Decorate the house in gold this winter

color dorado

The golden color adorns our houses during this winter. And as always the gold brings us a luxurious, opulent and sophisticated decoration, capable of adapting to different styles, without losing its beauty and natural warmth.

El Dorado dresses the house this winter

Although this Christmas, gold is going to take over the decoration of the tree and the table, we anticipate, to prepare the ideal atmosphere. Welcome to the Golden season of decoration!


The golden color is the decorative ally that never fails. The gold rooms convey luxury, but they are also warm and comfortable. From large pieces, such as tables or dressers, to lamps, chandeliers and ornaments, without forgetting textiles and decorative papers, which add to this home trend.


The gold color becomes the focal point of the decoration and combined with neutrals such as white, gray or black, it looks majestic. The metallics as well as the neutral colors combine with almost everything, so decorating your house with gold will always be a success. Although yes, you should not recharge the spaces with the golden color.


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