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Convertible cribs The ultimate furniture for the childrens bedroom

Convertible cribs The ultimate furniture for the childrens bedroom

To furniture a bedroom for a baby we must take into account the rapid growth of this and the necessary change that needs to be made in their environment as it grows to adapt it to their needs. The cribs become obsolete in a few years and then a bed is required as well as a desk and other furniture. That is why there are multifunctional furniture, such as convertible cribs that aim to take care of the needs of the child as it grows, thus becoming a definitive solution to furnish the bedroom from the beginning.

Among the advantages of furnishing baby bedrooms with multifunctional convertible cribs like these, the durability of the furniture is especially noteworthy due to its versatility.

Depending on the type of convertible crib that we are going to buy, since there are different models, as we will see below, these pieces can be useful and functional from the birth of the baby or since we pass from the cradle or bassinet to the crib, until it reaches the age of 12 or 13 years approximately, if we buy the most prepared models.

Convertible cot

The convertible crib model above turned into a practical complete room, with a bed, bedside table, desk, shelf and chest of drawers.

Luckily, today we can find baby bedrooms with convertible cribs with designs that adapt to the age of children from when they are babies until almost adolescence.

Likewise, this furniture in the medium term is an economic saving since choosing the most complete models, we will not need to buy a bed, bedside table, headboard or desk even when the child grows and needs other furniture.

Convertible cot

If the furniture is of quality and good use is made of it, the initial investment is worth it. I mention this because naturally, the price of convertible crib beds is higher than a traditional crib, although a convertible crib comes with several holes, baby changing table and other functional spaces that a traditional crib does not have.

But not only the model is the key to last all those years in good condition and the room looks as it should. Another important factor is the quality of furniture wood and finishes, so that they can last for the years that correspond to it in perfect condition.

Nor is it less important to save space that is a piece of furniture with these characteristics and the comfort it provides.

Convertible cot

The multifunctional convertible cribs are designed to take better advantage of the space, thus optimizing the bedroom in the best way. Even when the baby passes from the crib to the bed, we also do not need a place to store the crib, since this is transformed into another functional element of the child’s new furniture.

And as they are designed to optimize space, none of its different pieces in the future will cause us space problems, since neither the desk, nor the bedside table, nor, obviously, the bed, will be large or disproportionate.

Naturally, before buying, we must take into account all these details, and know that in a few years the bed will become a desk and a space is needed for this, so it is necessary to know the measures of all the elements that make up the cribs Convertibles so that the child has a comfortable environment to develop their creativity during their growth.

As I said before there are different models of convertible cribs. We have the most basic models, where the cradle is only transformed into a bed and desk. They are cheaper models but they only offer us the bed, so the rest, bedside table, headboard and shelf we will have to buy it. If that is our goal, a basic convertible crib is what we need.

Convertible cot

There are also models of convertible cribs for two babies, in case twins are born, where the furniture is initially two cots, and then become a bed and double desk. A simple model that provides us with a crib, bed and desk, like this twin crib model from Menamobel.

But if we want to assemble the baby’s bedroom completely so that it adapts to its growth, we need a more complete convertible crib model, like this one that we see below.

Convertible cot

This is one of the most complete models on the market of the Menamobel firm. It comes equipped with a cot with several drawers and storage space, changing table and shelf. Very complete for the baby.

Convertible cot

When he leaves the crib, it is transformed and we get a complete bedroom with all the necessary furniture.

Convertible cot

Nesting bed with practical drawers, bedside table, desk and chest of drawers. All the furniture the child needs and will need in the future, not counting the closet for clothes, of course.

In this video we can see how a convertible crib becomes a complete bedroom.

In the beginning, convertible cribs are all advantages. A very popular furniture that has been conquering the bedrooms for its versatility, functionality, comfort and economic savings in the medium term. What do you think about convertible cribs? I read you in the comments.

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60 modern youth bedrooms full of style and decorating ideas

60 modern youth bedrooms full of style and decorating ideas

The children get older and the bedroom decor they are out of date, since their new age requires a new environment adapted to their ages and needs.

If you are looking for inspiration for your new stage, follow me and discover these decorating ideas, tips, furniture and solutions to decorate your children’s new youth space with these modern youth bedrooms that I have collected, full of style to look like a magazine bedroom.

We start!

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Oh Eight Oh Nine

Sober and modern. Straight lines and decorated in neutral gray, white and wood accents.

