Potted Gardens

Do you want to have a garden but don’t have large spaces? Create potted gardens!

It could be that your backyard has been concreted and the flowerbed that used to be in front of the house is now a garage. It may be that you live in an apartment without a balcony or balcony.

That’s right, the spaces were reduced and the beds were eliminated to facilitate or reduce the work. But you are missing connecting with the nature that you are an integral part of. What to do?

You can even take advantage of small spaces no matter how small.

potted gardens - small spaces
Photo by Lina Kivaka de Pexels

Here we notice a house with no setback, that is, with a facade next to the sidewalk, but there was no lack of a small gardener and a few plants.

yellow house with small garden and bibThgusstavo Santana’s photo on Pexels

This old house has a small garden setback and a small gardener..

These two examples show the need we have to have plants around us. But where to start?

How about creating your potted garden? If you cheered up, follow the 4 special tips:

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