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How to decorate small rooms: Is reusing items a good idea?

A small room does not mean that you have few possibilities in decoration. With planning and creativity, it is possible to innovate and make the most of the space. In this task you can also reuse items and create other functions for the environment.

With the following tips, it’s easier to decorate a functional and beautiful room without having to stress.

How to decorate small rooms

how to decorate small rooms? Before and After Dining Room
Even a simple, small dining room like this one needs planning to have a successfully renovated decor – Photo: OldBrandNew

How to use the classic style in the decoration and be current?

quarto azul e verde com boeserie e móveis clássicos

Elegance and sophistication are some of the characteristics of the classic style. Many like it, but are afraid to use it and look old-fashioned. So, how to use the classic style in the decoration and have a living room or bedroom fully attuned to today?

How to use the classic style in the decoration- living room with classic velvet armchair
Industrial style with contemporary furniture and the classic touch of the velvet armchair. Photo:jurnaldedesigninterior

Nowadays, a characteristic that we can see in interior design and decoration is that we don’t have to stick to one style. We are eclectic and mix styles – with a lot of study, creativity and care, of course.

And this is how you can insert a lot or a little of the classic style in your environments, giving that touch of elegance and nobility that you want!

Contemporary room with classic furniture Notice the side table with a design based on the classic style Photo: perfect order

5 decoration trends for 2021

Quarto com parede rosa e plantas

The challenges and characteristics of the past year were the great inspirations for these 5 trends in decoration for 2021.

2020 was the year when everything needed to be rethought. From our customs to consumption habits, measures of social isolation have transformed the lives of everyone around the world.

If before we used our home to rest after a day of work, now the spaces needed to be rethought to receive us for much longer, to welcome new uses, to protect ourselves and, in some way, to connect with the outside and nature.

5 decoration trends for 2021 - industrial style room
Photo: @ Cafofo_208

At first, many saw this new outlook on life as a prison. Over time, we got used to the new reality and transformed our houses and apartments into real safe havens.

That’s why the word that serves as a guide to trends in decor for 2021 is “Host”.

living room sofa blue light pink wallPhoto: arquitectimimovel

In this article you will see what is already being done in many apartments in Itaim Bibi and other neighborhoods in São Paulo, Brazil and worldwide to experience this transformation. Check out!

Differentials of a well decorated house

Sala de estar sofá azul

There are 6 items that are differentials of a well decorated house. Some are more important than others, but they can’t be missing if you want your home to have that touch of care and attention to decoration.

Differentials of a well decorated house

  • Furniture compatible with the size of the environment and comfortable

They don’t have to be expensive, but buy the best you can within your budget, especially the furniture that will be used to sit and lie on (sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds).

Differentials of a well decorated house - furniture
Project: Mandril Arquitetura + Interiores

Small room, small furniture, giving priority to circulation space

When of low quality, the tendency is that they wear out quickly and need to be changed or refurbished more frequently – the economy ends up becoming higher spending in the long run.

In addition, it is natural that with a better quality, sofas, beds, armchairs and chairs are more comfortable.

living room neutral colorsPhoto: bemvindoao202

Prefer the retractables only if it is possible to have them in comfort, in the space you have.

Another important issue is not to “clutter up” the house with furniture that is too big that ends up being a source of irritation due to impaired circulation. Don’t forget: The free space is perhaps even more important than the occupied space, as this is where you and your family travel.

  • Lighting

Certainly, lighting is one of the most important points of decorating a home. And it is not necessary to spend too much on it for it to be a differentiator. The important thing is to use creativity and have several different points of light, preferably dimerized, to create different climates for each occasion.

living room in neutral colors illuminated panelProject: Claudia Albertini Arquitetura

Avoid glare (when light “hits” directly into your eye or, being strong, is reflected by a mirror or reflective coating.

The lighting should give priority to the light (and not the luminaire) and is more cozy being diffuse (you don’t see the light source directly) or indirect (the one that hits a plane – the ceiling, for example – and illuminates with its reflection .

kitchen furniture in blue with good lighting Photo: Delikatissen

Even when you need a lot of light (like kitchen countertops and home offices) the ideal is that the light is diffused, but strong enough to allow you to run without problemthe tasks.

  • Carpets

The use of rugs in the decoration of the house guarantees a series of advantages. They work as floor protectors, serve to delimit the environments and make the spaces more beautiful.

Industrial style living and dining roomProject: Estudio Voe foto: Marcelo Donadussi

In addition the carpet brings thermal comfort on cold floors. Especially during winter and at night when getting out of bed, the cold touch of porcelain, cement or ceramic is very uncomfortable and the rug avoids this feeling.

  • Curtains and / or blinds

Curtains or blinds have a decorative but also functional function: they allow you to control the amount of light that enters the rooms, which gives greater thermal and visual comfort. They also protect furniture, coverings and floors from direct sunlight and your privacy from prying eyes.

tv room with lighted bookcaseProject: Fernanda Dabbur

In a TV room or bedroom they can be essential for your comfort, especially when the windows receive the afternoon sun directly.

The blackout models are ideal for rooms where the sun shines and maintains the most pleasant thermal sensation. In addition, they are good for making rooms darker.

Room with narrow partition Photo: voceprecisadecor

Curtains made of a more fluid and light fabric, look great in living rooms and light colors are the most recommended to allow more sunlight.

  • Plants

According to the decorator of the specialized website Guia de Bem-Estar, Juliana Perin, another decorative element that contributes to thermal comfort is plants. “They have the ability to make the spaces cooler and more beautiful and some are also able to purify the air, as is the case with Jiboia.

living room with plants Photo: Decoradornet

Another positive point is that the plants can be used in different rooms of the house such as living rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens ”, he explains.

