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51 Scandinavian Rugs to Underscore Your Nordic-Style Decor

Savvy decorators are increasingly looking toward Nordic influences to inform their interior choices by opting for bright and breezy spaces, warm natural wood tones, playful patterns, and ample sources of greenery. In this post, we’ve collected a wide range of area rugs to set a hygge tone for your decor. Below, you’ll find rugs by Scandinavian designers in addition to rugs that would simply fit well within a Nordic-themed interior. Each one is available for sale online right now – there is something here for every budget. For consistency, most prices quoted reflect a rug size that measures approximately 5’x7′ (when available), although most are available in a full range of sizes.


Simple Dotted Scandinavian Style Rug: Rugs with subtle Moroccan influence are a popular selection for Scandinavian interior decor. This piece sets an uplifting tone with light grey dots over a bright ivory field, each end capped in playful tassels.



Dashed Black and White Scandinavian Rug: Cotton and wool are woven into a warm and welcoming pile, decorated with slanted dashes in an alternating pattern. The warm ivory tone and simple black pattern make this piece easy to coordinate with any interior style, Scandinavian and beyond.



Minimalist Scandinavian Flat Weave Rug: Flatwoven area rugs like this one are lightweight, durable, and easy to handle – and they are especially useful for layering, which has become a favorite trend in hygge-centric Scandinavian themes. This design features a clean and modern high-contrast look with black stripes over a bright white field.



Geometric Striped Scandinavian Rug: Simple stripes are arranged in a layered circle pattern, combining Nordic influences and geometric themes in one sleek design. This piece is crafted from 100% polypropylene for easy care and upkeep, ideal for living rooms and other spaces that experience heavier foot traffic.



Medallion Striped Scandinavian Style Rug: A bold center medallion makes this area rug a suitable focal point – sure to capture attention anywhere. This Nordic-inspired design features slightly distressed coloration for a warm vintage look.



Tribal Scandinavian Rug: Greyscale is calming and easy to coordinate, great for Scandinavian themes in progress. The pile of this area rug is soft yet not too plush – easier to clean than a standard shag but still comforting underfoot. This piece is available in only one size, measuring at a generous 7’10″x9’10”.



Retro Black and White Scandinavian Rya Rug: Inspired by Scandinavian interior decor trends of the 1970s, this piece provides a retro throwback while retaining its chic Nordic charm. This piece is constructed similar to a traditional Scandinavian “rya” rug – the pile cut to a casual shag length for luxurious comfort underfoot. This design is made from 100% polyester with a silky sheen.



Black and White Shaggy Scandinavian Rug: Shag rugs are a favorite for Scandinavian-inspired interiors that focus on creating an atmosphere of cozy warmth. This design keeps things bright with a light ivory field, traversed by strings of wavering diamonds that lend this piece a handmade look. Stain-resistant construction allows for longer-lasting appeal.


$408BUY IT

Wool Scandinavian Hand Knotted Pile Rug: Hand-knotted construction provides this area rug with authentic artisanal charm. The pile measures at approximately 1 inch thick, made from 100% natural New Zealand wool for a lifetime of enjoyment with proper care. Light grey and warm ivory allow for easy coordination.



Shag Trellis Pattern Scandinavian Rug: Flatwoven construction meets dramatic high-pile detailing to give this area rug an incomparable sense of texture. Consider adding this piece to a cozy reading corner or display near a sunny window – wherever you want to establish an especially cozy aesthetic. Polypropylene construction allows for easier upkeep.


$116BUY IT

Scandinavian Flokati Trellis Runner Rug: Perfect for hallways, bedsides, and other spaces where you want to enjoy a luxuriously comfortable accent, this unique runner provides a bold yet narrow option. This special piece is handmade from New Zealand wool, the pile cut into a dense and lofty shag.



Beige Scandinavian Handmade Wool Rug: Hand-knotted area rugs like this one tend to feature a denser weave for exceptional durability, making this design a lifelong investment if given proper care. Luxuriously soft New Zealand wool is worked into a whimsically textural surface – some areas flat and low, others thickly looped, and others cut into a thick shag.


$205BUY IT

Beige and Black Woven Scandinavian Rug: Flatwoven from ultra-soft cotton, this area rug utilizes several different types of pile and weaves to create a tapestry of incredible texture. Alternating stripes of black add a pop of contrast to ensure this piece captures attention.



Chevron Scandinavian Shag Rug: Flatwoven chevrons in striated grey alternate with shaggy chevrons in an inviting ivory – the textural drama made even more impressive because each knot is hand-tied by skilled artisans. This show-stopper is a worthwhile statement piece for living areas and quiet spaces alike.