Design and photography The Decor Fix

Full color, with a large bed with pink structure and capitoné headboard in the same color, combined with turquoise.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Ella Nikitin

Simple but adapted to your tastes.

In this case a basketball theme decorates the youth bedroom that, on the other hand, sports a simple and clean aesthetic, decorated in black and white with colored accents.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Bowlinggreenhousetohome

The geometric murals for the wall can provide a decorative plus to your space, allowing the rest of the bedroom to remain serene, and with four little things like the one it says, we will have the bedroom decorated.

Here you can see 15 other combinations to paint a children’s room.

A modern youth bedroom

Ourtexanhomestead Photography

The canopies have transcended. They have gone from being a symbol of the upper class, the bourgeoisie and the classical spaces, to becoming an element for any class and space and giving the bedroom a very personal touch.

You have them available in many materials and designs, to find the one that best suits the decoration of the youth bedroom.

I tell you this because you don’t have to resort to the classic canopies, as we see above, but you want to. You have others of a more current and minimalist nature, which are better in a modern bedroom.

A modern youth bedroom

Photograph by Chloe Gets Creative @ Chloegetscreative

If you have problems when decorating your children’s bedroom, since it is the only thing you need, try painting.

It never fails.

On a weekend you will have the space completely decorated and you will have given it a completely new air.

If you lack inspiration, follow me and see how all these modern youth bedrooms that we have left to see are painted, and take good note of it.

Photography @mossbanklane

Serene and simple, with matching furniture, and the walls painted a very soft earth tone.

In the bed black, gray and blue tones give the color note. And up in the headboard a very appropriate triptych.

A modern youth bedroom

Interior Design

If you are going to design it from scratch, try that the interior designer will design a space for you to study, no matter how small the bedroom is.

As you well know, at these ages a desk is essential.

Make them have a comfortable space for their chores.

Design and photography Nesting With Grace

Add a hanging armchair and you will create a great decorative effect in your children’s room.

A modern youth bedroom

Domum Arquitetura design

Today you can find multipurpose furniture that includes several aspects, such as storage, desk, bed and others, that make the most of the space.

A modern youth bedroom

Paola Cury design

With a wall covered with sheets of wood, where to house a large shelf that acts as a desk.

The rest, soft tones in gray and dusty pink.

A very chic decoration. Don’t tell me your daughter (or son) wouldn’t love it?

A modern youth bedroom

Oliveandford Photography

Sober, bright and warm. Do you remember what I said before about canopies?

You have them of all kinds, perfect for any space.

If you opt for a white decoration, as this modern youth bedroom has that we see above these lines, do not forget to add wood or vegetable fibers to give warmth to the space.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography @Sydneystyleblogger

Simple and beautiful Simple sticker polka dots in golden tones decorate the white walls, and the bedding puts color to the bedroom.

Modern youth bedroom

BMK study work

For two. If you have to share the youth bedroom, here an idea to decorate it without falling into excesses and show off in good taste.

A beautiful wallpaper on the headboard wall combined perfectly with the headboard upholstery and a fuchsia pink cushion tops the scene, from one of the prettiest youth bedrooms we have brought.

The rest, blank. No more is needed. Here you can see another 23 shared rooms.

A modern youth bedroom

The vintage but renovated metal beds, like the one we see above these lines, have a decorative point that gives the bedroom a lot of style.

Not only the bed in this case. The IKEA path lappljung carpet at the foot of the bed, the neutral and serene tone of the walls and the rest of the decoration are the ones that add style and decoration in addition to the bed.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography and design by Annabode

Nice and with vintage air, thanks to the bed with aged metal structure that contrasts in a current space.

Do not recharge the youth bedroom. Try to make it a clean space so that it looks brighter, collected and more comfortable in it.

A modern youth bedroom

Sweet Farmhouse Dreams Photography

Serene, cozy and sober. All matching, symmetrical and in earth tones that are warm and neutral gray.

A modern youth bedroom

Paint a mural on the headboard wall. Is easier than it looks like.

And if you do not dare, use templates, which with them you can not fail.

Vertical stripes are also a great resource for a youth space.

They give dynamism and color.

A modern youth bedroom

Although if you want a sober and serene environment, here is a good example of a youth bedroom that meets these conditions.