Plants bring nature into the home and this improves the residents’ psychological health.

  • Pillows

Simple accessories that give a huge difference in decoration, the well chosen pillows – in colors, fabrics and quantities – and organized, sophisticated and color the environments, beautify the sofas, armchairs and beds and increase comfort when sitting or lying down.

Green patterned cushionsPhoto: Casatreschic

The style depends on the environment, being the least structured ones preferred for relaxed environments. More sophisticated environments call for structured cushions and more noble fabrics.

In the living room, the size depends on the size of the sofa and armchairs. Never place too many cushions in order to avoid the need to remove them in order to be able to sit.

Blue sofa living roomProject: GG Arquitetura e Interiores

In bed, also avoid excess, because they are usually removed at bedtime.

The colors must accompany or harmonize with the colors of the decoration of the environment, making it easier to combine colored cushions on plain sofas and even sofas in neutral colors and colored sofas using plain cushions on colored sofas. But there is nothing to prevent that, by choosing colors and patterns well, you can achieve harmony and originality by not following this easy path.

Look at your house and see what can improve in these differentials of a well decorated house. You will be amazed at what a few details often make a total difference!

Wood Flooring – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Wood Flooring - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

I discovered the different types of wood, the ways in which you can find the boards or pieces. We also tell you the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these types of wood floors solid.

Advantages of wooden floors

Wood has the property of transmitting warmth to cold and impersonal places.

Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are over 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been properly cared for.

They just need to sweep or vacuuming and a occasional cleaning with a wood floor cleaner.

Wood floors work with all decorating styles, from traditional to modern.

Disadvantage of hardwood floors

Solid wood floors are a expensive option. It also needs to be installed over the subfloor and installation is a bigger job than most homeowners can handle.

Although treated wood is very resistant, it is not recommended to constantly expose it to moisture and water.

Wood floors need constant maintenance and care, the softer the wood, the easier it will scratch and stain. Wood floors in high traffic areas, especially when there are pets or children, will be prone to showing damage.

Types of wood floors

Floor of Parquet

Small and short boards that are embedded in different designs. They can be nailed or glued to the folder with special adhesives or tar.

Floor Planked short

Short boards that are arranged in parallel. There are them in different lengths and widths. They are generally used with a width of 8 to 9 cm. and up to 1 mt. long. They can be nailed, glued, or glued to the folder with special adhesives or tar.

Long planked floor

Long wooden boards, placed in parallel. Like planks, they can be glued, embedded or nailed.

Types of Wood for Floors

Hard woods are used to make floors to guarantee their resistance and durability. Oak and Eucalyptus stand out.


Very light yellowish color. Acceptable hardness. It is very little disturbed by sunlight.


Light yellow with very little grain. Medium hard and is hardly affected by sunlight.

Elliotis Pine

After a process in which it is impregnated with certain products that make it resistant to moisture, fungi and insects, this wood is ideal for exteriors.


It is clear with darker streaks. It is very resistant, although nowadays it is very difficult to obtain, the demolition ones are generally used.


Light in color slightly pink. High resistance It darkens slightly in sunlight.

Brazilian pinotea

Wood similar to tea pine. Medium hard and very resinous, which makes it waterproof. It can be placed outdoors.


Yellowish brown in color with a glossy finish, as if it had been waxed. It is a very hard and resistant wood.


Light reddish brown in color. It tolerates wear thanks to its high degree of hardness, ideal for high traffic floors. Sunlight obscures it. It is used on decks and exterior floors because it resists the elements well.

Wood protection methods


Once laid, the floor should always be polished to achieve a perfect finish. This work can be repeated as many times as necessary, also over time, removing previous layers of plasticized or wax.

This option, typical of solid wood floors, guarantees a resistant and durable floor over time, always suitable to be replaced at any time.


It is laminated with a layer of oil-based varnish that covers the floor, protecting it and facilitating cleaning. There are different kinds of finishes: matte, semi-matte or glossy.

Lamination achieves a finish that protects it from stains and wear, making it more durable and easy to clean.


It is given a water-based finish that does not have strong odors. The floor can be used 3 or 4 hours after placing the product.

Its useful life is shorter than that of polyurethane varnish, but its effect is that of natural wood.


It is left only with polishing, being able to wax it for a better finish.

Although it is an interesting aesthetic option, we must not forget that it requires a waxed permanent and that its resistance to stains and water is practically nil.

Wood Floor Care

Every season brings new problems for your hardwood floors. Winter comes with snow, ice, and salt, spring brings rain and dirt, summer adds chlorine and salt water, and fall brings more dirt and leaves.

To keep them looking good and clean, you should follow the following tips

Clean up spills immediately: Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to immediately wipe up any spills, avoiding wet or steam mops.

Use furniture pads: Scratches are some of the hardest problems to solve on hardwood floors. While some scratches are unavoidable, others can definitely be prevented. One of the best ways to prevent them is to add furniture pads to the legs of your chairs, sofas, tables, etc.

Sweep or dust daily: Even if you have a rule of not wearing shoes in your home, the dust forms in everywhere and then it is deposited in the grain and between the floorboards.

Use a wood floor cleaner monthly: Use a special wood floor cleaner to bring out the shine.

Reapply finish every 3-5 years: Over time, when your wood floors start to look a bit dull, they can be renewed with a new coat. This involves applying a new coat of wood floor finish.

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