Asymmetrical Flatwoven Scandinavian Rug: Finnish designer Anna Pirkola created the fashionable Laine area rug for Sera Helsinki, handcrafted by skilled artisans from the purest 100% wool. The asymmetrical shape of this design creates visual interest while promoting a more casual aesthetic, an artful match for Scandinavian interior themes that employ unconventional shapes such as the one pictured here.



Multi-Pattern Contrast Woven Scandinavian Rug: The award-winning San Francisco carpet is the work of Finnish textile designer Ritva Puotila, founder of Woodnotes design studio. This piece is made with a combination of paper yarn and durable cotton, an anti-static combination that wards away dust. Each portion of the area rug differs for an intricate color-block visual effect.



Faux Sheepskin Scandinavian Rug: Plush sheepskin rugs have become a favorite accent within Scandinavian-inspired interiors, prized for their natural and cozy appearance. This faux sheepskin rug is made from durable polypropylene for an animal-friendly and economical alternative. Use as a small accent rug, layer with an area rug, drape over a chair – get creative with this versatile piece.



Scandinavian Sheepskin Genuine Wool Rug: Genuine sheepskin offers incomparable softness and authenticity. Because the wool is still attached to the leather, these pieces do have special cleaning requirements and perform best in quiet corners of the home without regular foot traffic.



Abstract Modern Scandinavian Wool Rug: Greyscales and neutrals are not the only way to decorate with Scandinavian flair. With its abstract styling and warm vibrant colors, this area rug design is perfect for interiors that take a more playful approach. This piece is hand-tufted with a 100% wool pile, the shapes standing in a slightly higher pile to create a three-dimensional visual effect.


$213BUY IT

High Contrast Modern Scandinavian Wool Rug: Tan, black, and white coloration allows this modern rug to suit a wide range of common Scandinavian interior color palettes – especially those that combine modern and vintage elements. Three-dimensional pile makes this design pop, perfect for use as a statement piece in a standalone seating area.



Fritz Hansen Ochre Small Scandinavian Rug: Danish designer Cecilie Manz created the Ochre rug by drawing inspiration from elements found within her studio – shadows, papers, ambiance. The color block composition allows this small 100% wool area rug to make a big impression.



Modern Abstract Scandinavian Wool Rug: Like a landscape painting you can sink your feet into, this area rug combines art and function in a fabulously fun way. This piece features an abstract mountain setting in shades of charcoal and light blue – a bright orange “sun” provides a smart focal point. This piece is tufted from wool and is available in a range of practical sizes.



Colorful Edges Wool Rug: Barcelona-based artist Claudia Valsells designed the Edges Rug for Spanish rug company nanimarquina. Although this piece has Mediterranean roots, the soft shapes and painterly colors make it a gorgeous fit for interiors with a Scandinavian theme. This luxury interior accent is made from the finest 100% wool.



Modern Scandinavian Colorblock Triangles Rug: Yellow and blue has long been a favorite color palette for interiors that draw inspiration from Scandinavian decor. This geometric area rug is as exciting as it is practical, an affordable piece made from a polyester blend for excellent durability well-suited to family homes and busy living spaces. Carved details make the pattern pop.



Ferm Living Scandinavian Kilim Rug: Ferm Living is widely loved for making high quality Danish design more accessible for the modern home. The strikingly simple Kelim Rug extends this concept to any room – this flatwoven wool design durable enough for living rooms, soft enough for bedrooms, and lightweight enough to layer.



Blue and Yellow Colorful Scandinavian Rug: This geometric color block area rug features an uplifting combination of golds and blues but it also available in a blue and grey colorway. This is a polyester blend area rug suitable for busy living spaces.



Modular Scandinavian Geometric Rug: Designed by Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist from Swedish studio Front, the Kilim Parquet collection presents a smart modular approach to Scandinavian modernism. This piece features a mosaic-like geometric pattern that terminates in interesting asymmetrical edges. Each one is flatwoven from 100% wool.



Handwoven Wool Kilim Scandinavian Rug: Thomas Sandell designed this charming traditionally-inspired rug for Swedish company Asplund. The low 100% wool kilim weave makes it durable and lightweight, fantastic for hardwearing placements like the dining room arrangement featured here.



Pale Yellow Scandinavian Area Rug: Light gold details trace around the edges of this chic and simple area rug design, lending a pop of sunny color to the versatile ivory base. This piece is made from stain-resistant polypropylene with a practical low pile, each end capped in fringes. Feel confident using this piece in high traffic areas. This rug is only available in a 7’10″x9’10” size.