A modern youth bedroom

Dream Nest Home Photography

The industrial style takes a lot in these bedrooms.

If you like it, you can include industrial cut pieces, such as the Tolix chair or the metal frame bed, and some flexo or lighting of the same style to give the bedroom this unique decorative style.

A modern youth bedroom

This other youth bedroom has nothing, but it is attractive and very striking, and all thanks to the painting with which that decorative game in black and white has been created.

A modern youth bedroom

All brown, an elegant and serene color. The rest, details in black and metal, to try to add industrial style.

A modern youth bedroom

If you do not have space at the foot of the bed, you can put two shelves, one on each side of the bed to compensate for that lack and that the bedroom and the inhabitant do not lack storage space.

Here you can see 25 ideas to take advantage of the space in a small room.

A modern youth bedroom

Wellcome to the Woods Photography

Very simple but flirtatious and functional.

Nothing is missing, it even has a desk, always necessary in these bedrooms.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Nourish and Nestle

Minimalist but nothing cold, but with lovely details like the black metal bed, the bench with long hair at the foot of the bed and pink, gold and black accents.

A modern youth bedroom

The Creative Exchange Photography

All painted gray tones, but and the purple and mint green color palette that looks, applied to furniture and textiles.

Do you have old furniture? Paint them and give them a new look.

A modern youth bedroom

Classy Glam Living Photography

The IKEA box office furniture, provides good storage space for everything to be organized, in addition to putting a decorative point to the bedroom.

A modern youth bedroom

With custom furniture to house shelves, storage and desk, all in white, and the rest in black, creating a modern youth bedroom.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Valley and Birch

And if they have to share it, try to make each one have their storage space and keep it as simple as possible so they don’t “eat” the space.

It is not necessary to recharge the bedroom to show off a very beautiful decoration, as the modern youth bedroom above these lines looks.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Two Thirty Five Designs

A boisserie in the headboard of the bed to keep all kinds of things and keep the bedroom tidy and collected, leaving the feet of the bed free.

A modern youth bedroom

Redhead and Decorate Photography

All in white, with multicolored details in a multitude of accessories and complements.

Do not complicate yourself. It’s easy to add a touch of color or create a color palette in the bedroom without even painting the walls.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography At Home With The Barkers

With a lot of style. The shell is a canvas in neutral tones that has been illuminated with brushstrokes of color in textiles and other furniture.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography Elizabeth Joan Designs

All in gray with pink accents, keeping the space calm and serene, without overloading it.

A modern youth bedroom

Sweet Chaos Home Photography

With the bed under the window. Sometimes the bedroom floor leaves us no choice but to put the bed under the window, but it is not an impediment.

It can become a great decorative ally if you know how to take advantage of this particularity. And here you can see how to do it with these ideas to integrate a bed under the window.

A modern youth bedroom

Hey Fitzy Photography

Another way to add a personalized touch to the decoration of the youth bedroom is as we see above these lines, covering a wall of reclaimed wood, and leave it as is, or paint it.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography Pure Joy Home

Although the upstairs youth bedroom was very beautiful, it lacked warmth.

However, as we see above these lines in this other bedroom, the carpet, furniture and baskets all natural, gives the necessary warmth and makes the space not feel cold, despite being decorated in gray tones.

A modern youth bedroom

Design and photography A Home For Design

Very modern and complete, in addition to well decorated this other modern youth bedroom, in blue and white, with a pixelated Mario Bros vinyl.

It does not lack details, desk, armchair, bed and furniture at the foot of the bed.

He doesn’t have much this bedroom, but what he has gives it style.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography Driven by Décor

In green tones, but not in a soft green, but in an intense one.

In addition, the decorative factor in this other youth bedroom is undoubtedly the hanging armchair.

What teenager would not want one in his bedroom? Not to mention the decorative impact they have.

Here you can see several models of armchairs hanging from the ceiling.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography Sita Montgomery Interiors

Elegant and sophisticated, with moldings on the walls and everything, and with a very successful combination of colors, in soft salmon color and earth tones.

Tailor-made shelves take advantage of the space like no other furniture.

A modern youth bedroom

Neli Design Photography

Simple, note that just by creating a base in the walls at the height of the ceiling in blue, matching the comforter and contrasting with the purple has been enough to decorate this youth room.

A modern youth bedroom

Four Generations One Roof Photography

In mint green with a grayish touch. A relaxing and fresh color.

