10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom

cabeceira para quarto pequeno

I hope this post finds everyone well and taking care. I ask you, please, to protect yourselves and protect our elderly people. Stay at home as long as you can, take all precautions, disconnect from the news when it is hurting you. Take care of yourself physically and psychologically.

When we have a small room we are always looking for a way to store things that never fit in the existing space. Only the bedding already occupies a lot of space and still has all the clothes of the person or couple, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, bags, makeup products, perfumes, lingerie… .Wow! It is a lot of things!

So I selected 10 ideas for you to make the most of the space of your small room.

Bed with Chest – great for a small room!

box chest bed for small room
Photo: Casa venice

If you can exchange your common bed or box for a chest you will discover a world of space to store bedding. Prefer to keep the ones from the next season (for example: If it is winter, keep the summer ones) to avoid always raising your bed to get your clothes.

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