Decorate your farmhouse style home for fall

Ideas para decorar la sala fall winter

Decorate your farmhouse-style living room for fall

In general, the living room is the most elegant space in the house and we like to keep it formal. To achieve that autumn look in your farmhouse-style living room, simply place a delicate blanket or throw on the sofa and a white pumpkin on the coffee table. And to make your room complete, place a candle with the fragrance of pumpkin. They are divine!

ideas to decorate the house in the style of farmhouse houses Photo: @caligirlinasouthernworld

pumpkin scented candle for fall

Now if you want to add some color to the room, then add some orange and green pumpkins to liven up the space.

Ideas to decorate the living room fall winterPhoto: @caligirlinasouthernworld
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