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10 reasons to create a creative space in your children’s room


It’s not just about being beautiful or being fashionable! Having a space to allow and expose your child’s artistic expression, from the first scribbles, is important for his development. Much! And in many ways! And the best part: It takes up virtually no space!

10 reasons to create a creative space in your children’s room

10 reasons to create a creative space in your children's room(photo: acasaqueaminhavoqueria)

Open a space for the child (or children) to put whatever they want, without too strict rules (and no matter how small), draw, play with canvas, fabrics, paints, paper pens, putty, pencil … and frame or leaving your “works” exposed in some way brings the following benefits:

vmdesignblog6(photo: vmdesignblog)

1) Stimulates motor coordination with the handling of pens, chalk, pencils it will be easier to learn to write, for example.

apartmentromane(photo: apartmenttherapy)

2) Stimulates creativity Want something more important for your child’s future professional success? The space in which he can do “whatever he wants” is an area of ​​experience that he will have in mind in the future.

study architects(photo: asarquitetas)

3) Reinforces self-esteem “Valuing” any child’s autonomous “production” makes him less afraid of being creative and doing original things in the future.

casatreschic5(photo: casatreschic)

4) Stimulates the organization Having his “creation space” defined, the child can learn about limits and it will make it easier for him to learn to organize things in the bedroom.

casatreschic6(photo: casatreschic)

5) Stimulates the senses The touch and the vision, mainly, are “matured” by the contact with colors, textures and diverse materials.

What others are saying(photo: Coisasparacriancas)

20 safe, practical and comfortable baby rooms

quartos de bebê

20 safe, practical and comfortable baby rooms

Let’s be serious: What does a baby really need in his room? I would say – and I think you agree – that: silence, cleanliness, tranquility and security.

20 safe, practical and comfortable baby rooms
This beautiful blue that takes over almost any room, along with white is the perfect example of a combination of colors that reassures. The changer is close to the window and, in this position, it is important to be careful with drafts.

So, the rooms selected here are the ones that seem to offer just that. They are not flashy or full of expensive details and decorations that often just get in the way. It has what they need and that’s not much.

Types of mobiles or carousels to decorate a children’s room


The mobiles or also called carousels, are considered the first toy of the baby. They are very useful and beneficial accessories for their development, since in addition to stimulating their hearing and sight with their different shapes and colors, the circular and pendulum movements of the objects make their crib the perfect resting place, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment. relaxing that will be part of your sleep routine. In this way, in a few days the baby will associate a cradle, mobile and sound with the time of rest and will sleep easily.

mobile baby crib

There are countless mobiles in stores, with sounds of nature, lights that are projected on the walls and ceiling, and those of a lifetime, those made of crochet, felt or fabric made by ourselves or bought in a market or craft store (personally, they are the most endearing).

The prices are very varied, the ones that you will find in the stores range between € 20 and € 80, the more technology, the more expensive, and as expected, the simpler, the cheaper.

In today’s post, we are going to make a small compilation of the types of mobiles that you can use when preparing the nursery for your new baby, and we will also talk about the different places where you can place them or the material that we will have to use to create them by hand. We go with them.

Different types of mobiles. Baby mobiles are classified into two genres, technological and artisanal.

Technological mobiles.

The technological ones are those that you can find in any store specialized in babies or children’s toys, whose sound and lighting effects will be of great help for the relaxation of the baby. They can be made of plastic or soft fabric of the stuffed type. Some are battery operated, and can be hung from the wall or ceiling, attached to the crib, or simply placed on top of a cabinet or bedside table.

Frog-free mobile with sound and light projections.

mobile frog ebay sound effects light
Stuffed frog mobile creates an unbeatable environment, as it contains lullabies and nature sounds. It is not necessary to hang it anywhere, it can be perfectly placed on the table or any nearby furniture. It also has a very relaxing visual effect of moons and stars, as well as an automatic shutdown after 30 minutes. We have found it on Ebay and its price is € 30.07.

Mobile or carousel with clamp for portable cribs.

mobile cradle amazon

This mobile contains soft stuffed animals, a star, a moon and a mirror. It is ideal for portable or travel cribs with bars, as it is held with a clip. It also has a music box that works without batteries. We have found it on Amazon and its price is € 28.50. For more information, click here.

Handmade mobiles.

Handmade mobiles are those that are sewn or carved manually. We can hang them from any place, ceiling, wall or crib. They can be of any gender, from wood, beads, fabric, corduroy, felt, wool, crochet, etc. Personally they are the most endearing, since we can decorate it with the colors and shapes that we like the most.

