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5 ideas or solutions to organize the baby’s wardrobe.
If the house is usually already full of junk and without realizing it we have more things than we can keep, when a baby comes home the objects multiply. A multitude of clothes, shoes, toys and other accessories flood the home, and although they are unbearably charming, it costs... Read more
Colors to paint and decorate childrens rooms
It is in a children’s room where we can expand and express ourselves more when applying color. It can be applied in large doses anywhere, but it seems to be in children’s bedrooms where the best result is, and where it seems more appropriate, right? Having said that, I... Read more
9 ideas to decorate a child’s birthday for a girl
Playgrounds to celebrate birthdays are very fashionable, but if you want your daughter’s birthday to be perfect, the guests, both older and younger, have a great time and that your little one has the best possible preparation, without a doubt, the birthday must be celebrated at home. Furthermore, with... Read more
Wooden houses and forts for children
They do not need much more than their imagination to have fun, but if we have a garden in which to locate one of these small houses and forts for children that we bring today, the imagination of the little ones will overflow tirelessly playing the long summer afternoons.... Read more
20 modern armchairs and childrens sofas
Furnish a children’s bedroom It is a very fun challenge, but after all a challenge. Luckily, every day we have at our disposal more and more personalized accessories and accessories at different ages that make us the task of decorating much easier. An example of what I say are... Read more