Blue and Off White Scandinavian Rug: Retro styling makes this affordable area rug so much fun. Geometric designs decorate the center in calming shades of blue over an ivory base – also available in a vintage gold and red colorway. This rug is made from a durable polyester blend with a low yet soft pile.



Patterned Handwoven Scandinavian Rug: Another authentic Scandinavian design from Ferm Living, this geometric patterned kilim offers a playful touch of rhythm for any room in the home. This piece is handwoven from 100% wool and capped with light fringes on each end.



Gundermann Memo Colorful Scandinavian Rug: Danish designer Urd Moll Gundermann designed the Memo rug with balance in mind, the hues expressed in a variety of playful shapes against a field of comforting ivory. This piece is handmade from 100% wool and finished with a light fringe.



White and Green Scandinavian Rya Rug: The beautiful Suovilla area rug by Marianne Huotari draws inspiration from the cottongrass fields that can be found across northern Finland. This piece is handmade from New Zealand wool in a charming shag.



Colorful Chevron Scandinavian Rug: Subdued colors allow this area rug to brighten a Scandinavian decor theme without overwhelming a minimalistic palette. This design is made from polyester for low-maintenance appeal.



Pink Scandinavian Rug: Chic chevrons converge at the center of this modern light pink area rug, the high-low pile construction adding a pop of depth and dimension. This piece is handmade with a 100% wool pile for long-lasting comfort – great for bedrooms, offices, and even living spaces if given proper care.



Retro Scandinavian Rya Rug: Wavering stripes give this area rug a playful look inspired by 1970s Scandinavian design trends. Select from three colorways – a light pink with grey, green with blue, or a fiery red with yellow. Each one is tufted from soft polyester in a long shag pile.



Abstract Rose-Tinted Scandinavian Rug: Linie Designs is a studio that joins world-class Scandinavian designers with traditionally-trained weavers to create spectacular works of Nordic textile artwork for the home. The beautiful Furbo area rug features chic linear patterns in layered rose tones, subtle yet sure to spark conversations among guests. This piece is also available in a yellow colorway.



Wavy Colorful Wool Scandinavian Rug: Born in Tokyo, textile designer Eri Shimatsuka now lives and works in Finland – and the beautiful Nami area rug offers a beautiful unification between each culture. Nami is the word for wave in Japanese and the word for candy in Finnish, and both elements shine through as clear inspiration for this colorful and visually kinetic piece. Nami is woven from wool and cotton, its meandering high-low pile stripes weaving their way through four distinct hues.



Muuto Ply Scandinavian Rug: Internationally-awarded textile designer Margrethe Odgaard created the Ply rug with an emphasis on traditional craft – handwoven from 100% New Zealand wool in a pattern that looks and feels dimensional, the beauty of each piece expressed through its quality. Due to their flatwoven nature, ply area rugs are ideal for layering.



Minimalistic Scandinavian Pinstriped Rug: The beautifully crafted Duetto 1 Rug by Finnish textile designer Hanna Korvela is made from cotton and durable paper yarn, the three simple colors lending graphic appeal to its tidy weave. This unique material combination helps to repel static and thus reduces the collection of dust, often benefitting those who live with common allergies.



Leather Trimmed Wool Scandinavian Rug: Designed by Lena Bergström for Design House Stockholm, the Björk area rug draws its inspiration from the uniquely colored black and white bark of the Arctic downy birch tree – in addition to being a common name and surname, björk actually translates to birch in Swedish. This piece is woven from wool and cotton and trimmed with bold leather at each end for contrast.



Cowhide Strip Scandinavian Rug: This modern area rug features a unique construction method for a sleek yet natural look. The surface is composed of many individual strips of cowhide in various silver tones, carefully sewn together to create a flat yet textural surface. Each rug is one-of-a-kind due to the natural variation between each hide.



Handwoven Gingham Rug for Scandinavian Decor: Enjoy a traditional accent to suit your Scandinavian interior theme with this charmingly simple gingham patterned area rug. This piece is handwoven from 100% polyester for excellent endurance even in areas that experience heavier wear.



Colorblock Ivory and Brown Scandinavian Rug: Finnish fashion designer Samu-Jussi Koski drew inspiration from modernist architecture to create the distinctive E-1027 area rug, a nod to a villa of the same name by architect Eileen Gray. E-1027 is produced by textile company Sera Helsinki – each one crafted using hand-wound sheep wool that has not been dyed or altered, each knot hand-tied by skilled artisans using techniques passed down through generations.



