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Tresarca House Las Vegas, Nevada
Located in the city of Las Vegas, Casa Tresarca is a true architectural dream. Designed by Assemblage Studio, with a modern mesh facade and desert greenery, this home becomes a true oasis to behold. With direct connection between indoors and outdoors, this residence has everything its owners wanted. With... Read more
Container house – The dream home?
In the past, containers were used only to efficiently transport large quantities of goods, as temporary accommodation in emergencies and renovations, or as accommodation on large construction sites. Today the containers are also used in another way – in the field of modern architecture. Recently, especially in the USA,... Read more
Passive house – The energy-efficient house of the future
This is not a trademark, but a formidable building standard that is not only environmentally friendly but inexpensive, convenient and really energy efficient. The Passive House has many useful features, which is why many construction and environmental experts are convinced that it will soon prevail as the energy-efficient home... Read more
Really fantastic houseboats
With seas, lakes, and rivers taking up much of the Earth’s surface, it was only a matter of time before the structures typical of the land begin to make their way to the water. Already in the early 1900s – and probably earlier, the concept of a house on... Read more
Modern garden houses: The uniqueness of the tree house
Modern garden sheds today have a strange representative, which is gaining more and more popularity – the tree house. The unique beauty of the tree house What is a tree house? A quiet place where you can dream for the future, place of happy children’s games or rather an... Read more
Sustainable Show 2019 at Down Syndrome Foundation
This is one of those architectural, interior design and decoration events that we signed below in view of the social imprint, of appeal sustainable and from creativity that inspires people to transform and reuse resources already available. Environment 1 – Box Office / Library – CM2 Casarin Monteiro Architecture... Read more
6 ways to prevent moisture in your home
Did you know that moisture besides damaging your home is also harmful to the health of the people living in it? From the growth and spread of mold, super hazardous to the health of your family, to the compromised structure of the residence, there are many reasons to avoid... Read more
My trip to Europe – Part 4 – Vatican
And continuing this sharing of my trip to Europe with you, now I will speak and show you a little of the Vatican. Although it is so close to the hotel where I stayed I was able to walk (do not go because you will be walking there soooo... Read more
My trip to Europe – Part 5 – Lisbon
And finally I reach the end of my trip: Lisbon. And I will tell you: I should have separated more days for this beautiful and welcoming city, which won my heart still on the plane. 25 de Abril Bridge, which connects Lisbon to Almada, view of the plane, on... Read more
Footer – All you need to know to choose the best
With so much choice of skirting boards for the home – rooms and bedrooms, kitchens and service areas, bathrooms and toilets, not to mention the outdoor areas and commercial environments – has become more complicated. To get it right you need to study the options and consider the needs,... Read more
Do you really want a modern decor or architecture for your home?
Many people use the term Modern When should I speak? Contemporary. And vice versa. Many believe that Modern and Contemporary are synonymous. But they are not. In fact, the Modern He’s alive, but he’s old-fashioned, see? Living room with modern furniture: Chair Barcelona (by Mies Van der Rohe, Chair... Read more
To build a less hot summer house
Summer came and with it a almost unbearable heat (here in Rio de Janeiro is crazy!). So, thinking of all the houses I’ve ever seen built in such a way that accumulate heat and make everything worse.I decided to look for you. tips which help to avoid this common... Read more