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Decoration trends Spring Summer 2021 Decoration trends Spring Summer 2021
Each season brings new trends in interior design. And this Spring Summer 2021 the decoration will be betting on everything neutral and natural. The... Decoration trends Spring Summer 2021

Each season brings new trends in interior design. And this Spring Summer 2021 the decoration will be betting on everything neutral and natural. The purpose is to create a home environment of well-being and that the elements can bring freshness. Natural accessories are versatile and stand out in decorations. In addition we will be seeing the curved furniture in all its apogee, the wood and the natural fibers contributing their warmth to our spaces.

trends in furniture spring summer 2021.

We spoke with Interior Designer Catherine A. González, who told us about the trends that will continue to be talked about during Spring Summer 2021. One of the decorative pieces that will continue to be a trend this season will be wood, it is the one that will continue to be the protagonist not only on a table, but also in ceiling cladding or simulating beams, used on floors and even on walls or stairs. By combining this type of light wood with walls in neutral tones it creates a beautiful contrast. The mixture of natural elements will make your decoration one in total harmony. Wood, stones, candles, water fountains, metals and plants are the most important elements that we must have in our decoration ”.

accessories to decorate the spring-summer housePhoto: Catherine Interiors

Keep reading and find out what will be a trend in decoration this season.

Curved Furniture in the Spring Summer 2021 decoration

Curved furniture has been shining for a few seasons, but this Spring summer they become the protagonists of our interiors. One of the attractions of this furniture is that its curved design makes the pieces look more modern and exclusive, providing a glamorous touch to any environment. Undoubtedly, the curved sofa is the protagonist of the house, but also the chairs, armchairs and dining rooms will shine during this Spring Summer 2021.

trends in furniture spring summer 2021Photo:Ananda
trends in curved furniture for the housePhoto: Krone Furniture


The focus for this season should be to create an atmosphere of well-being in homes. The use of natural elements provides that feeling of tranquility and relaxation that is sought to convey. Wood is one of the elements that is being innovated and used in different ways. On this occasion, the trend is wood in its different shades and finishes. The dark hue will not be the strong of the season, but rather lighter colors such as raw wood, the color of natural logs and the grain of the wood.

fashion wooden furniturePhoto: Krone Furniture

Natural Fiber Furniture

Natural fiber furniture is a classic that returns this year and represents the beauty of nature in your home. Add the feeling of living in a warm and cozy place. Wicker and rattan furniture create cooler rooms and create a balance as they fit in perfectly with other decorative pieces.

furniture in fashionable natural fibers


An element that is very much in vogue is the Pampas. This exotic plant from South America is a natural trend that is very popular for its foxtail appearance or as it is also called pampa grass. You can combine it with your rustic, boho or minimalist style. The point is that at this time you must have pampas in your house yes or yes.

accessories and pampas to decorate in spring summer 2021Photo: Johanna Cosme Interiors


Macrame is back on trend and being acclaimed in homes. These pieces in knot designs can be used in various areas of the house in the form of curtains, wall hangings, centerpieces, bed covers, lamps, runners or ornaments.

macrame to decorate the housePhoto: Nus by Alé
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