2021 Trends – Bathrooms and Kitchens

Continuing my research (I’ve already talked about colors and wallpapers) now let’s go to 2021 Trends for Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens? Of course, much of what appears in these areas also appears in other areas of the house. As the colors and also the wallpapers in the washrooms (here we see lots of big florals!)…Well decorated house has unity and harmony, don’t forget!

2021 Trends – Bathrooms and Kitchens

A) Again, the “chic” Industrial Style – As I’ve always been saying, things don’t totally change from one year to the next… Much of what was seen in previous years will continue to be seen.

2019 Trends - Bathrooms and Kitchens

(photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

Therefore, the industrial style it’s still hot, but the call industrial chic that’s what I see taking hold the most.

2019 trends kitchens

(pay attention to these shades of green and gray blue in the kitchen cabinets) – Photo: desvinter

That heavy industrial and super “do it yourself” (even more with poor finish) I think it will have less and less space. ANDwe still have apparent structures, electrical and hydraulics, but well organized and light. Quality, some lightness and good finish set the tone.

2019 trends bathrooms 2

(photo: Casatreschic)

In the bathrooms, the metals in black and with straight and simple lines seem to be being used more than the “Gold” and there are people betting on the brass and bronze and saying that Red Gold isn’t having that much success… Let’s see.

2019 trends bathrooms 3


O concrete it remains strong and also well finished, worked and clear. Or being more and more imitated in porcelain tiles.

2019 trends kitchens 2

(Photo: Evelyn Muller)

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