How to decorate small rooms: Is reusing items a good idea?
A small room does not mean that you have few possibilities in decoration. With planning and creativity, it is possible to innovate and make the most of the space. In this task you can also reuse items and create other functions for the environment. With the following tips, it’s... Read more
How to use the classic style in the decoration and be current?
Elegance and sophistication are some of the characteristics of the classic style. Many like it, but are afraid to use it and look old-fashioned. So, how to use the classic style in the decoration and have a living room or bedroom fully attuned to today? Industrial style with contemporary... Read more
5 decoration trends for 2021
The challenges and characteristics of the past year were the great inspirations for these 5 trends in decoration for 2021. 2020 was the year when everything needed to be rethought. From our customs to consumption habits, measures of social isolation have transformed the lives of everyone around the world.... Read more
Differentials of a well decorated house
There are 6 items that are differentials of a well decorated house. Some are more important than others, but they can’t be missing if you want your home to have that touch of care and attention to decoration. Differentials of a well decorated house Furniture compatible with the size... Read more
Wood Flooring – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages
I discovered the different types of wood, the ways in which you can find the boards or pieces. We also tell you the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these types of wood floors solid. Advantages of wooden floors Wood has the property of transmitting warmth to cold and... Read more
Decoration tips for pet owners
I already talked a lot about creating nooks and crannies for your dog or kitten but now I saw that I still haven’t given decoration tips for those who have pets. How to make the house nice and safe for your pet? How to make it difficult for him... Read more
Curiosities about colors to decorate your home
The colors fascinate me, that’s why I always read, research and talk about their use in decoration. I love to research the curiosities about colors, like the influence of colors on themselves, how much they change our perception of space and some more that I will talk about below... Read more
The contact role in decoration
Use contact paper in decoration or finishes it is a great alternative. It is a simple, practical article, with an incredible cost-benefit and that can let your creativity flow. Let’s get to know this item better and show how you can make the most of it, using colors and... Read more
12 tips for using colors in decoration
Colors are extremely important elements in the decoration. That’s why I keep talking about colors here. There are even series! Now I have selected 12 tips for using colors in decoration in order to bring, in addition to the visual aspect, solutions to issues of visual comfort, architectural problems... Read more
The new hall after pandemic
If there is something that has already changed and I believe it will be really different in the houses, it is their entrance. What will the new Hall look like? Photo: CasaAbril – O ANTES The New Hall after the pandemic is already among us and, due to the... Read more
Tips for a more accessible and safe quarantined home
At this time when many are at home, care is super important to increase the security and accessibility of your home. A little slip and you can stop at a hospital in the middle of a pandemic. Therefore, observing all environments and changing what is possible is a great... Read more
How to use bold colors in decoration – 15 tips
We call “strong colors” those that are very saturated (unlike pastels, which have a lot of white in their composition). They can be vibrant or more subdued – when mixed with gray – or very dark. Examples of some strong and very vibrant colors, passing through attenuated to very... Read more