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Trends in home appliances in 2021

Trends in home appliances in 2021

Not only furniture and decoration are subject to the cycle of trends, so are household appliances, as they are undergoing greater and greater changes, new ones appear that make our lives easier, and manufacturers innovate to create more efficient and effective appliances.

And that is what we are going to see today, 5 trends in appliances 2021, in case you want to have your kitchen up-to-date, know what is currently the most demanded. We started.

Oil-free fryers

Mellewere oil-free fryer

Melleware Oil Free Fryer

This relatively new appliance is one of the most demanded lately, as it allows us to enjoy the advantages of fried foods, but without frying them with oil. Thus, the public enemy number 1 of the kitchen, fried foods, due to their high fat content, is eliminated from the equation when we enjoy some crispy “fried” potatoes or delicious croquettes or other delicacies that we cannot afford on a daily basis if we used a fryer with old-fashioned oil.

And the fact is, oil-free fryers use high-temperature air currents to cook and toast food, making it possible to fry them without using a drop of oil, if you don’t want to, since there are some recipes that can be added a little .

Another advantage of oil-free fryers is their price, since, although there are models that can cost almost € 300, we also have others much cheaper and tremendously efficient for approximately € 50, such as these models that we see above. of these lines and that we can buy here at Mellerware, also available in blue.

Thus, it is not surprising that this appliance is one of the most popular in 2021, being one of the most demanded by consumers.

Let’s look at another trend in home appliances:

Trends in bathrooms and toilets 2021

tendencias nos banheiros - banheiro com paginação diferente

This selection of toilets and bathrooms is special: it shows a lot of what will be with everything in 2021. And don’t forget to take a look at what I said last year about 2021 trends in bathrooms and kitchens, because virtually all trends in bathrooms are still on the rise. Things do not change drastically from one year to the next (although some want it to look that way …)

Bathroom trends – Carved tubs

Carving the vats is fashionable and is a great idea for small bathrooms, because you have a lot of freedom in the sizes of the vats. It is light and the straight lines make cleaning easier, but, since the drains are, in general, hidden and there are cracks for the water to drain, these should be cleaned frequently.

They can be made of different materials (marble – the lightest ones can easily stain), granite, Nanoglass, Silestone (quartz in general), wood, concrete or porcelain) and are more expensive, in general, than the ready-made vats. They may also have ramps or not (see photos). In this case, the water goes down to the crevices that are in the deepest part, and it is better that the tap is on this side, to avoid splashing. In the case of a straight bottom the water goes to the sides of the removable plate.

How to optimize your wardrobe organization?

roupas no cabide

Learning how to organize your wardrobes is essential, especially if the furniture is compact or if you live in a small apartment.

This task is very relevant, so much so that you can hire a professional specialized in organizing the closet and wardrobes, the personal organizer, a profession that is growing in Brazil.

How to optimize your wardrobe organization - personal organizer wardrobes

Those who cannot or do not want to hire a professional to organize the wardrobe, can apply some simple but efficient techniques to keep the furniture organized.

Blue rooms: ideas to decorate in the summer

ideas para decorar salas azules modernas

Summer is coming and blues and greens become fashionable in decoration. The trends in summer interior design invite us to decorate our spaces with colors that evoke the infinite sea. Today we want to present you these blue room ideas that will inspire you to decorate your home this summer. Keep reading and don’t miss these tips to decorate a room in blue.

ideas to decorate blue rooms in Mediterranean style    Mediterranean style room with blue curtains. Via

Don’t Have Space To Plant Your Plants? Here An Idea With Recycled Material.

Don't Have Space To Plant Your Plants?  Here An Idea With Recycled Material.

This time I will show you a trick that you can use in your home if you don’t have enough space to plant your plants. It is made with only recycled material, therefore, you will not get any problem in getting the materials.

The best of all is that it is very easy to do and you do not need to use many materials, in addition, the ones you will need are only recycling. It is a very good idea to plant two in one. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Learn with this step by step how to save space for your plants with recycling material.

Materials to need:

  • A 10 liter plastic bottle.
  • Knife.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Meter.
  • Marker.
  • Saw.
  • PVC plastic tube.
  • Cautin.
  • Paint the color of your preference.
  • Brush.
  • Land.
  • Plants to plant.



First, take your 10-liter bottle, remove the plastic from the spout, the bandage that is in the center, until it is completely simple. With the help of your blade, cut it so that the upper part is a little smaller than the lower part.

Image author: 5T1 Balcony / YouTube


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