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Hanging sideboard: 25 trendy design ideas for your home

Sideboards are practical pieces of furniture that give you the opportunity to keep all kinds of more and less useful household items in order. In addition to their functionality, sideboards are really popular in the field of modern interior design – especially the hanging models, which look really chic. In this article you will find […]

Walk-in closet ideas under a sloping roof and planning tips

If you attach great importance to orderliness at home, you have definitely wished for a walk-in closet for the bedroom, where you can carefully arrange your clothes, shoes and jackets. Such wardrobes, however, require a lot of space and this can be a big problem – especially in small rooms or with sloping ceilings. Positioning […]

Frameless modern sofas made of softly sprung cushions

This amazing, soft and modern sofa is perfect for a large open space. The frameless, stunning and unique piece of furniture makes a statement, adding a beautiful accent to contemporary interior design and creating a unique space. The Aster Pappusus is the sofa from Edra, and designed by Campana Brothers Humberto and Fernando. While […]

Custom made wardrobe – Practical ideas

Custom-made wardrobe is the best solution for sloping walls, corners and sloping ceilings. Made to measure almost everything can be made. Noteborn is known worldwide in the field of custom work – custom cabinets – custom cabinets – wardrobes – custom cabinets – built in wardrobes – dressers – walk-in closets – storage cabinets – […]

Baroque furniture for a sumptuous atmosphere

Baroque furniture is not old-fashioned – they can create a noble ambience in every home and can be surprisingly well combined with modern minimalist design. Baroque furniture radiates luxury and elegance Baroque furniture was especially popular from the beginning of XVII to the middle of the XVIII century throughout Western Europe. The magnificent baroque interior […]

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