If it is combined with gray, it looks spectacular.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography Home on Mount Forest

In bench and black, a modern youth room with a lot of presence and personality.

Wooden walls painted in white and black furniture.

A modern youth bedroom

More sophisticated is this other youth room with gray painted walls, the comfortable swivel armchair in front of the white desk, and all dotted with colors, such as mint green or coral.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography and design Sunny Circle Studio Instagram @sunnycirclestudio

The wallpaper that looks on the headboard makes this beautiful youth bedroom reach another dimension.

It is already great in itself, but this wallpaper makes it look even more.

The beautiful multitone carpet with a great pattern is a success for this space.

The rest, delicate and accurate details, such as a bed sky, a garland of Nordic lights and a beautiful lamp, among other lovely details.

A modern youth bedroom

Shanty2Chic Photography

We can also cover or cover the walls with wooden quarters, giving the bedroom a decorative touch with a lot of class and elegance.

But if you do that, do not forget that it is a youth bedroom and creates a strong contrast with the painting so that it stands out and does not look too classic.

A modern youth bedroom

Simple Nordic style, all in white and gray, with details in pink and wood. A very sweet youth room, don’t you think?

A modern youth bedroom

Cuckoo4Design Photography

Painted in dark blue, with a large headboard that decorates the bedroom and chairs the bed and as a culmination, a hanging chair. It never fails.

A modern youth bedroom

Cuckoo4Design Photography

The same room, but in this case the color has been changed to a more serene one in neutral tones, making the bedroom more luminous, and the hanging armchair has been replaced by a desk.

A modern youth bedroom

Vintage Revivals design and photography

With the green painted ceiling and lots of wood creating a cozy space full of handmade details.

A modern youth bedroom

Apartment Therapy Photography

Paint a slate wall and let it express itself. What can go wrong?

A modern youth bedroom

10 × 10 Design

Sophisticated, with custom furniture to optimize space. Have you noticed the bed almost at ground level? Vertical space is not wasted.

A modern youth bedroom

A wall cabinet that houses everything you need as a desk and storage areas at the foot of the bed. Practical and decorative.

A modern youth bedroom

Photography and design Don’t Disturb This Groove

Bright and cozy, with a wall clad in wood that always gives personality to the spaces.

A modern youth bedroom

StudioLive design

Flirty but perfect this other modern youth room that we see in this render with custom furniture and a soft and serene color palette.

A modern youth bedroom

Vinyl from On Wall Studio

Do not forget the vinyl. You can transform a youth room by adding a simple vinyl on the walls. Do you have the smooth walls? Put a vinyl on it. Here you can see several perfect vinyls for these bedrooms.

Delightful DIY Lighting Ideas You Will Want In Child’s Room – How To Make Glowing Clouds of Cotton?

Delightful DIY Lighting Ideas You Will Want In Child's Room

Sometimes the decor of your home can become boring for you because you become so used to it that you don’t even notice it anymore. That is a clear sign that you need to change something if you want to carry on enjoying the decor of your home. But what can you change without making a very drastic change that will cost you a lot of money, or more money that you have allocated for this.
A lot of things, probably, but we have something really cool to suggest you – use DIY lighting to change the way a certain room or a corner looks like. It might not seem like much, but different lighting will change the way you look at your home decor.

Delightful DIY Lighting Ideas You Will Want In Child's Room

With some cotton batting, a hot glue gun and a paper lantern, you can make this beautifully surreal cloud in a few hours. Combining several paper lanterns together can create a more realistic cloud shape. Recreating this project only cost about $10 total. If you’re technologically inclined, use Arduino or other electronics to create a thunder effect.

50 rooms decorated and inspiring by Twin Babies

50 rooms decorated and inspiring by Twin Babies

Building a baby room is a very difficult task, but adapting to two children requires double care. For those who have difficulty, what is good, is to pick a theme for the decoration, as it will help in the selection of the details of the room.

It is important to ensure the child’s warmth, so very strong colors are not recommended for this environment. The good thing is to opt for neutral colors like beige, yellow or green.
And of course it is possible to use warm tones with harmony for anyone who wants a colorful twin room.

You must have a good project in hand to perfect the spaces and know how to organize the most important things: cribs, drawers and armchairs. If your dorm is too small, it is a good idea to put a cot in it because it makes the arrangement of furniture easier and more economical.

