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Blue rooms: ideas to decorate in the summer Blue rooms: ideas to decorate in the summer
Summer is coming and blues and greens become fashionable in decoration. The trends in summer interior design invite us to decorate our spaces with... Blue rooms: ideas to decorate in the summer

Summer is coming and blues and greens become fashionable in decoration. The trends in summer interior design invite us to decorate our spaces with colors that evoke the infinite sea. Today we want to present you these blue room ideas that will inspire you to decorate your home this summer. Keep reading and don’t miss these tips to decorate a room in blue.

ideas to decorate blue rooms in Mediterranean style    Mediterranean style room with blue curtains. Via idealhome.co.uk

Ideas to decorate the blue room

Blue goes well with any style, so it doesn’t matter if your decor is coastal, Scandinavian, farmhouse, modern, tropical or minimalist, you can go for blue this season. There are many options to integrate blue into your decoration and they range from adding accessories in this tone to painting the back wall of the room.

Ideas to decorate a Scandinavian living room with blue cushionsScandinavian style blue room. Photo: @immyandindi

Shades of blue to decorate the room

When it comes to decorating blue rooms, all shades are worth it. Navy blue, sky blue, baby blue, and even bright tones like indigo blue, the important thing is that you use the tone that you like the most and that you combine it well. And if you are a lover of turquoise, they are also worth within the range of blues for your living room. Some perfect colors to combine with blue are white, earth tones, yellow and gray.

blue roomsMid Century blue room. Photo: studio-mcgee

The blue in the living room cushions

If you are not a lover of drastic changes in decoration, you can choose to add blue decorative cushions and accessories to your room. It is the fastest way to integrate blue into the atmosphere of your home. The advantage of integrating the beautiful blue with cushions and accessories, is that you can change them by season and place your favorite color during each season of the year.

ideas to decorate living room with white sofa and blue cushions

Sofa with blue cushions. Photo:heritagedesigninteriors.com

modern blue abstract design cushions

Blue furniture, do you dare?

If, on the other hand, you love changes and striking decorations, blue furniture is ideal for your living room. Of course, you should keep the walls in light and neutral tones to achieve balance.

ideas to decorate modern blue roomsPhoto: brit.co

Paint the room blue

If you are a little more risky and you love drastic changes in decoration, go ahead and paint the room blue. If your room is spacious, you can paint all the walls your favorite blue. Of course, use light neutral furniture to hire, preferably white or light cream. But if your living room is small, then it will look better if you paint only the back wall of the sofa.

ideas to paint the living room blueRoom with blue walls. Photo: neimanmarcus.com

To complement your decoration you can use a blue area rug or with a neutral background and blue stripes or designs. It will give a refreshing touch to your decoration.

ideas to decorate the room with bluePhoto: lynnmorgandesign.com
blue patterned rugs for the living room

Coastal style blue rooms

The blue rooms are perfect for apartments or beach houses, but do not limit yourself only to the living room, take the zul also to the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. And if you want to give a total look summery to your home, add accessories with marine motifs such as seashells and starfish. Natural fibers are also part of the coastal decoration, they provide warmth and a tropical style to spaces.

ideas for a blue coastal style living roomCoastal room. Photo: workshopapd.com
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