51 Floating Shelves To Reinvigorate Your Empty Wall Space

Floating shelves do away with the brackets, hangers, and accessories of their more traditional counterparts – their beautiful minimalism making them among the most flexible shelf options available. The placement possibilities are almost endless, able to be hung high or low or between other items that may already occupy your walls. And they can be used for so many purposes, from organizing everyday essentials to displaying your favorite objets d’art. We’ve compiled a list of 51 floating wall shelves for every style, each one available online so you can get right to the redecorating.


Solid Wood Floating Shelf Set: Crafted from solid paulownia wood with a deep weathered finish, this floating shelf set features solid durability and timeless style. Like most simple floating shelf designs, these attach to the wall with an included cantilever metal attachment.


Vanity Floating Shelf: While many floating shelves are intended to keep a low profile to emphasize the objects atop them, others go bold with an attractive decorative style all their own. This floating shelf features a round mirror and a smooth minimalistic finish for smart mid-century modern appeal.


Wood 36-Inch Floating Shelf: This super thick floating wall shelf captures attention with its bold profile. This piece is available in a rustic brown or minimalistic white finish. Select from two sizes – 36″ long or 24″ long.


Curved Small Floating Shelf: Inspired by the elegant shelf mushrooms that that grace the sides of trees in nature, the Fungi floating shelf delights with its smooth organic shape. The size makes this piece ideal for occasional use in areas like entryways, by the bedside, or grouped together in a creative arrangement. Select from three finishes to best suit your space.


Umbra Invisible Floating Bookshelf Set: Although not a true floating shelf because the hanger portion is visible when the shelf is empty, these Umbra accents create the perfect floating illusion when filled with books. Simply place the bottom book with the shelf between the back cover and the pages, and a tiny hidden prong will hold the cover closed. This completely obscures the shelf to create an intriguing optical illusion your guests are sure to ask about.

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