Asymmetric Tufted Scandinavian Rug: The unconventional View area rug by Ferm Living features an eye-catching asymmetric shape inspired by landscapes viewed from above – dunes, mountains, light, shadow. This piece is hand-hooked from 100% New Zealand wool, the varied pile heights creating an instantly-layered aesthetic.



Beni Ourain Rug for Scandinavian Decor: Despite their Moroccan provenance, Beni Ourain rugs have become deeply intertwined in the world of Scandinavian-inspired decor. This piece offers a luxuriously crafted option, hand-knotted from a blend of durable wool and luminous viscose yarns.



Thick Woven Scandinavian Wool Rug: When it comes to Scandinavian decor themes, it’s hard to go wrong with simple wool solids like this one. This area rug is woven from super-thick yarns that beckon enjoyment – ideal for bedrooms, living spaces, nurseries, and anywhere that can benefit from a soft and cozy touch.



Macrame Wool Rug for Scandinavian Decor: Inspired by traditional macrame crafting, this New Zealand wool area rug goes big on texture using thick yarns that alternative between a clean flat weave and bubbly popcorn stitches. Use alone or layer to create your ideal hygge interior theme.



Braided Wool Rug for Scandinavian Decor: Ultra-plush wool yarns are hand-loomed into a textural braided pattern to give this simple solid area rug extra loft and appeal – a perfect interior accent that enhances ambiance and comfort without overwhelming surrounding decor.



Patterned Indoor Outdoor Scandinavian Rug: Scandinavian styling certainly isn’t limited to indoor environments. This plus-patterned area rug by Novogratz is made from durable weather-resistant materials well-suited to hardwearing interior placements like entryways and outdoor spaces like patios or balconies.



Indoor Outdoor Scandinavian Rug: This flatwoven weather-resistant area rug enjoys a simple herringbone pattern in light grey. Use on its own or layer with other indoor/outdoor area rugs to complete your Nordic-inspired decor theme.

51 Round Rugs To Update Your Rooms for Fresh Trends

Finding the perfect rug can be challenging, not the least due to the abundant market offer. While it rarely makes the first thought when it comes to room decoration, this humble piece of floor covering is truly an essential element. Visually, it can put the room together, or spoil all other efforts. Its utilitarian value lies in providing a warm, comfortable surface to lay your feet on. Between the right style and color, there is a whole range of other features to consider: the correct size, material, purpose, pros, and cons. We have curated a selection of round rugs to light up your inspiration and help you find the sweet spot of usefulness and intrigue.


Sumptuous Pink Round Shag Rug: A super soft area rug, made of high-quality, heavenly fluffy velvet and sponge interlayer, is a perfect piece of functional room decor. It’s attractive, cool, and fashionable, at the same time creating a warm and comfortable space, suitable for children and adults likewise. Durable grip dots enhance friction, providing anti-slip quality. This rug can be used in kids’ bedrooms, nursery rooms, living rooms, or anywhere you wish.


8 Feet Round Burgundy Rug: A multicolor round rug, in warm and earthy tones, is not only comfortable but also durable and very attractive. Its Polypropylene fabric makes it perfect for those high-traffic areas in your home. Even better – it’s also kid and pet friendly!


5 Feet Gray Teal Round Floral Rug: This floral chic is a certain eye-catcher. Calming charcoal/blue juxtaposes a strong graphic pattern, making this area rug an excellent choice for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. It features serged edges for a clean look, highly recommended to avoid shifting. Low maintenance and easy to clean.


4 Feet Grey Round Rug: A geometric modern light gray round rug is discrete and intriguing at the same time. The neutral palette makes it suitable for multiple purposes. It’s piled from Polypropylene, with a cotton backing, machine-made and durable. This rug does not shed; however, an underpad is recommended to prevent slipping and sliding.


Multicolor Abstract Coral Rug: Here we have the genuine conversation starter. This gorgeous, colorful round rug comes with a great abstract pattern that can easily fit with any room of your house. Moreover, it provides a great way to refresh your room and make it fit the latest trends.


Round White Shag Rug: Inviting, soft, cuddly, warm… There are simply not enough words to describe this little, ultimately friendly piece of fabric. White color enhances its character, making it a perfect choice for kids’ rooms and nurseries, but it will also make a wonderful accent in your living room. This soft and silky rug comes with an Overlock edge backing for extra durability.


6 Feet Green, Navy Blue & Teal Round Rug: The abstract motive of this rug takes the fresh elements from the natural world and turns them into a splash of color for your home. Its comfortable palette provides a resting place for your eyes while captivating everyone else’s.