On Pinterest, we’ve found some handcrafted designs that really are gorgeous, inexpensive, and so easy to make. Let’s see them.

Felt and bead elephant mobile.

mobile elephants bells children's room

Felt aircraft mobile.

Sheep mobile made of wool and cloth.

Crochet bee mobile.

mobile bees children's room

Felt marine mobile.

mobile under the sea children's room

Felt boat mobile.

mobile boats children's room

Wool tassels mobile.

mobile tassels wool children's room

Crochet owls mobile.

mobile owls crochet children's room

Felt owl mobile.

mobile owl swing children's room

Crochet bunnies mobile.

mobile bunnies children's room

Fabric hearts mobile.

mobile hearts children's room

Fabric stars mobile.

mobile stars fabric children's room

Balloons and clouds mobile.

mobile balloons children's room

Owl mobile and swing.

mobile owl swing children's room

Where to put the baby’s mobiles?

The mobiles should be located within the baby’s field of vision, at a distance of 25 to 30 cm. Above his head.
We can place them on the ceiling, on the wall, or hooked to the crib, always in the safest way by anchoring or holding them well to maximize the safety of the baby.

Professionals advise removing the mobile phone or placing it further away, when the child reaches 6 months of age, since in this phase is when he begins to sit down and pick up things with his hands, thus we will prevent the child from pulling it and causing harm .

Helpful tips:

It is very important to choose a nice type of mobile for the baby, far from whether or not it combines with the room or crib clothes.

The color must be striking, but we will avoid excessively loud or strong ones. They must have different color tones so that the contrasts stimulate their color perception from a young age.

They should hang light items, so that the baby can hit them without hurting himself.

It should never interfere with lifting and putting the baby down in the crib.

We hope that these ideas and tips have helped you decide which is the ideal mobile to hang over your little one’s crib. If so, tell us!

15 Ideas to build a climbing wall or childrens climbing wall at home

15 Ideas to build a climbing wall or childrens climbing wall at home

Children love to climb. It is not uncommon to see them at any time climbing up the sofas or bunk beds, it is something they love from a very young age. Therefore today we are going to propose to take advantage of this habit and turn it into a discipline with climbing. building a climbing wall or climbing wall at home. Climbing is considered a very complete sport for the little ones, because in addition to serving as an entertainment and fun game, it also helps them to perfect many physical, psychological and social aspects, thus progressing in their integral development. This discipline helps them to train their motor skills, to awaken coordination, balance, along with resistance and strategy as they discover new movements in a vertical world.


If you are interested in this project, today in Thousand Ideas we are going to show you some ideas to create your own children’s vertical climbing wall at home. You can buy them already made or make them yourself since their components are not excessively expensive and it is very easy to build. And if you also consider yourself some DIY handymen and DIY fans, surely you even enjoy doing it, but not much more than your little ones climbing and climbing on them. Let’s see them:

Children’s climbing panel with inclination.


Corner children’s climbing panel with waterfall drawing and access to the loft.


Children’s climbing panel with rope.


Children’s climbing panel on wall.


Children’s climbing panel on exterior wall.


Child climbing panel on exterior brick wall.


Outdoor children’s climbing panel on garden wall.


Children’s climbing panel made of wood or pallets.


Children’s climbing panel in room.


Children’s climbing panel made of wood for outdoor use.


Children’s climbing panel on the wall of the bunk bed.


Children’s climbing panel in the room with access to the attic.


Children’s climbing panel in room.


Tree-shaped children’s climbing panel.


It is worth mentioning that all protection is little, in specialized sports stores you will find everything you need so that your children do not get hurt when climbing the wall.

It is also advisable as well as logical, to install mats on the ground to cushion any fall without suffering damage.

If you are not very clear about where to start, in Hogar Útil, we have found this tutorial to build a children’s climbing panel, to see it click here.

Photos: Architectureartdesigns.

Back to school. Lovely study spaces for children.


When a child is preparing to study or do homework, it is essential that their work space is as simple as possible, spacious, clean, and without toys or stories that can serve as a distraction.


We know that creating the right study space is not always easy, especially because sometimes we do not have enough space for it, or because we simply do not know what are the essential factors that a child’s room needs so that the long hours of study be as encouraging as possible. For a good structuring of the room, several components must be taken into account, such as lighting, the color of the walls, the decoration, the orientation of the desk, etc. That is why today in Thousand Ideas, we are going to give you some tips and ideas so that the child’s room can also become a perfect room for study.

