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Rustic bathrooms with a modern decoration to innovate at home

Rustic bathrooms with a modern decoration to innovate at home

At Ideas para Remodelar we are constantly looking for a solution to each problem. So we see the need to share ideas of rustic bathrooms with modern decorations. So that the bathroom decoration look eye-catching and shine 100% we recommend you settle in and join us in this post that will provide you with many useful solutions. At the end we invite you to follow us on our social networks. To keep you informed of all news updates. We started!

How to decorate a rustic bathroom and combine it with modern decorations

First of all, we know that rustic design is seen as a difficult style to carry out but we have a way to disprove this theory. In general, rustic bathrooms usually have wooden decorations. These woods can be found in doors, furniture, beams and railings, but we will add decorations on floors and walls.

So that our rustic bathrooms acquire modern decorations, we must select some Wooden furniture that are soft tones, or dark but bright. Bathrooms with these characteristics usually combine in a better way with white taps, as seen in the images. Lighting is essential so that our bathroom does not look dull in the event that we decide to use some dark wood furniture. Possibly to keep the space in optimal condition it would be a good idea to use the “varnish”. In this way our furniture or shelves will not lose the color that keeps the environment alive.

Finally, if we want to carry out a rustic decor in the bathroom we must acquire an old piece in it. Since they are elementary in the decoration of this style. Now, it is time to go to our image gallery where we will see multiple designs of rustic interior decoration. Here we go!

15 Beautiful Garden Decoration Ideas With Tires

Check out these 15 beautiful ideas to decorate your garden with recycled tires! These great images will help you decorate your garden in an original way.

There are a variety of ideas to decorate the garden with tires in a simple and economical way, so you will not spend a lot of money to make this beautiful craft. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Beautiful Decoration Ideas With Tires For Gardens


COLORFUL HANGED TIRES: Recycle several tires, reuse them as flower pots, but first, paint them in different colors and hang in the garden.

Look Here How To Transform Old Flip Flops Into Beautiful Sandals In A Unique And Original Way

Old Flip Flops Into Beautiful Sandals In A Unique And Original Way

Don’t throw away your broken pigs! This step by step will help you make beautiful sandals using old flip flops and scraps of fabric. They are easy to make and very beautiful, you will like them!

The good thing about this craft is that you can design your sandals in the model and color that you like the most. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Transform Old Flip Flops Into Beautiful Sandals

You do not need many materials to make these sandals, you can even decorate them with what you have at home. For now I show you these step by step and then you can design them to your liking.


  • Pieces of cloth
  • Old or new flip flops
  • Pins
  • Nylon needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cold sylicon
  • Flip-flop hole size pearls
  • Gripper




Take the mold and place it on the fabric, you will cut two equal pieces, then join the pieces right side with right side and place one on the other. and then you will sew around the edge with the sewing machine.

Leave an opening at the bottom and once you have sewn the pieces of fabric, you turn it over. Help yourself with the tip of the scissors to get to the corners.


Now you will make a strip, the measurement will depend on the width of your foot, therefore you must calculate the measurement according to your foot. The strip should be rectangular and approximately 4 cm thick.

Fold the fabric up on the wrong side and sew only the top edge, then flip it over so it is on the right side. You will make 4 of these strips, it would be two strips for each sandal.


Next, cut the plastic strips of the flip flops with the scissors and remove everything. Then with the pins you will hold the strips.


Place the crossed straps and secure them to the edge of the flip flop using pins. You should also place the pieces of fabric that you have sewn using the mold at the bottom of the flip flop.


Then you will begin to sew the flip flops with a sturdy needle that is large and thick: thread the needle with the nylon thread and proceed to sew the straps of the sandals. Use a pliers to help you sew with the needle.


Fold over the protruding flap of the flip flop at its bottom and sew. Make a thin strip using the same procedure above and insert the strip through the hole.


Next and using a piece of velcro, you will stick with the hot glue gun right on the edges of both straps of the flip flops. Do a little pressure so that the velcro is well attached.


Make a fabric bow and glue with hot glue right in the center of the crossed straps of the flip flops to decorate them. Next you will use the pearls to cover the holes of the flip flops with hot silicone.

Pay on the edge strips of small pearls to decorate and cover the seam of the strips of the flip flops, and once this last step is ready you can use your sandals.

And that’s how beautiful your transformed sandals will be.

Credits: Ider Alves / YouTube

I hope these crafts are very useful to you. Start creating beautiful things now. Don’t miss any!

Trendy colors to paint the kitchen

ideas para pintar la cocina de gris y amarilla

Painting the kitchen is surely the first idea that comes to mind when looking to reform the most visited area of ​​the house. And it is that in the kitchen we spend much of the day and share beautiful moments with the family, so we want this space to look cozy and with trendy colors. And so that your house is last with the decorative trends, we present some colors that you can choose to paint the kitchen.

Trendy colors to paint the kitchenVia Modern Style

How to choose the colors to paint the kitchen

Choosing the right colors for the kitchen is not always so easy. We think about, if we really like the color when we finish painting. There are several factors to consider other than your taste and whether the colors match your cabinets and furniture. It is important that you take into consideration the size of the kitchen and its lighting. If your kitchen is spacious and with good natural lighting, you can opt for light, medium and dark tones when painting. If, on the other hand, your kitchen is small and lacks light, then you should choose light paint colors. Here we present some suggestions.

Vintage and classic kitchens for an interior decoration remodel

Vintage and classic kitchens for an interior decoration remodel

Generally when we see a space in the house on a daily basis, we may feel feelings of boredom, or lack of interest. And faced with so many options in styles to implement, we don’t know which one to choose. So Remodeling Ideas is a website that will help you solve all kinds of doubts and problems that arise in the house. Today we will learn how to program a vintage kitchen decor. If you have thought about remodeling the kitchen in this post you will know the best tips for classic kitchens. So without further ado. We started!

How to decorate a kitchen with vintage or classic style

First of all, we must know that these designs can be applied to any dimension of environment. Likewise, generally vintage kitchens are usually reason for decoration for small kitchens. However, by introducing some decorative elements of this style, we can make any kitchen part of this trend. Second, we must bear in mind that the classic will never go out of style and that is why we currently have it present in many homes.

If in these vintage decorations for the kitchen we can add Wooden furniture We can give it a more rustic look and these styles being related can create a fantastic atmosphere. Both furniture and wooden floors create a fascinating feeling in the environment but if we pay attention we will see some floor designs with old tiles that will be excellent.

Vintage kitchen images

Finally, after these tips, we will go directly to the image gallery where we ask for your attention to detail. Remember that these generate that the style is achieved properly.

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