For those who like a modern decoration, it is interesting to have a basic decoration neutral and complemented with details related to the sex of the children.

We have selected some ideas for parents of twins to be inspired. They are suggested for different styles and I hope you enjoy:

Picture 1 – Room of the twins for boys and girls

Image (1)

Picture 2 – Twin room with cot

Image (2)

Figure 3 – Neutral Twin Room

Image (3)

Picture 4 – room with picture frame

Image (4)

Picture 5 – room with name on the wall

Image (5)

Picture 6 – Baby room pink and blue

Image (6)

Picture 7 – room of the twins for girls

Image (7)

Picture 8 – Room with drawings on the wall

figure 8)

Picture 9 – Room with decoration in yellow

Image (9)

Picture 10 – four-poster bed

Image (10)

Picture 11 – room with slate wall

Image (11)

Picture 12 – Room with elephant decoration

Image (12)

Figure 13 – Twin Baby Room with names on the wall

Image (13)

Picture 14 – Room with neutral colors

Image (14)

Picture 15 – room for boys

Image (15)

Picture 16 – Room with colored polka dot wall

Image (16)

Picture 17 – Clean baby room

Image (17)

Picture 18 – Room with white decoration

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Room with round niches on the wall

Image (19)

Picture 20 – room of twins with wallpapers

Image (20)

Figure 21 – Room with yellow and blue decoration

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Twin baby room with colorful decoration

Image (22)

Picture 23 – Room with butterfly decoration

Image (23)

Picture 24 – Room with only one exchanger for the two children

Image (24)

Picture 25 – room with gray decoration

Image (25)

Figure 26 – Room with black cot and yellow decoration

Image (26)

Figure 27 – Twin Baby Room with Rounded Crib

Image (27)

Picture 28 – Room with wooden bed

Image (28)

Picture 29 – Room with golden balls on the wall

Image (29)

Figure 30 – Twin Baby Room with neutral base

Image (30)

Figure 31 – Twin room neutral base and blue decoration

Image (31)

Picture 32 – Room with baby cot in bisotê design

Image (32)

Figure 33 – Room with simple decoration

Image (33)

Figure 34 – Room with bench between cots

Image (34)

Picture 35 – Bedroom with cot next to each other

Image (35)

Figure 36 – Room with mini mobile phone

Image (36)

Figure 37 – Room with armchairs

Image (37)

Picture 38 – Room with pink decoration

Image (38)

Picture 39 – Room with black and white cradle

Image (39)

Picture 40 – room with gray crib

Image (40)

Figure 41 – Room with cradles on the wall

Image (41)

Figure 42 – Provençal style room

Image (42)

Picture 43 – Room with tree drawing on the wall

Image (43)

Figure 44 – Room with wooden crib

Image (44)

Picture 45 – Room with corner table between cots

Image (45)

Figure 46 – Room with white decoration and slot

Image (46)

Figure 47 – Rustic-style room

Image (47)

Picture 48 – Room with pictures on the wall

Image (48)

Picture 49 – Room with modern style

Image (49)

Picture 50 – Twin Baby Room with blue and red decoration

Image (50)

Reading Room Decoration(Amazing Space Saving )

Reading Room Decoration(Amazing Space Saving )

Consider some of the variables before arranging the bedroom for the children. Space available, in addition to the number and age of the children in the room and have a significant impact on the setting of space. Also, select the desired action you want the bedroom to accommodate when creating your floor plan. Room design put on paper before you start randomly moving a piece of furniture can save time and effort.

Consider some of the variables before arranging the bedroom for the children. Space available, in addition to the number and age of the children in the room and have a significant impact on the setting of space. Also, select the desired action you want the bedroom to accommodate when creating your floor plan. Room design put on paper before you start randomly moving a piece of furniture can save time and effort.

A tape measure to measure the length and width of the Kids Bedroom Sets are to determine the available floor space stretching. Draw measurements corresponding to the paper chart, using the same chart for 12-inch block. Measuring the windows and doors and built-in, and includes people in your drawing. Also, pay attention to draw the approximate location of electrical outlets and wall switches. Measure every piece of furniture that you want to use, and draw each section to expand on a piece of graph paper. Cut a piece of furniture to help you make your room setting. Divide the area into zones will give you an overview of the available space is required for the activity. Create four similar areas to draw your bedroom.

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