying them with oil. Thus, the public enemy number 1 of the kitchen, fried foods, due to their high fat content, is eliminated from the equation when we enjoy some crispy “fried” potatoes or delicious croquettes or other delicacies that we cannot afford on a daily basis if we used a fryer with old-fashioned oil.

And the fact is, oil-free fryers use high-temperature air currents to cook and toast food, making it possible to fry them without using a drop of oil, if you don’t want to, since there are some recipes that can be added a little .

Another advantage of oil-free fryers is their price, since, although there are models that can cost almost € 300, we also have others much cheaper and tremendously efficient for approximately € 50, such as these models that we see above. of these lines and that we can buy here at Mellerware, also available in blue.

Thus, it is not surprising that this appliance is one of the most popular in 2021, being one of the most demanded by consumers.

Let’s look at another trend in home appliances:

Hanging lamps for the kitchen

lámparas modernas para la isla de cocina

The pendant lamps for kitchen have become a trend in interior design. Its majesty makes these colorful lamps create a special and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. These lamps that hang from the ceiling are usually located above the kitchen island and it is very fashionable to place two to three of the same. When we choose the lighting it is important that we select the appropriate lights, since in this space we carry out typical tasks such as cooking, washing dishes or eating.

lamps for a farmhouse style kitchenPhoto: Housetrends Magazine
black lamps for kitchen island
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