Trends in home appliances in 2021

Trends in home appliances in 2021

Not only furniture and decoration are subject to the cycle of trends, so are household appliances, as they are undergoing greater and greater changes, new ones appear that make our lives easier, and manufacturers innovate to create more efficient and effective appliances.

And that is what we are going to see today, 5 trends in appliances 2021, in case you want to have your kitchen up-to-date, know what is currently the most demanded. We started.

Oil-free fryers

Mellewere oil-free fryer

Melleware Oil Free Fryer

This relatively new appliance is one of the most demanded lately, as it allows us to enjoy the advantages of fried foods, but without frying them with oil. Thus, the public enemy number 1 of the kitchen, fried foods, due to their high fat content, is eliminated from the equation when we enjoy some crispy “fried” potatoes or delicious croquettes or other delicacies that we cannot afford on a daily basis if we used a fryer with old-fashioned oil.

And the fact is, oil-free fryers use high-temperature air currents to cook and toast food, making it possible to fry them without using a drop of oil, if you don’t want to, since there are some recipes that can be added a little .

Another advantage of oil-free fryers is their price, since, although there are models that can cost almost € 300, we also have others much cheaper and tremendously efficient for approximately € 50, such as these models that we see above. of these lines and that we can buy here at Mellerware, also available in blue.

Thus, it is not surprising that this appliance is one of the most popular in 2021, being one of the most demanded by consumers.

Let’s look at another trend in home appliances:

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