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Lovely and funny clothes hangers for children
For the child decoration fun accessories and accessories are sought, which stimulate the development of the child, that are consistent with their age, and if possible, that are charming, such as coat rack Buddy that we bring today, so charming that you will not only want it for the... Read more
How to decorate an ecological childrens room
Did you know that you can decorate a totally ecological children’s room? From ecological paints, to textiles, through furniture and accessories. If you are interested in this premise, pay attention to the article we have prepared today, about how to decorate an ecological children’s room. Let’s start with the... Read more
20 lovely teepee for boys and girls
If you follow the trends in children’s decoration, you will have noticed an element that is being seen a lot lately in the children’s bedrooms: the teepee for children. You know what I’m talking about; of the typical house of Indians but in a smaller format and with more... Read more
Designer and stylish chairs for children
With all the care and affection that is put in the election of children’s room furniture, nothing can be left to chance, not even a simple chair in which the child can sit; and, luckily, today we have incredible stylish chairs for children, with which we can, in addition... Read more
Baby shower decoration. 57 photos and ideas for the party
A baby shower party It is a perfect time to gather friends and family in a festive atmosphere, to celebrate the birth of the future newborn, giving gifts, usually for the baby, to the happy parents. In the baby shower, relatively new here in Spain, they eat sweets like... Read more