Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2021

tendencias nos banheiros - banheiro com paginação diferente

This selection of toilets and bathrooms is special: it shows a lot of what will be with everything in 2021. And don’t forget to take a look at what I said last year about 2021 trends in bathrooms and kitchens, because virtually all trends in bathrooms are still on the rise. Things do not change drastically from one year to the next (although some want it to look that way …)

Bathroom trends – Carved tubs

Carving the vats is fashionable and is a great idea for small bathrooms, because you have a lot of freedom in the sizes of the vats. It is light and the straight lines make cleaning easier, but, since the drains are, in general, hidden and there are cracks for the water to drain, these should be cleaned frequently.

They can be made of different materials (marble – the lightest ones can easily stain), granite, Nanoglass, Silestone (quartz in general), wood, concrete or porcelain) and are more expensive, in general, than the ready-made vats. They may also have ramps or not (see photos). In this case, the water goes down to the crevices that are in the deepest part, and it is better that the tap is on this side, to avoid splashing. In the case of a straight bottom the water goes to the sides of the removable plate.

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