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Tank pools: meet the famous stock tank pools Tank pools: meet the famous stock tank pools
They have gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest, and they are also perfect for cooling off in the backyard. What are we talking about?... Tank pools: meet the famous stock tank pools

They have gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest, and they are also perfect for cooling off in the backyard. What are we talking about? We refer to stock tank pools, those fabulous tank pools that have become a trend this summer. Now that due to the pandemic we cannot visit public swimming pools and we spend a lot of time at home, tank pools are becoming a simple, inexpensive and very fun option.

ideas to paint stock tank pool or tank poolStock tank pool yellow. Photo: @shabbysoleil

But what is a tank pool?

The origin of these tanks is very humble and comes from the farms, where they were filled to give water to cattle, horses, goats and sheep. Now these stock tanks made of galvanized steel are being reused recreationally, turning them into picturesque pools. Most of these tanks are about 2 feet deep, so they are great for cooling off at home.

how to paint tank poolsPhoto: @yourbirdcansing

Cost and maintenance of stock tank pools

Tank pools are fairly inexpensive and require very little maintenance. You can get them for an initial cost of $ 50 in the United States, and you can paint or customize it to your liking. As for maintenance, you can keep it clean with a small filter pump. If the water starts to get dirty for any reason, just drain and refill.

stock tank pools best ideasPhoto: @arrowsandawe

The stock tank pools, also known as cowboy pools, have become all the rage among DIY (do-it-yourself) fans. So much so that we see DIY enthusiasts placing them in their outdoor spaces, proposing all kinds of creative solutions to personalize pools. Incredible hand-painted designs to achieve original and fun spaces. With tank pools you can create environments for all styles: rustic, bohemian, modern, minimalist and tropical.

how to paint stock tank poolsPhoto: @whitface

How to paint tank pools

Paint a stock tank pool It can be a lot of fun, you can also create the design of your choice. Paint your tank pool in solid colors, or with creative designs with stripes, geometric shapes, flowers, fish or flamingos. The idea is that your pool looks very original and create a cozy atmosphere. Ashley from athomewithashley.com recommends metal spray paint for painting your tank pool. You can see his full tutorial in the link to his website.

how to paint a stock tank pool

Ideas for decorating the tank pool area

There are many options when it comes to decorating the area of ​​your stock tank pool. If you want to achieve a rustic atmosphere, you can opt to leave your pool in its original metallic color and create a wooden platform next to it. Nothing warmer than wood combined with a metallic gray. And to give it that romantic touch, put some string lights in the zone.

ideas for decorating tank poolsPhoto: @brandon_coston

Now what if you want a look a bit more modern, paint your tank pool matte black. Place planters modern and river stones to complement.

ideas for placing tank poolsPhoto: emersongreydesigns.com

If you want a tropical setting, a great idea is to line your tank pool with bamboo. You can leave it in its natural color or paint it in your favorite color. To complete the look places, tropical plants, flamingos and some hints of orange.

ideas to decorate tank poolPhoto: @delightinthedesert

For a minimalist look, paint your pool white and set it on black stones. Create pathways with concrete slabs to facilitate access to the pool. Choose white patio furniture, and refresh the area with natural plants.

the best ideas for decorating tank pool areaPhoto: @barefootbrunettelifestyle

Place your stock tank pool under a pergola. You will create the perfect environment.

pink stock tank pool ideasPhoto: @werethejoneses

Finally, don’t forget to buy a giant float in the shape of a swan or flamingo!

giant flamingo float
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