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23 more ideas for organizing and storing your shoes

I’ve already given you 19 ideas for organizing and storing your shoes, this never-ending problem! Now here are 19 more ideas for you not to be left without a solution. Enjoy!

Solutions to store your shoes in large and small spaces!

idea to store your shoes - shoe rack on the wall

(photo: easy decor)

The trolley with wheels is very functional: You’ll keep your shoes and take them wherever you want!

(photos: DIY home decor and easy decor)

The wooden hexagons are a grace (even to put in the entrance of the house), the wood that moves vertically is very interesting and in the last photo, a professional work that can store many shoes without taking up practically any space. Drawers use up all the space very well.

2 very easy to make furniture and again, hidden drawers in the stairwell. (photos: easy decor)

(photos: decorfacil, decocuartos, kissesbluespoetry and grandfather)

The boards – wood or metal – covered with plastic material – which can be easily cleaned, have a strap that holds the shoe. I thought the idea was really cool! The 2nd photo is for that situation where you have a tight corner whose width gives a shoe. The other 2 photos show solutions for a closet and for the furniture below the TV, an unusual solution, but when you don’t have space….

15 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas With Tires

Check out these 15 beautiful ideas to decorate your garden with recycled tires! These great images will help you decorate your garden in an original way.

There are a variety of ideas to decorate the garden with tires in a simple and economical way, so you will not spend a lot of money to make this beautiful craft. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Beautiful Decoration Ideas With Tires For Gardens


COLORFUL HANGED TIRES: Recycle several tires, reuse them as flower pots, but first, paint them in different colors and hang in the garden.

Don’t Throw Your Damaged Umbrellas! I’ll teach you what to do with them.

See here these 13 beautiful ideas to decorate your home by reusing damaged umbrellas. Without a doubt, they will be very useful to give your home a new look.

You can decorate your umbrella with materials that you will surely find at home or recycling items. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Look Here 13 Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Umbrellas


HAIRDRESSER CAP: Look at the number of things you can do with the materials from your damaged umbrella. The wire area can be used as a beautiful chandelier for your living room or dining room.


UMBRELLA AS POTS: Give your umbrellas a new use! You can reuse them in your garden as pots for your plants, it will give a beautiful touch with many flowers in the center.


Recycle Wood And Create 14 Very Original Crafts To Decorate Your Walls


These 14 craft ideas made with recycled wood will help you decorate your walls in a very original way. You will save a lot and your walls will look great.

You will not require many materials to carry out each of these great ideas. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Ideas Of What You Can Make With Recycled Wood For The Home


HANGER FOR ENTRANCE: First, paint the recycled boards in the colors that you like the most and apply the decoupage technique to one of them.


IF YOU LIVE NEAR THE SEA: It couldn’t be easier! Go to the seashore and collect some snails. Using a piece of recycled wood and a few branches, you will create a great wall decoration for your bathroom.


13 Great Ideas How To Decorate Your Stove This Christmas

This is one more idea to decorate your kitchen at Christmas. You can decorate the fridge, your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and now I bring you these ideas so that you can also decorate the oven door of your stove.

You will see that with these ideas, your kitchen will be very well decorated this Christmas. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

13 Ideas To Decorate Your Stove This Christmas


SANTA DOLL: With red fabric stamped with squares and dots you will make the padding. You will make the Christmas decorations with felt fabric in various colors.


SIMPLE AND ELEGANT DECORATION: This Christmas decoration for your stove is very easy to make. You will only need a beige fabric and hand sew a beautiful Santa Claus doll.


APPLYING THE PATCHWORK TECHNIQUE: With scraps of fabric and thread and needle, you can make this cute decoration to decorate the oven door of your stove.


WITH CHRISTMAS LEAVES: You can decorate with different Christmas figures made of fabric, all to your liking and guided by the colors of the decoration of the furniture in your kitchen.


HAND COOKED: If you are an expert sewing by hand, you can make this decoration for your stove without using a cooking machine. A hand-embroidered Christmas tree will look great.


DECORATED WITH LACE: This is a way to get out of the ordinary and do something different. And best of all, it will be beautifully decorated.


SAINTS MADE WITH FELT: Making this Christmas craft for the oven on your stove is not complicated. Create a fabric rectangle and decorate with beautiful Santas made from felt fabric.


FOR MINNIE MOUSE FANS: The advantage of a decoration as beautiful as these is that it will serve you, not only to decorate your kitchen at Christmas but it will also serve you for any season of the year.


WITH FIGURES OF GINGER COOKIES: Get out of the ordinary, and decorate the oven door of your stove with cute Christmas gingerbread cookie figures.

IDEA 10:

SIMPLE DECORATION: If you are a beginner, this decoration will go great for you since it is not difficult to do and you will also do it in two by three.

IDEA 11:

COLOR COMBINATION: Match the colors of the fabric to the colors of your kitchen décor. A good combination will make your kitchen look beautiful this Christmas.

IDEA 12:

CHRISTMAS RED: For lovers of the traditional, this is an excellent idea since the traditional colors, red and green, are very striking colors. Typical of traditional Christmas and very beautiful!

IDEA 13:

WITH REINDEER DOLLS: Make this cute decoration for the oven door of your stove with beautiful Santa Claus reindeer dolls. You can make this cute decoration in fabric or felt.

IMPORTANT: If you know the author of the images, write to us to give him the credits.

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