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2021 Trends – Bathrooms and Kitchens

Continuing my research (I’ve already talked about colors and wallpapers) now let’s go to 2021 Trends for Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens? Of course, much of what appears in these areas also appears in other areas of the house. As the colors and also the wallpapers in the washrooms (here we see lots of big florals!)…Well decorated house has unity and harmony, don’t forget!

2021 Trends – Bathrooms and Kitchens

A) Again, the “chic” Industrial Style – As I’ve always been saying, things don’t totally change from one year to the next… Much of what was seen in previous years will continue to be seen.

2019 Trends - Bathrooms and Kitchens

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

Therefore, the industrial style it’s still hot, but the call industrial chic that’s what I see taking hold the most.

2019 trends kitchens

(pay attention to these shades of green and gray blue in the kitchen cabinets) – Photo: desvinter

That heavy industrial and super “do it yourself” (even more with poor finish) I think it will have less and less space. ANDwe still have apparent structures, electrical and hydraulics, but well organized and light. Quality, some lightness and good finish set the tone.

2019 trends bathrooms 2

(photo: Casatreschic)

In the bathrooms, the metals in black and with straight and simple lines seem to be being used more than the “Gold” and there are people betting on the brass and bronze and saying that Red Gold isn’t having that much success… Let’s see.

2019 trends bathrooms 3


O concrete it remains strong and also well finished, worked and clear. Or being more and more imitated in porcelain tiles.

2019 trends kitchens 2

(Photo: Evelyn Muller)

New trend materials for designer bathrooms

New trend materials for designer bathrooms

In recent years there has been a great advance when it comes to materials for bathrooms, especially for designer bathrooms, which use the latest trends.

These materials are not only more aesthetic and durable, but also have advantages such as ease of installation, a dramatic reduction in the cost of time to install, new applications and ultra modern aesthetic finishes, and other advantages that we will see below. , in these 5 new materials for modern design bathrooms.

So, if you plan to renovate the bathroom, keep with me that I am going to present you the latest alternatives for everything, from wall cladding, to showers, to furniture, lighting and decoration.

We start:

Rauvisio from REHAU

Rauviso panels

The Rauvisio from REHAU is one of the latest bathroom materials that has burst onto the scene of interior decoration for its many advantages and finishes.

A material that, among other things, has displaced the classic tile to cover the walls. With that I tell you everything now.

This new element called Rauvisio is a material in the form of panels with different colors and finishes that has multiple applications, being installed easily and much faster than other more traditional methods, and with a more refined, modern and professional finish.

This type of panel can be used to cover the walls of the bathroom, thus dispensing with the tiles.

It can also be used to create mirrored walls or surfaces, as well as to cover furniture, so, thanks to its versatility, we can use Rauvisio for almost any application we want.

These panels, depending on the model, are fine MDF boards of the highest quality, to which a polymeric laminate is installed, with different finishes, to give rise to one Rauvisio product or another.

Let’s take a closer look at it, because it’s worth it.

Now that we know what it is and what it is for, we must also highlight its different finishes.

On the one hand we have the Rauvisio Brillant.

Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2021

tendencias nos banheiros - banheiro com paginação diferente

This selection of toilets and bathrooms is special: it shows a lot of what will be with everything in 2021. And don’t forget to take a look at what I said last year about 2021 trends in bathrooms and kitchens, because virtually all trends in bathrooms are still on the rise. Things do not change drastically from one year to the next (although some want it to look that way …)

Bathroom trends – Carved tubs

Carving the vats is fashionable and is a great idea for small bathrooms, because you have a lot of freedom in the sizes of the vats. It is light and the straight lines make cleaning easier, but, since the drains are, in general, hidden and there are cracks for the water to drain, these should be cleaned frequently.

They can be made of different materials (marble – the lightest ones can easily stain), granite, Nanoglass, Silestone (quartz in general), wood, concrete or porcelain) and are more expensive, in general, than the ready-made vats. They may also have ramps or not (see photos). In this case, the water goes down to the crevices that are in the deepest part, and it is better that the tap is on this side, to avoid splashing. In the case of a straight bottom the water goes to the sides of the removable plate.