Children’s room with little space.


When it comes to coupling furniture to small rooms, we always think about how to optimize the space in the children’s room, which is why we always choose to unify them. That is, if a room requires a bed, furniture and desk, a solution is to acquire all three things in one and occupy as little space as possible.

We refer to the type of furniture that you see in the image, which has a bed at the top, a cabinet with drawers at the bottom, and a desk with wheels that is removed from under it each time it is used, and it is hidden again when it is no longer needed. In this way, we will occupy the space vertically, and the children will have more play space in the rest of the room.

Regarding the colors of the room, always opt for light, soft and relaxing colors, neutral colors that cause an effect of spaciousness in the visual field.

Finally we have the lighting, it is not enough to have a single light on the ceiling of the room, we must also illuminate the study area well, and we can do it with a white light lamp adaptable to the desk, there are many types and You can find them in specialized lighting stores for a very affordable price, since in general, they are not too expensive.

More examples for adding a study area in a small room:

In order to create a good workspace in small rooms, it is also advisable to use folding furniture, because as you can see in the image, this study table takes up minimal space when not in use, in addition to also serving as a blackboard for children can draw on it.

pizarra_mesa_estudio_habitacion_pequeña_abierta pizarra_mesa_estudio_habitacion_pequeña

Photo: Mobikids.

The furniture that you see below is another of the fantastic ideas that we have found. It may look like a bookcase on the surface, but this cutie can also become a study desk when needed. Due to its functional design, and modern style, we could say that it is the perfect contribution for a children’s room with reduced space.



Photo: Car-moebel.

Large and bright children’s room.

When our children’s room is big and bright, we can do wonders with it. If we don’t have to optimize the space, we can create a dream room for them with a few tips. Here are some examples.

Taking advantage of natural lighting.


To optimize the light in a children’s study room, a good idea is to install a corner desk under the window to take advantage of the natural lighting in the room.

Divide the study area from the bedroom.


Photo: Dormitoriosdecorar.

If the space of the children’s bedroom allows it, it is advisable to separate the rest and games area from the study. In this way, the child will focus more easily on her tasks.

Children’s rooms to share between two or more children.

When the children’s bedroom has to be shared, and we are lucky that the room is large enough, there is no problem. But if the room is a bit small, and on top of that we have to divide it into two, the matter becomes a little more complicated, but the key is to know how to optimize the space, so that each child can enjoy their study hours without even having to he, nor the brother feel uncomfortable. As for lighting, each child will have to have their own, so we once again remember the lamps we were talking about before, cheap and very functional. And the decoration of the walls, we advise them to be as less overloaded as possible, use soft colors or pastel tones, because if a child gives off too much energy, now with two children, the energy is doubled, so we need colors that invite calm and to relax. To give you an idea, here are some examples of distribution:

A long tabletop desk, for desktop sharing.


A two-story bedroom with separate study spaces.


Photo: Midulcemitad.

Shelves that become workspaces.


Photo: Entrechiquitines.

Rooms separated by zones.


Photo: Juniorliving.

Themed children’s rooms.

Nothing more motivating than having a room according to the child’s tastes or hobbies, it is essential that your adolescent adore their room, so it is advisable that when they reach a certain age, they are the ones who choose their furniture or decoration style, to that when they have to study or do homework, they want to do it in their particular castle. We show you some examples:

Habitación infantil tematizada “ACDC”  para los amantes del buen rock.


Photo: Dormitoriosdecorar.

Themed children’s room for lovers of the underwater world.


Photo: Tegarmobel.

Themed children’s room for motor racing fans.


Photo: Tegarmobel.

Create study areas outside the child’s bedroom.

If the children’s bedroom is not pleasant for your child, either because it does not have enough space or because you cannot get her to focus on her studies, another option is to create a study area outside her comfort habitat. Any room that you have at home can be worth it if you adapt it only and exclusively for study. In this way, you will not have distractions with your toys, and you will know how to distinguish your study hours from your play hours.

The decoration must be as precise as possible, and the color of the walls, as we have already mentioned, must be in neutral and relaxing tones, so that the child can easily find peace when doing homework.

Lighting is important, whether or not that room has a window with natural light, it is essential that the desk has its own lighting. Here are some examples:


Photo: Milkmagazine.


Photo: Mokkasin.


Photo: Konfettiform.

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