Discreetly Abstract Jewel Toned Round Area Rug: This colorful round rug features a subtle abstract pattern, non-imposing yet sufficient to get noticed. It will not shed, hence can be used for playroom, toddler, living room. His size, though, makes it a suitable choice for a dining room rug.


Navy Blue Round Throw Rug: Another ultra-soft throw rug is enriched with leather-feel bottom, to provide maximum convenience of use. It’s made with high-quality faux peacock feathers, to deliver a strong tactile and visual experience. On top of that, this blue round rug looks more than cool.


5 Feet Beige Round Rug With Burgundy Accents: This rug might be just what you need, whether you’re decorating a new home from scratch, or enhancing the beauty of your living space. The trendy appeal of the warm color palette is further enhanced by the rich patina of the special fiber. In the right size, it makes a perfect choice of a dining room area rug.

51 Floating Shelves To Reinvigorate Your Empty Wall Space

Floating shelves do away with the brackets, hangers, and accessories of their more traditional counterparts – their beautiful minimalism making them among the most flexible shelf options available. The placement possibilities are almost endless, able to be hung high or low or between other items that may already occupy your walls. And they can be used for so many purposes, from organizing everyday essentials to displaying your favorite objets d’art. We’ve compiled a list of 51 floating wall shelves for every style, each one available online so you can get right to the redecorating.


Solid Wood Floating Shelf Set: Crafted from solid paulownia wood with a deep weathered finish, this floating shelf set features solid durability and timeless style. Like most simple floating shelf designs, these attach to the wall with an included cantilever metal attachment.


Vanity Floating Shelf: While many floating shelves are intended to keep a low profile to emphasize the objects atop them, others go bold with an attractive decorative style all their own. This floating shelf features a round mirror and a smooth minimalistic finish for smart mid-century modern appeal.


Wood 36-Inch Floating Shelf: This super thick floating wall shelf captures attention with its bold profile. This piece is available in a rustic brown or minimalistic white finish. Select from two sizes – 36″ long or 24″ long.


Curved Small Floating Shelf: Inspired by the elegant shelf mushrooms that that grace the sides of trees in nature, the Fungi floating shelf delights with its smooth organic shape. The size makes this piece ideal for occasional use in areas like entryways, by the bedside, or grouped together in a creative arrangement. Select from three finishes to best suit your space.


Umbra Invisible Floating Bookshelf Set: Although not a true floating shelf because the hanger portion is visible when the shelf is empty, these Umbra accents create the perfect floating illusion when filled with books. Simply place the bottom book with the shelf between the back cover and the pages, and a tiny hidden prong will hold the cover closed. This completely obscures the shelf to create an intriguing optical illusion your guests are sure to ask about.

Decorate your farmhouse style home for fall

Ideas para decorar la sala fall winter

If you are a fan of farmhouse style and you love autumn, this post is for you. During the last few seasons we have seen country house style has become a favorite in interior decoration. Cozy spaces that incorporate wood, flowers, neutral tones, natural fibers and a touch of style vintage. And so that your house is super well decorated this season, today we present you ideas to decorate your farmhouse style house for fall.

ideas to decorate the farmhouse style house for fall

Via @caligirlinasouthernworld


Adding Heat To Neutral Interiors With Fiery Orange Accents

Adding Heat To Neutral Interiors With Fiery Orange Accents

Orange is the flames of a winter fire, the blazing summer sun, the new nectar of spring and an autumn pumpkin harvest, making it a vibrant all year round choice for decor accents. This strong colourway is actually very versatile and can be manipulated to bring a warming bloom into all kinds of interior spaces. In its bright form it is fun & playful and suited to filling sociable living spaces with a cheerful upbeat mood. Darker variations work in sophisticated spaces with rich undertones and natural wooden elements. These three home interiors work their way through the whole juicy spectrum, putting versatile orange zest to the test.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen

Tonal orange infusions of pumpkin, rust and paprika bring variation to the white open plan living space of our first interior. A set of round nesting coffee tables combine rust and white gloss finishes in the centre of the lounge, whilst sofa scatter cushions combine emerald, pumpkin and grey.

Natural wood builds sophisticated moments, like this sleek wood slatted statement wall with a floating tv stand. Two glass vases dress the unit’s cool grey granite top.

The room is encased in clean white wall panelling, which cools the scheme’s brighter accents. A large wall clock adds an area of interest to the smooth surround.

A light wood island and matching soffit add subtle texture to the pale kitchen.


Paprika coloured kitchen bar stools add heat and energy to the neutral design.

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