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Double Headboard: 20 Creative and Cheap Options to Choose
Since the box beds became famous, the different models of headboards for double beds have become the darlings in the world of bedroom decoration. What pleases most about the double headboards are the versatility, modernity and warmth that they can bring to the environment. Check out 20 creative and... Read more
Bedroom Chair

Bedroom Chair

Furniture 21 July 2020 0

There are many objects that can give your home an even more special decoration, but have you ever thought about bedroom chairs? It may seem that it is an object that has no relevance, but it is able to give more elegance to your room, as well as more... Read more
Modern Armchairs
We have separated the best options of modern armchairs to make your home even more elegant! See also the ideal way to decorate the room in a balanced and visibly more beautiful way! Check out: 1. Modern armchairs, in yellow color, for living room! 2. For a special corner,... Read more
Bed without headboard: This is how the bedroom gets bigger
The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the interior. So that our body feels good and our eyes always enjoy something beautiful, we should choose a comfortable and cozy bed. In addition to comfort and design, we also have to think about the size... Read more
A touch of luxury – 27 ideas for open wardrobe systems
Are you a woman and dream of a room where you have lots of closets and thousands of clothes? Or are you a gentleman and would like to dress up like James Bond in a special room with lots of wardrobes? Imagine – the doors are open, the lights... Read more
24 unique solid wood tables – unique by hand
We can only describe solid wood tables in one word – as unique as you are! Only with these pieces of furniture can you print out your individualism and bring a personal touch to the interior! And that’s not all! Stable, robust, forever … that’s just a small part... Read more
Walk-in closet ideas under a sloping roof and planning tips
If you attach great importance to orderliness at home, you have definitely wished for a walk-in closet for the bedroom, where you can carefully arrange your clothes, shoes and jackets. Such wardrobes, however, require a lot of space and this can be a big problem – especially in small... Read more
Frameless modern sofas made of softly sprung cushions
This amazing, soft and modern sofa is perfect for a large open space. The frameless, stunning and unique piece of furniture makes a statement, adding a beautiful accent to contemporary interior design and creating a unique space. The Aster Pappusus is the sofa from Edra, www.edra.com/ and designed by... Read more
Custom made wardrobe – Practical ideas
Custom-made wardrobe is the best solution for sloping walls, corners and sloping ceilings. Made to measure almost everything can be made. Noteborn is known worldwide in the field of custom work – custom cabinets – custom cabinets – wardrobes – custom cabinets – built in wardrobes – dressers –... Read more
Baroque furniture for a sumptuous atmosphere
Baroque furniture is not old-fashioned – they can create a noble ambience in every home and can be surprisingly well combined with modern minimalist design. Baroque furniture radiates luxury and elegance Baroque furniture was especially popular from the beginning of XVII to the middle of the XVIII century throughout... Read more
Solid furniture in a small room – is it possible?
Solid furniture is not the best solution for every room. Does that mean that you should do without the large couch or the massive double bed if your apartment is only 300 square meters? But, you could even afford solid furniture, even if his apartment is small. Are solid... Read more