New trend materials for designer bathrooms

New trend materials for designer bathrooms

In recent years there has been a great advance when it comes to materials for bathrooms, especially for designer bathrooms, which use the latest trends.

These materials are not only more aesthetic and durable, but also have advantages such as ease of installation, a dramatic reduction in the cost of time to install, new applications and ultra modern aesthetic finishes, and other advantages that we will see below. , in these 5 new materials for modern design bathrooms.

So, if you plan to renovate the bathroom, keep with me that I am going to present you the latest alternatives for everything, from wall cladding, to showers, to furniture, lighting and decoration.

We start:

Rauvisio from REHAU

Rauviso panels

The Rauvisio from REHAU is one of the latest bathroom materials that has burst onto the scene of interior decoration for its many advantages and finishes.

A material that, among other things, has displaced the classic tile to cover the walls. With that I tell you everything now.

This new element called Rauvisio is a material in the form of panels with different colors and finishes that has multiple applications, being installed easily and much faster than other more traditional methods, and with a more refined, modern and professional finish.

This type of panel can be used to cover the walls of the bathroom, thus dispensing with the tiles.

It can also be used to create mirrored walls or surfaces, as well as to cover furniture, so, thanks to its versatility, we can use Rauvisio for almost any application we want.

These panels, depending on the model, are fine MDF boards of the highest quality, to which a polymeric laminate is installed, with different finishes, to give rise to one Rauvisio product or another.

Let’s take a closer look at it, because it’s worth it.

Now that we know what it is and what it is for, we must also highlight its different finishes.

On the one hand we have the Rauvisio Brillant.

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