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Trends in decoration 2020


These are the trends in decoration 2020, and we want to present them in detail so that you are up to date with the latest in home fashion. As in the industry fashion, designers and decorating experts dictate what will set the tone when it comes to the interior setting. This 2020 we will see the organic shine, colors like the beige and the walls will become focal points of the house. Keep reading and do not miss everything that will be super trendy for the home this 2020.

decoration 2020Via Ditex

The walls as protagonists

This 2020 the walls of the house take center stage. We will see imposing textures in striking colors such as red and mountain green. In the same way, the textures for gray walls will be giving something to talk about. For those of us who love metallics, we tell you that the walls painted in these tones will sweep away in 2020 decoration.

decoration 2020Via FB Texture & Fascias

And if it is about transforming spaces, wallpaper They are still in vogue for this year 2020. Place a colorful decorative paper with tropical leaves or flowers to bring nature to your home. Now, if you want a sober and at the same time striking space, a textured wallpaper is perfect for you. And if it has gold, better!

decoration 2020Photo IG Phillip Jeffries, via Centro Cortinas

Returns the beige

And as everything returns, the color beige returns with all its versatility to decorate our spaces. Yes, the cream color that was so fashionable in the 90’s, comes with strength to give color to the walls and we will also see it in furniture and textiles.

beigeVia Catherine Interiors

The organic stays in the decoration 2020

Everything that evokes mother nature, comes with force in the interior decoration 2020. Furniture in natural fibers such as wicker and rattan, will fill your spaces with warmth. Raw woods and tree trunks will be the perfect base for a coffee table modern and natural. Introduce nature into your home with organic fabrics, flowers and plants.

organicVia Krone Furniture

Velvet reigns

The velvet It has been in fashion for several seasons and this 2020 will continue to stomp. Velvet furniture is here to stay and fill our homes with its elegance and glamor. Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, ottomans and headboards they wear velvet this year.

velvetVia Dekorahora

Gold in decoration 2020

And to close the trends in interior decoration 2020 with a flourish, we announce that metals are still in fashion. Mainly the gold that has caused so much fury during the past seasons. We will see the gold in accessories, mirror frames, lamps, tables and furniture.

GoldenVia Stool & Deco
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