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Recycled Organizer Box #decoration #diy
Recycled Organizer Box: Check out the DIY Blog #decoration #decor #diy #craft #reciclagem Quelle by sumilumax Read more
Cheap DIY projects for home textiles.This will prove to be very beneficial…
Cheap DIY projects for home textiles.This will prove to be very beneficial… #home_decoration #cheap_diy_projects #diy_decortions Quelle by celinakapu Read more
Do it yourself for decoration – 30 ideas with cheap materials
With simple and cheap materials you can have at home you can do a lot of beautiful things. And after all, who doesn’t know how to paste? (photos: easy-diysprojects, decoist) Simply glued PVC pipes and you can make panels, shoe racks and even a mini cellar (photos: handcrafted, neat,... Read more
Diy Tv Frame: Disguise Your Tv!
The vast majority of us have confronted the difficulty of what to do about the exceptionally significant TV when we are designing our home. It is anything but a simple thing to move beyond as an originator… a few architects won’t permit them in their structure except if they... Read more
Decoration for your dog
I selected some ideas for cottages and cabins for dogs of all sizes. Some have step-by-step photos and they have different degrees of difficulty, from those of the do-it-yourself type to those that the skilled can do more easily. Show it to your puppy and see which one he... Read more
Cat Decoration – 16 Ideas
A selection with 16 ideas to make your kittens happy. After all, they make us happy, do not we? Studies show that living with animals like cats and dogs do good to the human being … How could it be different? So when you think of the decor, think... Read more
30 ideas for the whole house using pegboard or perforated panel
It began as a simple piece, a hard plate of eucalyptus fibers – I believe that formerly there was only Eucatex perforated, because the name of the manufacturer gave the product its name for a long time – and has always been used extensively for hanging tools in home... Read more
30 Ideas you can do for the June party
Whether it’s St. John’s party or festoon, the 30 ideas I’ve selected can be used. And the best: Made by yourself! Come and see! Have idea for table, ornaments, candy and souvenirs! Your party will be a success! Salty and Sweets: Hot dog in the decorated bag, popcorn in... Read more
25 tables and small tables for small spaces you can make
An small and narrow room, an small balcony, one corner without use, a room that the bed is bad and you need a support desk, or to light meals, use the laptop, to study or just one chat with friends. And if the money is short this is the... Read more
60 small shelves, shelves and niches you can make
Most necessary and useful thing is a shelf, shelf or niche that you can put in a little corner, right? Beautify and give functionality to a dull wall or corner quickly! So, I’ve selected 60 small or medium sized furniture ideas that you can do (or you can have... Read more
35 fixtures you can do!
I selected 35 Do-it-yourself fixtures, using a variety of materials such as household utensils, wood, cans, pvc or copper pipes, wire, etc. Let’s go hand in hand or ask someone clever clever to do? Flowerpots, crochet, knitting and tins (photos: apartmenttherapy and arrumadissimo) Rings (or seals) of the cooling... Read more