10 modern design and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom

10 modern design and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom

“It’s the little details that make the difference.” This phrase that you have heard more than once, I can assure you, as an interior designer, that there is nothing more true in this field.

I have seen projects spoiled by not taking care of these little details. As well as I have seen that making small changes and taking care of the small details, have achieved spectacular results.

In a bathroom this becomes even more important, since there are many small details that have a great relevance, beyond the wall or floor covering and sanitary ware, such as the taps, the worktop or, especially, the sink.

It is these small accessories that make the difference between a normal bathroom or a spectacular bathroom. That is why I have prepared 10 modern design and customizable sinks, so that you can choose the perfect washbasin to finish off your bathroom. We are going to see them and I will tell you about their characteristics and nuances.

ZenPlus washbasin

ZenPlus design washbasin

A beautiful countertop washbasin of modern design that just by looking at it there are no words.

Asymmetrically cut, it can create a touch of class and a focal point in any bathroom, be it Nordic style, such a cutting edge style these days, as well as in any other style.

And not only for its innovative design, since as I said before, these sinks that I have prepared can also be customized to adapt them to your bathroom and choose it in two colors.

That is, on the inside of the washbasin in pure white and on the outside, available in up to 10 RAL colors available that we see below:

RAL colors for designer washbasins

Thus, if you want to add a touch of color to the bathroom, for example, in the elegant Pink Mink, you would have a sink as beautiful as you can see below:

ZenPlus Mink Pink design washbasin

Don’t tell me it has no personality. This is a bathroom with all the details taken care of.

Let’s look at another model.

OvulaPlus washbasin

OvulaPlus design washbasin

Inspired by the linear and continuous path of a drop of water, this is a washbasin with great personality that will make the difference between a normal bathroom and a designer bathroom with character.

This sink can be found not only suspended but also embedded in case you prefer or need a countertop furniture in the bathroom.

In addition, although in the image we see the large format, 2 meters wide, it is also available in other smaller sizes to be able to adapt it to smaller bathrooms.

Like all the sinks that we are seeing and are going to see, it is made with SurfacePlus, a classic material already in the design of these elements due to its great resistance to water and chemicals, as well as for its durability and for the soft and pleasant touch of its surface that imitates natural stone.

It is from the Mundilite firm and you can see more details on their website.

Let’s look at another modern design washbasin.

Rustic bathrooms with a modern decoration to innovate at home

Rustic bathrooms with a modern decoration to innovate at home

At Ideas para Remodelar we are constantly looking for a solution to each problem. So we see the need to share ideas of rustic bathrooms with modern decorations. So that the bathroom decoration look eye-catching and shine 100% we recommend you settle in and join us in this post that will provide you with many useful solutions. At the end we invite you to follow us on our social networks. To keep you informed of all news updates. We started!

How to decorate a rustic bathroom and combine it with modern decorations

First of all, we know that rustic design is seen as a difficult style to carry out but we have a way to disprove this theory. In general, rustic bathrooms usually have wooden decorations. These woods can be found in doors, furniture, beams and railings, but we will add decorations on floors and walls.

So that our rustic bathrooms acquire modern decorations, we must select some Wooden furniture that are soft tones, or dark but bright. Bathrooms with these characteristics usually combine in a better way with white taps, as seen in the images. Lighting is essential so that our bathroom does not look dull in the event that we decide to use some dark wood furniture. Possibly to keep the space in optimal condition it would be a good idea to use the “varnish”. In this way our furniture or shelves will not lose the color that keeps the environment alive.

Finally, if we want to carry out a rustic decor in the bathroom we must acquire an old piece in it. Since they are elementary in the decoration of this style. Now, it is time to go to our image gallery where we will see multiple designs of rustic interior decoration. Here we go!

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