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Potted Gardens

Potted Gardens

Garden 11 June 2021 0

Do you want to have a garden but don’t have large spaces? Create potted gardens! It could be that your backyard has been concreted and the flowerbed that used to be in front of the house is now a garage. It may be that you live in an apartment... Read more
How to decorate the terrace in autumn – Ideas
The terraces are the favorite spaces for relaxation, a good read, a glass of wine, a family gathering or with friends. In the fall we enjoy the perfect climate to enjoy the outdoors of the house, sitting in a good hammock or armchair. Take advantage of this wonderful season... Read more
Modern furniture for the terrace and patio
If you like modern terrace and patio furniture, this article is for you. Summer is the perfect time for you to think about what pieces of furniture to place outdoors. And, mainly, in how to enjoy this outdoor space with family and friends. It is the perfect season to... Read more
Don’t Have Space To Plant Your Plants?  Here An Idea With Recycled Material.
This time I will show you a trick that you can use in your home if you don’t have enough space to plant your plants. It is made with only recycled material, therefore, you will not get any problem in getting the materials. The best of all is that... Read more
Tank pools: meet the famous stock tank pools
They have gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest, and they are also perfect for cooling off in the backyard. What are we talking about? We refer to stock tank pools, those fabulous tank pools that have become a trend this summer. Now that due to the pandemic we cannot... Read more