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10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom
I hope this post finds everyone well and taking care. I ask you, please, to protect yourselves and protect our elderly people. Stay at home as long as you can, take all precautions, disconnect from the news when it is hurting you. Take care of yourself physically and psychologically.... Read more
15 bedrooms renovated without works and without furniture, spectacular
Renovating a bedroom, the decoration or the style of it, can be achieved in several ways. There are many ways to reach that goal. One of them, the one we are going to see today, is without doing any works and without buying new furniture. In other words, renovating... Read more
17 cheerful, colorful and beautiful double bedrooms
When designing the bedroom of Gloria, a recent client, she asked me for a cheerful, colorful, young, dynamic bedroom, and I loved this proposal, since in general most bedrooms, even well decorated and beautiful, tend to be sober, “boring ”, Monochrome, simple. And despite the fact that a relaxing,... Read more
Bedroom with Bathroom: +50 Models to Use in Your Suite Project
Having a room with a bathroom – the famous suite – is a true consumer dream, don’t you think? And although it seems exclusive to big houses, today we are going to prove that it is possible to have a small room with a bathroom. We separated some incredible... Read more
101 decoration ideas for small bedrooms, rooms and rooms
Looking for ideas to decorate a bedroom, room or small room? Then get ready to satisfy that search with this collection of 101 photos and decorating ideas for small bedrooms that we have collected. They are modern bedrooms, very stylish, naturally, small; Each one has a different decoration, so... Read more